pall,颇尔,用于新生儿疾病筛查的 AcroPrep Advance 孔板,8060, 8079

用于新生儿疾病筛查的 AcroPrep Advance 孔板
8060, 8079


pall,颇尔,用于新生儿疾病筛查的 AcroPrep Advance 孔板,8060, 8079
pall,颇尔,用于新生儿疾病筛查的 AcroPrep Advance 孔板

用于新生儿疾病筛查的 AcroPrep Advance 孔板

Consistent Performance
Ensures Accurate Results

  • High performance membrane effectively holds back fibers from dried blood spots which can interfere with optical density readings
  • New outlet tip geometry minimizes sample leakage and loss during incubation steps, decreasing the time required for sample retesting and second screens
  • Optimized well design provides consistency in filtration times, ensuring reproducibility lot after lot
  • New outlet tip design reduces the presence of hanging drops following filtration and minimizes sample cross-contamination
  • CE marking meets requirements of European Union’s Council of Ministers In-vitro Diagnostics Directive.Ideal for use in clinical diagnosis applications globally.
  • Screening of functional and genetic disorders on newborn babies
  • Sample preparation for assays such as BIOT, GALT and TGAL


  • Filter Media:Supor® (polyethersulfone) membrane and glass fiber/Supor membrane
  • Plate Housing:Polyproylene
  • Lid:Polystyrene



  • Length:12.8 cm (5.0 in.)
  • Width:8.6 cm (3.4 in.)
  • Height With Lid:1.8 cm (0.7 in.)
  • Height Without Lid:350 μL, 1.4 cm (0.6 in.)

Well-Bottom Area

  • 0.25 cm2


Recommended Working Volume

  • 350 μL: < 300 μL

Recommended Operating Vacuum

  • > 25.4 cm Hg (10 in.Hg)


Recommended Centrifugal Force

  • 1,500 x g


Typical Processing Time

  • Vacuum:2 seconds
  • Centrifuge:< 2 minutes



Filter plate was filled with 300 μL of water and filtered at 10 in.Hg
  • PN 8079 Vacuum:5 μL
  • PN 8060 Vacuum:17 μL

Efficient Filtration Times With Optimized Membrane Configurations

用于新生儿疾病筛查的 AcroPrep Advance 孔板 
Evacuation times of different filter plates were tested for use in the SPOTCHECKBiotinidase Microplate assay (data performed in duplicate).Both AcroPrep Advance filter plates showed decreased processing times compared to Competitor A allowing for increased throughput, especially on automated instrument platforms.Data generated in conjunction with Astoria- Pacific International.


Part Number 描述 Pkg Price Qty
用于新生儿疾病筛查的 AcroPrep Advance 滤板
8060 For biotinidase assays 10/pkg Call
8079 For neonatal screening 10/pkg Call
5017 Multi-well plate manifold 1/pkg Call
5225 Adapter collar for centrifugation 2/pkg Call
5230 Cap mat for incubation 5/pkg Call
8001 AcroPrep Advance multi-well plate lids 10/pkg Call


pall,颇尔,用于新生儿疾病筛查的 AcroPrep Advance 孔板
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