pall,颇尔,Blue Trisacryl M 填料,25896-045, 25896-010, 25896-028, 25896-044, 25896-036, 25896-C001

Blue Trisacryl M 填料
25896-045, 25896-010, 25896-028, 25896-044, 25896-036, 25896-C001


pall,颇尔,Blue Trisacryl M 填料,25896-045, 25896-010, 25896-028, 25896-044, 25896-036, 25896-C001
pall,颇尔,Blue Trisacryl M 填料

 Blue Trisacryl M 填料


Blue Trisacryl M dye-affinity chromatography sorbent is used for the purification of a wide variety of enzymes and proteins such as kinases, interferons, and some coagulation factors.It is also used for albumin purification or albumin depletion in samples for proteomics research.

Blue Trisacryl M sorbent is based on Trisacryl GF2000 support, a macroporous non ionic synthetic polymer on which Cibacron blue 3GA is covalently immobilized through a stable six-carbon spacer arm to prevent leakage of the dye in normal working conditions.


  • Unique multi-modal interaction mechanism
  • Strong bond of dye-to-sorbent prevents leakage of the dye
  • Multiple laboratory to production scale applications

Presentation and Storage

Blue Trisacryl M sorbent is available as ready-to-use labpacks suspended in 1 M sodium chloride with 20% (v/v) ethanol as bacteriostatic, or in drums for process-scale applications.

For fast screening laboratory applications, the sorbent is available in 1 mL AcroSep™ column (1.48 cm bed height x 0.94 cm bed diameter).This dark blue color coded column has threaded female luer lock inlets and rotating male luer locking hub outlets, and can be easily operated using a syringe or a pump.


Blue Trisacryl M Sorbent can be Used for the Purification of Many Proteins

Blue Trisacryl M sorbent is a group-specific adsorbent with affinity for a wide variety of enzymes.Some proteins interact biospecifically with the dye due to its structural similarity with nucleotide cofactors (ADP, NADP).Other proteins like albumin or interferon bind by a combination of hydrophobic, electrostatic and pi-pi interactions.

Applications include :

  • Enzymes which need NAD as cofactor (kinases, dehydrogenases, phosphatases…)
  • Other enzymes (sulfatases, RNA polymerases, mono-oxygenases, oxydoreductases)
  • Albumins from plasma
  • Transferring from plasma
  • α1-acid glycoprotein, α-fetoprotein, α1-proteinase inhibitor
  • Serine proteases
  • Interferons
  • DNA antibodies
  • Recombinant vaccines purification processes

Example Applications 

 Example I. Separation of Human Plasma Proteins


Affinity Chromatography Sorbent

Column:1.6 cm I.D. x 10 cm ; Buffer:0.05 M Tris-HCl, pH 8.8. Elution by an NaCl gradient from 0 to 3 M.


Example II. Automatic Separation of Human Albumin from Plasma by Step Elution


 Affinity Chromatography Sorbent

Column:2.5 cm I.D. x 6 cm; Adsorption buffer:0.05 M Tris-HCl, 0 5 M NaCI, pH 8; Albumin elution buffer:2.5 M NaCl in the same buffer; Regeneration solution:water-ethylene glycol mixture (50:50). —— UV absorbance at 280 nm. - — - lonic strength.- - - - pH.


Example III Depletion of Albumin From Human Plasma Using AcroSep™ Columns


 Depletion of Albumin From Human Plasma Using AcroSep Columns

L = Load, FT = Flowthrough, E = Elution.Albumin is bound to Blue Trisacryl M sorbent in 20 mM PBS buffer, pH 7.2 and eluted by an NaCl gradient from 0 to 3 M


Main Properties of Blue Trisacryl M Sorbent

颗粒尺寸 40 - 80 微米
配基 Cibacron blue 3GA
排阻限制 107 Da
Capacity for human albumin1 ≥10 mg/mL
Thermal stability 2 to 121 °C
Working pH 4 至 10
清洁 pH 1 to 12 (short term)
Working pressure at 100 cm/hr Up to 3 bar (45 psi)
1 Determined in PBS buffer using 5 mg/mL protein, column dimensions 16 mm I.D. x 6 cm bed height, flow rate 25 cm/hr

Chemical and Mechanical Stability

The chemical stability of Blue Trisacryl M sorbent is a function of the synthetic nature of Trisacryl matrix and the enhanced stability of the ligand coupling mechanism.The sorbent can be operated up to 3 bar backpressure while maintaining good flow rate properties.


The binding capacity of Blue Trisacryl M sorbent depends on the protein, the composition of the feedstock and parameters such as pH.Note that the capacity for a given protein may differ according to the animal species (for example, the binding capacity for bovine albumin is lower than for human albumin).


Ordering Information for Blue Trisacryl M Sorbent

描述 Part Number
蓝色Trisacryl M 填料
25 毫升 25896-045
100 毫升 25896-010
1 L 25896-028
5 L 25896-044
10 L 25896-036
Blue Trisacryl M AcroSep column
Blue Trisacryl M, 1 mL, Dark Blue 5/pkg 25896-C001


pall,颇尔,Blue Trisacryl M 填料
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