pall,颇尔,PadReactor Mini Bioreactor,740034, 740036, 740041, 740043, 730362, 730363, 730364, 730365

PadReactor Mini Bioreactor
740034, 740036, 740041, 740043, 730362, 730363, 730364, 730365


pall,颇尔,PadReactor Mini Bioreactor,740034, 740036, 740041, 740043, 730362, 730363, 730364, 730365
pall,颇尔,PadReactor Mini Bioreactor

PadReactor® Mini Bioreactor

Small-scale, single-use, stirred bioreactor

Highlights and Benefits

  • Bench top unit with a maximum 13 L working volume, enabling to quickly develop processes at lower costs while keeping current lab infrastructure
  • Flexible system offering several configurations to best meet the end user needs:single-use and/or classical probes, dynamic or static sparger, process control system or open architecture
  • Superior mixing capabilities with highly reduced shear stress specially designed for suspension of microcarriers at high densities
    颇尔 has a comprehensive portfolio of advanced single-use solutions for cell culture applications
    User friendly and smart process control system that can be operated in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment (optional)


The PadReactor Mini bioreactor is a scaled down version of the PadReactor bioreactor, making it ideal for feasibility studies, research, process development and small volume production of proteins, cells and viruses.Its innovative cube-shaped biocontainer design incorporates a highly efficient mixing paddle and a strong sparging device for a superior mixing capabilities as well as better gas transfer.These features make the PadReactor Mini system particularly adapted for the cultivation of suspension cells and adherent cells microcarriers.

The PadReactor Mini platform consists of a single-use biocontainer fitted in a stainless steel holder and connected to the process controller.The system is designed to make the biocontainer installation fast and straightforward.On top of the biocontainer holder, the mechanical mixing head driven by a motor mounted on the system can be easily coupled to the paddle.A top cover secures the placement of the biocontainer assemblies as well as the pH and DO probes.A transparent front cover enables the user to easily observe the process during the culture and gives access to the sampling port, temperature sensor as well as single-use pH and DO probes.

The PadReactor Mini biocontainer is designed to be ready-touse.The platform integrates a process control system, including pumps and gas modules.The controller, compliant with GAMP 4 guidelines, ensures a reliable, accurate and fully documented control of critical cell culture parameters such as pH, DO, and temperature.In case the end user would still prefer to use the PadReactor system with its own process controller, the PadReactor system can be supplied in an open architecture configuration.

Contact your 颇尔 Life Sciences representative to discuss how the PadReactor Mini bioreactor can help you to quickly develop and optimize your cell culture process.
  • Production of monoclonal antibodies in suspension cells
  • Production of vaccines in adherent cells on microcarriers
  • Growth of stem cells for cell therapy applications
Visit our website to find out more information about PadReactor Mini bioreactor applications.

Volume and Dimensions

Working Volume 13 L
Biocontainer Holder (w x d x h) 306 x 296 x 664 mm
Process Control System (w x d x h) 408 x 474 x 711 mm

PadReactor Mini Biocontainer and Holder

  • Allegro™ TK8 film material:multi-layer with contact layer in ULDPE, gamma sterilizable, USP Class VI, fully ADCF (Animal Derived Component Free)
  • The heating of the PadReactor Mini biocontainer is made via a heating blanket placed on the biocontainer holder.Temperature control is performed through pt100 probe
  • Sparging device available in two configurations:
    • Static and placed at the bottom of the single-use biocontainer
    • Dynamic, coupled to paddle
  • Multiports on top of the biocontainer:Gas IN/OUT; base addition, inoculum, Media IN, ports for classical DO and pH sensors
  • Ports on the front side of the biocontainer:sampling, temperature, and single-use DO and pH sensors
  • Ports on the bottom of the biocontainer:draining, O2 inlet (sparging device)

Process Control System

Startup Requirements

Gas Requirements Pressure
O2 2 bar
CO2 2 bar
N2 2 bar
Air 2 bar

Power Requirements
110/230 VAC 1300VA

System Specifications

检测仪 描述
pH Probes Classical and/or Single-Use patches
(pre-calibrated, USP Class VI)
DO Probes Classical and/or Single-Use patches
(pre-calibrated, USP Class VI)
Temperature Probes 1 pt 100 (50 mm, Ø 4 mm)
2 (base addition – 102R, Watson Marlow)
[20 RPM] & Media IN/OUT (Easyload II,
Watson Marlow) [0 – 300 RPM]
Rotameters 500 mL/min
Mass Flowmeter 1000 mL/min

Control Parameters 描述
pH 范围 Classical probes:0.0 – 14.0 pH, (± 0.01 pH)
Single-use probes:6.0 – 9.0 pH, (± 0.1 pH)
pH Control NaOH addition/CO2 addition
DO Range Classical probe:0% air – 500% air /
0% oxygen) – 100% (oxygen), (± 0.1%)
Single-use probe:0% – 150% airsat (± 2%)
DO Control Air/O2/N2 addition
温度范围 0 – 150 °C (± 0.1 °C)
Temperature Control pt 100 probe
Speed Range 0 – 100 RPM
Gas Flow Rates – O2 0 – 1 L/min
Gas Flow Rates – CO2 0 – 500 mL/min
Gas Flow Rates – N2 0 – 500 mL/min
Gas Flow Rates – Air 0 – 500 mL/min

Control System 描述
System Compliance GAMP, 21 CFR Part 11 (option), CE/UL/CSA compliant
Online and offline data collection
Data Management Minimum sampling frequency:1 minute Data export in various formats (Excell, ASCII, BMP)
Data Display Various graph types (line, bars, synoptic)
Alarm Available
Part Number 描述
740034 PadReactor Mini holder (230 V – EU)
740036 PadReactor Mini holder (110 V – US)
740041 PadReactor Mini premium controller (230 V)
740043 PadReactor Mini premium controller (110 V)
730362 PadReactor Mini biocontainer, 16 L, static micro sparger, sterile
730363 PadReactor Mini biocontainer, 16 L, static macro sparger, sterile
730364 PadReactor Mini biocontainer, 16 L, dynamic micro sparger, sterile
730365 PadReactor Mini biocontainer, 16 L, dynamic macro sparger, sterile


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