pall,颇尔,Consultancy Services for Allegro Single-Use Systems,

Consultancy Services for Allegro Single-Use Systems


pall,颇尔,Consultancy Services for Allegro Single-Use Systems,
pall,颇尔,Consultancy Services for Allegro Single-Use Systems

面向 Allegro 一次性系统的<a href='' target='_blank'>颇尔</a>咨询服务
Providing Experienced, Comprehensive Consultation Services for Allegro Single-use Systems
The Allegro system platform offers a comprehensive single-use product line to serve all applications from upstream through downstream as well as formulation and filling.颇尔 can therefore provide the Biopharmaceutical industry with process solutions, technical support and validation for single-use systems.


颇尔 Consultancy Services provide customers with expert advice and support for the implementation of fully integrated single-use processing solutions into new or existing processes, including process optimization, equipment selection, pre-inspection process reviews, and troubleshooting advice.


颇尔 maintains close working relationships with government and industry organizations around the world to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulatory requirements and industry best practices.


Consultancy Services

  • New process start-up
  • Optimization of existing processes
  • Technology and operational training


A general overview of available consultancy services focusing on single-use system implementation is listed below:


颇尔 Consultancy Services for Allegro Single-use Systems

  • 新工艺开发
    • Allegro single-use systems prototyping and development
      • Sizing studies for integrated components such as filters, Allegro biocontainers, and Kleenpak™ sterile connectors/disconnectors
    • SOP development and review
  • Existing process improvement
    • Process scale-up and optimization
    • SOP development and review
    • Plant surveys
  • Technology and operational training
    • Filter integrity testing in single-use assemblies
    • Handling and operating single-use 2D and 3D biocontainer systems
    • Kleenpak sterile connector/disconnector training
    • Support for regulatory compliance


Expertise in Single-use Systems

The consultancy services offered by 颇尔 are provided at a local level by our global Scientific and Laboratory Services (SLS), our Technical Support Group (TSG) specialists, and our global 颇尔 Advanced Separation Systems (PASS) engineering staff.These teams are located around the globe to offer fast local services, as required.


How to Initiate Allegro Consultancy Services

To find out how 颇尔 can assist you with implementation of single-use solutions within your processes, please contact 上海羽令.


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pall,颇尔,Consultancy Services for Allegro Single-Use Systems
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