pall,颇尔,Palltronic Flowstar LGR Test Instrument,FFS04R-LGR, AEDLGR005, AEDLGR010, AEDLGR020, AEDLGR050, MSHLGR50, MSHLGR100, MSHLGR200

Palltronic Flowstar LGR Test Instrument


pall,颇尔,Palltronic Flowstar LGR Test Instrument,FFS04R-LGR, AEDLGR005, AEDLGR010, AEDLGR020, AEDLGR050, MSHLGR50, MSHLGR100, MSHLGR200
pall,颇尔,palltronic Flowstar LGR Test Instrument

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Fast fully traceable testing of single-use systems at point-of-use

Single-use technologies in formulation and filling applications are gaining fast market acceptance both in clinical and manufacturing operations.This has led to an increase in requirements in validation and robustness of single-use systems.As a result, point-of-use testing of single-use systems is quickly becoming a requirement.At 颇尔, we set up very high standards with regards to the design and validation of the manufacturing process of Allegro™ single-use systems and operators should be well-trained in unpacking, handling, and installing single-use systems.There is still a requirement in the Biopharmaceutical industry to confirm the absence of leaks prior to or after use from a risk management perspective.The availability of an easy and reliable point-of-use leak test provides end users with the confidence that the singleuse system they are going to use is leak-free and has not been damaged during the installation, and/or use or storage process.

The palltronic Flowstar LGR test instrument enables point-of-use leak testing of single-use systems up to 200 L nominal volume and provides the ability to test the integrity of the filters within the single-use systems.This technology has an extremely small footprint, is easy to use, and is compliant with current regulatory standards.The instrument allows end users to test endless configurations of single-use systems and filters, with one device, without compromising the sterility of the system.Designed for use in the vaccines, biotech, and pharmaceutical markets and with a specific focus on formulation and filling applications where sterility of the single-use system needs to be maintained, the palltronic Flowstar LGR instrument meets all of the key user needs such as:
  • Robust true point-of-use test to confirm the absence of damage to single-use systems during transportation, installation and/or use
  • Maintains sterility of the system during testing
  • Fast:leak testing of single-use systems can be achieved within 15 minutes
  • 灵活性优势ideal for both pre and post-use integrity tests of filters integrated in single-use systems
  • Compliant:full traceability of the system data and the testing data according to CFR21 part 11

特点 优势
All configurations of single-use single-use systems (nominal volume < 200 L) can be tested Very high degree of flexibility, can test systems with or without biocontainers
Leak detection is based on flow measurement
  • Exact volume of the systems does not need to be calculated or measured
  • Easy input of threshold values for any configuration of single-use system
Different leak test pressures can be used
  • High pressure testing for single-use systems without biocontainers is providing increased test sensitivity
  • Low pressure testing is preventing damages to 2D and 3D biocontainers in tested systems
Sterilizing filters integrated into the single-use system can be integrity tested pre and post-use Test unit has multiple functions – reducing equipment requirements and maximizing footprint usage in the cleanrooms
Test can be carried out with air or nitrogen Nitrogen can be used for pre-use testing of systems for oxygen sensitive products in final filling applications
True point-of-use test unit Test is performed on the single-use system as it will be used during the process, removes additional risks due to extra handling
Storage of individual recipes for the testing of single-use systems Test parameters are stored in test programs that are aligned with system part number
Barcode reader supplied for selection of test program and input of system part number and batch number Prevents transcription errors
Short test times less than or equal to 15 mins Avoids impact on cycle time of the manufacturing process
Small footprint for test unit Minimizes impact on layout of the manufacturing suite
Quality and Regulatory
Fully validated and CFR 21 part 11 compliant software
  • Full audit trail of tests provided with electronic signatures
  • Test data can be recorded, printed or downloaded and stored in a compliant manner
Easy and secure connection of the test unit to the single-use systems
  • Quick connection through Stäubli fitting
  • Prevents breaches in sterility with the inclusion of a sterile vent filter in the single-use system and protecting the sterility boundary of the system

Direct Flow Measurement

The palltronic Flowstar LGR integrity test instrument utilizes a method that was developed by 颇尔 for use in integrity test instruments and patented as “volume-dosed flow measurement technology”.Unlike pressure hold or pressure decay based tests, 颇尔’s volume dosed measurement system is completely independent of upstream volume and offers clear advantages in terms of reduced overall test time, accuracy, reliability, and test reproducibility.

