pall,颇尔,用于 Supracap 200 深层过滤器膜柱的 GBK 密封系统,GBKXL2AU, GBKXL2AE, GBKL2T2U, GBKL2T2E

用于 Supracap 200 深层过滤器膜柱的 GBK 密封系统


pall,颇尔,用于 Supracap 200 深层过滤器膜柱的 GBK 密封系统,GBKXL2AU, GBKXL2AE, GBKL2T2U, GBKL2T2E
pall,颇尔,用于 Supracap 200 深层过滤器膜柱的 GBK 密封系统

用于 Supracap 200 深层过滤器膜柱的 GBK 密封系统

Flexible, Disposable and Easy-to-use Containment for Supracap 200 Depth Filter Modules

The GBK Containment System for Supracap 200 modules is the latest addition to 颇尔’s containment system range.The system is designed to work with 颇尔’s Supracap 200 modules, the industry leading product for the removal of heterogeneous catalyst and carbon in modern API processes.


The system has been designed for bulk solid filtration applications that require:
  • Highly reactive materials 
  • Catalyst recovery 
  • 活性碳清除
  • Filtration of toxic products
Use of the GBK system helps to avoid cross contamination or hazardous exposure to the operator and plant environment which is critical in almost all pharmaceutical processes.If either the pharmaceutical ingredient or any of the process liquids or powders has hazardous effects in small concentrations, a form of containment must be applied.The system offer this protection during the filter change-out process. 


The system is made up of a unique combination that brings together a specially-modified pall Advanta™ Housing for Supracap 200 modules and a robust, flexible and transparent glovebag which has been designed to operate in environments with OEL > 1 μm/m3.


When the housing is opened, the glove bag is fully extended, offering users easy access to the contained modules inside.To ensure minimal product footprint the housing has been modified to allow the removal and introduction of modules through the housings containment plate. 


Full installation of the GBK system is only slightly bigger than the traditional filter housing itself, meaning the system is the ideal product to upgrade existing plants to offer higher containment needs alongside the effective use of floor space.


特点 优势
Cost-effective Significant reduction in capital investment
Minimal product footprint Frees up floor space within plant environment
Simple installation  Seamless implementation into existing processes
一次性设计 Reduces need for cleaning and cleaning validation
Flexible and robust glove bag design with containment capabilities operator exposure limits (OEL > 1μg/m3) Faster filter change-out in completely contained environment
Glove Bags
Material Antistatic Polyurethane (PU) or Antistatic Polyethylene (PE)
Material Thickness Antistatic PU 0.25 mm (0.010 in.)
Antistatic PE 0.2 mm (0.08 in.)
Material Tensile Strength Antistatic PU 44816 kPa
Antistatic PE 24131 kPa
Can withstand light impact
Maximum Operating Temperature PU 93 °C
PE 40 °C
电导率 Antistatic PU 1011Ω.m
Antistatic PE 1011Ω.m
兼容性 Contact 颇尔 for compatibility tables
Acceptable Cleaning Agents Most alcohols, acetone, ethyl acetate


pall Advanta Housing for Supracap Modules Available for 324 mm (12.7 in.) modules
Pipe Connections 11⁄2 in.Tri-clover or 2 in. flange (all other connections available on request)
最大操作压力 -1 to 8 bar g (-14.5 to 116 psi g)
材料成分 AISI 316L stainless steel
Surface Finish (internal and external) Electropolished Ra 0.4 μm/ 0.8 μm (typical)


Glove Bag With Sealed Sleeves for change-out of 324 mm (12.4 in.) modules

Part Number Material
GBKXL2AU Antistatic Polyurethane
GBKXL2AE Antistatic Polyethylene


Glove Bag Trash Sleeve for disposal of 324 mm (12.7 in.) modules

Part Number Material
GBKL2T2U Antistatic Polyurethane
GBKL2T2E Antistatic Polyethylene


pall Advanta Housing for Supracap 200 modules


pall,颇尔,用于 Supracap 200 深层过滤器膜柱的 GBK 密封系统
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