pall,颇尔,Palltronic Flowstar MUX 过滤器完整性检测仪,FFSMUX, FFSXC, FFSXCH, FFSXCAM, FFSXCHAM, FFSXCJ

Palltronic Flowstar MUX 过滤器完整性检测仪


pall,颇尔,Palltronic Flowstar MUX 过滤器完整性检测仪,FFSMUX, FFSXC, FFSXCH, FFSXCAM, FFSXCHAM, FFSXCJ
pall,颇尔,palltronic Flowstar MUX 过滤器完整性检测仪

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Many pharmaceutical manufacturing processes require large quantities of sterilizing liquid and gas filters.Regulatory agencies require that these filters are integrity tested and this requirement can consume a signifi­cant amount of production time and costs.

The palltronic® Flowstar MUX integrity test instrument can integrity test up to eight filters sequentially and automatically, saving operator time on filter testing and programming.


The palltronic Flowstar MUX system consists of a palltronic Flowstar XC integrity test instrument and the MUX multiplex unit which allows up to eight filters to be connected to the integrity test instrument.The operator connects the filters to the palltronic Flowstar MUX instrument and programs in the test parameters.Any combination of integrity testable filter sizes and test type can be tested.The integrity test instrument then tests each filter sequentially.After the test is completed on a filter, the result is displayed on the screen and the filter can be disconnected for immediate use in production.When all of the filters have been tested, the results are automatically printed on the integral printer.


Direct Flow Measurement

Direct flow measurement technology allows reduction of filter test times by 50% or more without compro­mising the very high accuracy of the results.Real time sensing of flow stability and automatic control of test times ensures safe and accurate test results for every test in the shortest possible time.



  • Automated testing of up to eight filters minimizes operator involvement, saving time
  • Filters can be disconnected from the integrity test system immediately after each test is completed allowing maximum flexibility

All the benefits of the palltronic Flowstar XC instrument are retained including:

  • Direct flow measurement allows the shortest test times safely
  • Easy to use touch screen
  • Simple menu-driven operation
  • Designed to be used in a 21 CFR part 11 compliant environment
  • Designed and developed following GAMP 4 guidelines to assist end-user validation

Physical Dimensions


重量  7 kg (15.4 lbs)
Approximate height, width and depth  100 mm x 380 mm x 350 mm (4 in. x 15in. x 14 in.)


Filter Tests


Forward Flow Test 
Bubble Point Test
Water Intrusion Test
Combined Forward Flow and Bubble Point Test


Function Tests


Self Test and Flow Check Test




Forward Flow Test  ± 3% or ± 0.05 mL/min, whichever is the greater
Water Intrusion Test  ± 3% or ± 0.02 mL/min, whichever is the greater


Measuring Range


Forward Flow Test (Standard)  0.1 mL/min - 200 mL/min
Forward Flow Test (High Flow)  0.1 mL/min - 2,000 mL/min
Water Intrusion Test  0.05 - 50 mL/min
Bubble Point Test  300 - 6500 mbar (4.4 - 94 psi)




Forward Flow Test  0.1 mL/min
Water Intrusion Test  0.01 mL/min
Bubble Point Test  50 mbar (0.72 psi)


Calibration Limits


Flow measurement  ± 3% of measurement
Pressure measurement  ± 0.33% of full scale (6 bar [87 psi])


Electrical Data


电源  Voltage automatically adjusted between 100-240 V AC
Frequency  50/60 Hz
Power output  Typically 50 W
Fuse  1.6A inert
 External vent valve  24 V x 8


Pneumatic Specifications


Maximum gas supply pressure  8000 mbar (116 psi)
Minimum gas supply pressure above test pressure  
Flow Range (Standard)  0.01 - 60 mL/min 1000 mbar (14.5 psi)
   60 - 120 mL/min 1500 mbar (21.7 psi)
   120 - 200 mL/min 2000 mbar (29.0 psi)
Flow Range (High Flow)  0.01 - 200 mL/min 1000 mbar (14.5 psi)
   200 - 1000 mL/min 2000 mbar (29.0 psi)
   1000 - 1500 mL/min 3000 mbar (43.5 psi)
   1500 - 2000 mL/min 4000 mbar (58.0 psi)


Environmental Conditions

Splash-proof to IP54


Operating temperature  + 5 °C to + 50 °C (+ 41 °F to + 122 °F)
Storage temperature  - 20 °C to + 70 °C (- 4 °F to + 158 °F)
Humidity  95% rh (no condensation)


Calibration and Service*


Calibration Interval  1 year maximum (palltronic Flowstar XC only)
Service Interval  3 years (palltronic Flowstar XC and MUX instruments)


* To be performed by 颇尔 trained personnel.For further details on service training, please contact your local 颇尔 office or distributor
描述 Part Number
 palltronic Flowstar MUX  FFSMUX
 palltronic Flowstar XC  FFSXC
 palltronic Flowstar XC 高流量  FFSXCH
 palltronic Flowstar XC (US)  FFSXCAM
 palltronic Flowstar XC High Flow (US)  FFSXCHAM
 palltronic Flowstar XC (Japan)  FFSXCJ


pall,颇尔,palltronic Flowstar MUX 过滤器完整性检测仪
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