Testing Capabilities of the palltronic Flowstar LGR instrument

测试 Flow/Pressure Measurement Technical Specs Notes
Single-use System Leak Test Flow Test pressure range:50-500 mbar
Measuring range:0.1 mL/min – 1000 mL/min
Sensitivity up to 30 μm (volume dependent)
Leak Test Flow Test pressure range:50 -6,500 mbar
Resolution:0.1 mL/min
Measuring range:0.1 mL-1,000 mL/min
Forward Flow Flow Accuracy:± 3% of value or ± 0.05 mL/min whichever is greater
Resolution:0.1 mL/min (0.01 mL/min for flows below 10 mL/min)
Measuring range:0.1 mL/min – 1000 mL/min
Recommended test for integrity testing filters integrated in single-use systems
Water Intrusion Flow Accuracy:± 3% of value or ± 0.02 mL/min whichever is greater
Resolution:0.01 mL/min
Measuring range:0.03 - 50 mL/min
Filter test only

Unique design

  • Built to GAMP 5 guidelines
  • LAN and WLAN networking capabilities
  • USB connectivity – can be used with flash drives, barcode readers, printers
  • Intuitive user interface with color touch screen

Electronic Data Handling and Remote Control

Range of automation options including:
  • OPC UA
  • ProfiBUS DP (Optional)
  • DeviceNET (Optional)
The palltronic Flowstar LGR can synchronize with network clocks and can export test results directly to a Windows shared folder.Electronic print options include compatibility with network printers and automatic file generation (PDF and/or XML format) on a USB flash drive or Windows shared folder.

Leak Testing of Single-use Systems Containing Flexible Biocontainers

Systems containing 2D biocontainers

When testing a single-use system with a 2D biocontainer, the test gas must be completely vented when the test is complete.颇尔’s air evacuation device (patent pending) is designed to fit directly into the Allegro tray that is already used as biocontainer supporting hardware.Simply place the air evacuation device in the tray, lift the silicon cover, insert the 2D biocontainer handle into the retaining clasp, and lay the silicone cover over the top face of the biocontainer.As the single-use system leak test runs, the biocontainer will inflate and lift the silicone cover with it.When the test is complete the weight of the cover will result in full evacuation of the air from the bag without any operator handling.The full system can remain in place and does not have to be removed from the air evacuation device prior to further processing.

Systems containing 3D biocontainers

When performing the leak test on single-use systems containing 3D biocontainers, an Allegro plastic mesh must be placed in the Allegro tote.The mesh ensures that as the 3D biocontainer is pressurized it does not directly press against the side of the tote, which could result in a sealing effect during pressurization and mask a leak; giving a false-pass test result.Unlike systems containing 2D biocontainers, systems containing 3D biocontainers can remain inflated prior to use, provided an air vent filter is present at the top of the 3D biocontainer.

Point-of-use testing of single-use systems

Unpack the single-use system
Install the system how it will be used during processing so that it does not need to be handled after the test.When applicable, position the 3D biocontainers within the air evacuation devices and/or totes.
Connect the palltronic Flowstar LGR instrument directly to the upstream side of the single-use systems vent or liquid filter.This ensures the sterile boundary is maintained.
Scan the part number and batch number barcode of the Allegro single-use system with the palltronic Flowstar LGR bar code scanner.Enter the operator name and any other necessary information for record keeping and press the start button on touch screen.
The leak test will be completed in approximately 15 minutes, after which, the test result will be displayed.A successful test will result in the message PASS- NO LEAK DETECTED.


Technical Specifications

Physical dimensions (nominal)

  • Weight:10 kg (21.6 lbs)
  • Width, height, depth:348 mm x 205 mm x 483 mm (13.7 in. x 8. in. x 19 in.)

