pall,颇尔,采用 Delta 再生纤维素膜的 T-系列 TFF 膜包,DC010T01, DC010T02, DC010T12, DC010T06, DC010T26, DC030T01, DC030T02, DC030T12, DC030T06, DC030T26

采用 Delta 再生纤维素膜的 T-系列 TFF 膜包
DC010T01, DC010T02, DC010T12, DC010T06, DC010T26, DC030T01, DC030T02, DC030T12, DC030T06, DC030T26


pall,颇尔,采用 Delta 再生纤维素膜的 T-系列 TFF 膜包,DC010T01, DC010T02, DC010T12, DC010T06, DC010T26, DC030T01, DC030T02, DC030T12, DC030T06, DC030T26
pall,颇尔,采用 Delta 再生纤维素膜的 T-系列 TFF 膜包

采用 Delta 再生纤维素膜的 T-系列 TFF 膜包

Low Protein Binding Delta Membrane Used in the Proven T-Series Cassette Design Optimizes Process Economics

  • Improved process performance.Cassettes are designed to provide optimal mass transfer to improve your process economics.
  • Increased safety, reliability, and reproducibility.Superior new materials of construction are durable and stable, and exhibit very low extractables.Membrane is backpressure resistant up to 4.1 barg (60 psig).
  • Easy scale up for robust purification processes.Available in scalable formats with the same materials of construction from development to production-scale processes.  
  • High flux, high selectivity, and low protein binding are achieved through the use of Delta regenerated cellulose membrane.


Delta 再生纤维素膜

Delta 再生纤维素膜可提供高流量和选择性。这些专门研发的膜可最大程度地降低表面蛋白质结合以及膜的填隙结构。这类亲水性膜显示了低蛋白质吸附特征,是涉及亲水性蛋白质工艺的理想选择。Delta 再生纤维素膜具有低污垢特征,可保证生产运行中的稳定性能或流量。其易于清洁,仅 0.8N 的盐溶液即可恢复其标准水通量(NWP)。


图 1

T-Series Cassettes with Delta Membrane Offer Excellent Scalability Among Formats
T01 93 cm2 (0.1 ft2) EFA
T02 186 cm2 (0.2 ft2) EFA
T12 0.1 m2 (1.1 ft2) EFA
T06 0.5 m2 (5.4 ft2) EFA
T26 2.5 m2 (27 ft2) EFA


The T-Series Advantage

Superior new materials of construction and improved cassette design increase process safety, reliability, reproducibility, and productivity:
  • The feed and permeate screen material for T-Series cassettes is made from polypropylene which is highly resistant to sodium hydroxide.
  • Larger feed and permeate ports provide lower pressure drops.
  • T-Series cassettes have been designed to provide maximum mass transfer through the membrane, resulting in faster processing times or reduced area installations compared to existing similar cassette formats.
To test the new T-Series cassettes with Delta membrane in your process, contact 上海羽令 today.
T-Series cassettes with Delta regenerated cellulose membrane are designed for development, pilot, and production-scale TFF applications in diverse biological and biopharmaceutical processes.They are especially useful in:
  • Antibody fragments (Fab)
  • Purification and recovery of antibodies 
  • Concentration and diafiltration of recombinant proteins
  • 血浆组分分离和纯化

Product Platforms

T-Series cassettes complement 颇尔’s highly successful Centramate™ and Centrasette™ products, and have been developed following years of experience designing and optimizing our customers’ biotech and biopharmaceutical processes.


T-Series cassettes for Centramate holders are offered in scalable membrane formats with effective filtration areas (EFA) from as low as 93 cm2 (0.1 ft2), making them ideal for process development and small-scale production of 50 mL to 125 L. Centrasette T-Series cassettes, in combination with Centrasette holders, can process thousands of liters with installations incorporating hundreds of square meters of EFA.

Materials of Contruction

Delta regenerated cellulose
支持 聚丙烯
Screens 聚丙烯 
Encapsulent Polyurethane with white pigment (TiO2)
Permeate Seals Medical grade, platinum cured silicone
Gaskets Medical grade, platinum cured silicone


Operating Limits

Maximum Pressure1 6 barg (90 psig) @ 23 °C
4 barg (60 psig) @ 55 °C
Maximum TMP 4 barg (60 psig) @ 55 °C
Temperature Range2 4 – 55 °C
pH 范围 2 – 13
1 Pressure rating will be dependant on rating of the lowest system component.
2 Cassettes must not be allowed to freeze.


Typical Operating Parameters

Cross Flow Rate for Processing 5 – 7 L/min/m2 (0.5 – 0.7 L/min/ft2)
Cross Flow Rate for Cleaning 5 – 8 L/min/m2 (0.5 – 0.8 L/min/ft2)


Integrity Test

Test Pressure 4 barg (60 psig)
Maximum Air Forward Flow < 500 sccm/m2 (< 50 sccm/ft2)


Shelf Life

The shelf life of cassettes packaged in preservative is expected to be three years from the date of manufacture when the cassettes are stored unopened in the original packaging at 4 – 25 °C and protected from direct light.Extended shelf life studies are ongoing. 


Biological Safety

All of the materials of construction in the T-Series cassettes have been tested and meet requirements for United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Biological Reactivity Test, In Vivo
<88> at 70 °C.
Each T-Series membrane cassette has a unique serial number for full traceability.Each cassette is supplied with:
  • Certificate of Quality 
  • Membrane Cassette Care and Use Procedures
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the cassette preservative
  • Two platinum cured silicone gaskets

The full Validation Guide is available on request from your local 颇尔 contact.颇尔 also offers a comprehensive Validation Service for specific tests (such as compatibility) in your process fluid.As always, 颇尔’s Downstream Processing Specialists are available to train and support you in the optimization of your TFF processes.

T-Series Cassettes with Delta Low Protein Binding, Regenerated Cellulose Membrane
Part Number NMWC* Type and Nominal Membrane Area
DC010T01 10 kD Centramate 93 cm2 (0.1 ft2)
DC010T02 10 kD Centramate 186 cm2 (0.2 ft2)
DC010T12 10 kD Centramate 0.1 m2 (1.1 ft2)
DC010T06 10 kD Centrasette 0.5 m2 (5.4 ft2)
DC010T26 10 kD Centrasette 2.5 m2 (27 ft2)
DC030T01 30 kD Centramate 93 cm2 (0.1 ft2)
DC030T02 30 kD Centramate 186 cm2 (0.2 ft2)
DC030T12 30 kD Centramate 0.1 m2 (1.1 ft2)
DC030T06 30 kD Centrasette 0.5 m2 (5.4 ft2)
DC030T26 30 kD Centrasette 2.5 m2 (27 ft2)

*NMWC = Nominal Molecular Weight Cutoff


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