pall,颇尔,Centramate 500 S 切向流过滤系统,CM500SE, CM500SW

Centramate 500 S 切向流过滤系统
CM500SE, CM500SW


pall,颇尔,Centramate 500 S 切向流过滤系统,CM500SE, CM500SW
pall,颇尔,Centramate 500 S 切向流过滤系统

Centramate 500 S 切向流过滤系统

Scalable Production Technology
in a Compact Benchtop System

The Centramate™ 500 S benchtop tangential flow filtration system provides biotechnology and biopharmaceutical drug developers & manufacturers with an ultra-compact portable unit for process development in ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration (MF) applications.

Designed for all applications requiring concentration and diafiltration of suspended microparticulates (such as cell suspensions and lysates) or dissolved solutes (such as proteins or nucleic acids), the sanitary, self-venting, fully drainable design meets the demands of cGMP environments, with full traceability of process-wetted materials.Using the Centramate 500 S system for process development, time, risk and process volumes are all minimized.


  • Compact Flowpath - the ultra-compact flow path of the Centramate 500 S system allows users to operate at volumes as low as 170mL (when using a single Centramate membrane cassette) enabling high concentration factors and minimizing operating volumes
  • Scalable Process Technology - designed through experience, the Centramate 500 S system meets the requirements for cGMP equipment with a comprehensive qualification and documentation package, calibrated process instrumentation and hygienic design
  • Direct Flow Measurement - the magnetic inductive flowmeter provides direct flow measurement during operation, making system operation safe, accurate and user- friendly
  • High Yield and Product Recovery - the hygienic, completely drainable flow path of the Centramate 500 S system enables high product yield, optimum product recovery and easy cleaning
  • Safety in Operation - an adjustable pressure interlock provides product and operator safety in a robust and reliable TFF system
  • Pressure Independent Flow - the four-piston diaphragm pump delivers constant flow even as the system pressure increases
  • Data Logging Capability - data from the process instrumentation can be exported to a PC or laptop computer via the USB port on the Centramate 500 S system
  • 文件包
    • Calibration certificates for measuring instruments
    • Drawings (P&ID, Layout)
    • User manual
    • Electrical wiring documentation incl. certificates
    • Welding documentation incl. certificates
    • Supplier literature
    • 3.1 certificates for product wetted parts
    • FDA conformity (EPDM); CE declaration
    • Generic IQ documentation


  • The graduated glass vessel provides full visibility and indication of fluid level during operation, so volumes can be closely controlled
  • The positive displacement diaphragm pump provides pressure independent flow, ensuring critical parameters do not vary during concentration
  • Scalable process technology makes the system ideal for scale-up and scale-down studies
  • Direct flow measurement with the magnetic inductive flowmeter means accurate, safe and simple operation
  • With an interlock controlling the recirculation pump, operator and product safety is maximized
  • To eliminate transcription and recording errors, the Centramate 500 S system has a built in data acquisition system which can be connected to a PC via a USB cable
  • The data can be displayed on the screen and exported to the hard drive of a connected computer.The data can be imported easily into Microsoft* Excel*
*Microsoft and Excel are trademarks of Microsoft


Click here to download a brochure for the Centramate 500 S TFF System (PDF, 2.7 Mb)



Operating Conditions

Pressure Range  0 to 6 barg (0 to 87 psig)
温度范围 0° C to +45° C (32° F to 113° F)
流速 15 - 600 L/hr


Operating Volumes

Maximum Working Volume¹ 5 liter (nominal)
Minimum Working Volume² 170 毫升
¹ 5 liter is the maximum batch volume.Larger volumes can be processed using a fed-batch approach
² 170 mL is the minimum working volume when using a single Centramate membrane cassette.Actual minimum working volume will be dependent on the installed membrane area and should be measured


Dimensions and Weight

尺寸 W 480 mm x L 605 mm x H 945 mm (W 19" x L 24" x H 37")
重量 50 kg (110 lb)


Power Requirements

CM500SE Version  220 V / 50 Hz
CM500SW Version 110V / 60 Hz
电源 370 W


Component Specifications

Cassette Holder Centramate 316L Stainless Steel 0.8 μm Ra, electropolished  0.1 - 0.5 m² membrane area 
Tie-rods & Washers 不可用 304 Stainless Steel 不可用 不可用
Nuts 不可用 Bronze  不可用  不可用
Vessel 不可用  Borosilicate Glass  不可用  5 L 

Recirculation Pump

4 piston diaphragm pump 316L Stainless Steel 0.8μm Ra, electropolished 600 升/小时
Diaphragm 不可用 Santoprene* 不可用 不可用
Flowmeter Magnetic Inductive 316L Stainless Steel 0.8μm Ra, electropolished 600 升/小时
Pressure Indicator 不可用 不可用 不可用  不可用 
Chemical Seal 不可用  316L Stainless Steel  0.8μm Ra  -1 to +6 bar 
Transmitter 2-wire system  不可用 不可用 4 - 20 mA
Valves Diaphragm 316L Stainless Steel 0.8μm Ra, electropolished 不可用
Diaphragm 不可用 EPDM 不可用 不可用
Piping Weldron, longitudinal seamed 316L Stainless Steel 0.8μm Ra, electropolished 不可用 
Gaskets ½ inch sanitary EPDM 不可用  不可用 
Vessel Outlet / Inlet Tubing 不可用 Silicon  不可用 不可用 
Frame Enclosed square profile 304 Stainless Steel 不可用 不可用
Cabinet 不可用 304 Stainless Steel 不可用 IP54
* Santoprene is a trademark of Advanced Elastomer Systems


Benchtop Tangential Flow Filtration System

Systems Information

描述 Part Number
Centramate 500 S TFF System - 220 V / 50 Hz CM500SE
Centramate 500 S TFF System – 110 V / 60 Hz CM500SW



O-ring CM005OR
Vessel lid  CM005LD
Vessel lid clamp CM005LC
Support & clamp (including rubber) CM005GS
Vessel inlet /outlet tubing CM005TU
Glass Vessel CM005GR
Pressure Sensor CM012PS
Flow Sensor CM012FS
Drain Valve CM012DV
System Valve CM012SV
Pump - membrane and spare kit PQ808X01



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