Testing capabilities

  • SUS leak test (for volumes up to 200 L 200 L nominal
  • Leak test (for volumes up to 200 L nominal)
  • Forward flow test
  • Water intrusion test

Function tests

  • Self test
  • Flow check test
  • Printer test
  • Network test
  • Other functions
  • Cleaning function
  • Test program transfer function
  • Configuration transfer function
  • Access management transfer function
  • Test result export function
  • Backup function

Language options

  • English, Japanese
  • Language files on the instrument are constructed such that other languages may be added as necessary.

Communication ports

  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • Wireless ethernet network


  • Forward flow test:± 3% of reading or ± 0.05 mL/min, whichever is the greater
  • Water intrusion Test:± 3% of reading or ± 0.02 mL/min, whichever is the greater

Measuring Range

  • SUS leak test:0.1 m-1000 mL/min
  • Leak test:0.1 m-1000 mL/min
  • Forward flow test:0.1 - 1000 mL/min
  • Water intrusion test:0.03 - 50 mL/min


  • SUS leak test:sensitivity up to 30 μm (volume dependent)
  • Leak test:0.1 mL / min
  • Forward flow test:0.1 mL/min (0.01 mL/min for flows below 10 mL/min)
  • Water intrusion Test:0.01 mL/min


The calibration of the palltronic Flowstar LGR instrument includes a calibration of the pressure transducers and the flow measurement calibration limits:
  • Pressure measurement:± 0.33% of full scale
  • Flow measurement:± 3% of measurement

Electrical Data

  • Voltage:automatically adjusted between 100 - 240 V AC
  • Input frequency:50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Power:typically 75 W (peak 150 W)
  • Fuse:3.15 A slow blow
  • External vent valve:24 V DC


  • Size:diagonal 264 mm (10.4 in.)
  • Resolution:1024 x 768 pixels
  • 特性:color, illuminated background, adjustable contrast, touch screen

Pneumatic Connections

  • Compressed air inlet:Stäubli nipple
  • Compressed air outlet:Stäubli coupling
  • Vent:Hose connection 8 mm outer diameter

Pneumatic specifications

  • Maximum gas supply pressure:8000 mbar (116 psi)
  • Minimum gas supply above test pressure (Standard):
    • Flow range:0.01 - 150 mL/min 1000 mbar (14.5 psi)
    • Flow range:150 - 1000 mL/min 2000 mbar (29.0 psi)
  • Test pressure range:50 - 6500 mbar (0.7 - 94 psi)

Internal printer

  • Thermal printer
  • Printer resolution:832 dots/line
  • Lifetime of printout:10 years depending on storage conditions
  • Printer speed:12 mm/sec (0.5 in./sec) printout with graphic
  • Paper width:112 mm (4.4 in.)
  • Paper roll diameter:50 mm (1.9 in.)

External Printing Function

  • External USB printer
  • External network printer (The printer should be capable of handling the printer language PCL5e)
  • Virtual printing to PDF or XMF file format

Environmental Conditions

  • Splash proof:IP54
  • Operating temperature:+5 °C to +50 °C
  • Storage temperature:-20 °C to +70 °C
  • Humidity:95% RH (no condensation)

Operating System

Linux (The source code which falls under the GNU, general public license stored on the USB flash disk supplied with the instrument)
Part Number 描述
FFS04R-LGR palltronic Flowstar LGR instrument for testing single-use assemblies
AEDLGR005 Air evacuation device for a 5 litre biocontainer to fit an Allegro tray with part number LGRTPE20L
AEDLGR010 Air evacuation device for a 20 liter biocontainer to fit an Allegro tray with part number LGRTPE20L
AEDLGR020 Air evacuation device for a 20 liter biocontainer to fit
an Allegro tray with part number LGRTPE20L
AEDLGR050 Air evacuation device for a 50 liter biocontainer to fit an Allegro tray with part number LGRTPE50L
MSHLGR50 Mesh and frame for the 50 liter 3D Allegro tote
MSHLGR100 Mesh and frame for the 100 liter 3D Allegro plastic tote
MSHLGR200 Mesh and frame for the 200 liter 3D Allegro plastic tote


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