pall,颇尔,配 HDC II 膜的Kleenpak 气体囊式过滤器,

配 HDC II 膜的Kleenpak 气体囊式过滤器


pall,颇尔,配 HDC II 膜的Kleenpak 气体囊式过滤器,
pall,颇尔,配 HDC II 膜的Kleenpak 气体囊式过滤器

配 HDC II 膜的Kleenpak  气体囊式过滤器
颇尔 Kleenpak assemblies with HDC II media are compact, self-contained filters with a rugged all-polypropylene construction.They provide up to HEPA-quality air and gas filtration with a hydrophobic polypropylene graded-density depth medium which, with with superior flow rates, lower pressure drops, higher capacity and longer filter life, outperforms other membrane filters.



  • Hydrophobic polypropylene media
  • High efficiency in air and gases
  • HEPA filtration with J012 grade
  • No housing required
  • Absolute particle-rated for reliability
  • Low pressure loss
  • Melt-sealed construction
  • Repeatedly autoclavable
  • Manufactured for use in conformity with cGMP
  • FDA-listed materials per 21 CFR
  • ISO 9000 Certified Quality System
  • Pharmaceutical P optimized
  • Certificate of Test provided



Quality and Bio-Safety

Biological Tests

  • Meets USP Biological Reactivity Test, in vivo for Class VI-121 °C Plastics



Effluent Quality Tests*

  • Meets Cleanliness per USP Particulates in Injectables
  • Non-Fiber-Releasing
  • Non-Pyrogenic per USP Bacterial Endotoxins (< 0.25 EU/mL)
  • Meets Oxidizables and pH per USP Sterile Purified Water


* Per lot sample soak or rinse-up flush aliquots.



 中等  聚丙烯
 Support, Drainage, Core, Cage, End Caps and Shell  聚丙烯
 Vent and Drain Valve O-ring  Ethylene Propylene  (EPDM)


Removal Ratings

Grade In Air(1) In Liquids(2)
 J100 93% at 0.3 µm 10 微米
 J060 99% at 0.3 µm 6 微米
 J045 99.75% at 0.3 µm 4.5 微米
 J025 99.95% at 0.3 µm 2.5 微米
 J012 99.99% at 0.3 µm  1.2 微米
1 % removal 0.3 µm DOP droplet aerosol.
Due to the enhanced particle removal efficiencies in gases, the approximate ratings for gas service can be calculated by dividing the liquid rating in µm by between 5 and 10.
2 > 99.98% by mod.OSU-F2 beta test.


Nominal Filter Areas

Effective Filter Area KA1 KA2 KA3
 J012, J025 0.06 m2
(0.6 ft2)
0.1 m2
(1.0 ft2)
0.2 m2
(2.0 ft2)
 J045 0.06 m2
(0.6 ft2)
0.11 m2
(1.2 ft2)
0.22 m2
(2.3 ft2)
 J060 0.03 m2
(0.3 ft2)
0.05 m2
(0.5 ft2)
0.10 m2
(1.0 ft2)
 J100 0.03 m2
(0.3 ft2)
0.07 m2
(0.7 ft2
0.13 m2
(1.4 ft2)


Nominal Dimensions

Size Code KA1 KA2 KA3
 Maximum Diameter of Bowl (Including Valves)  94 mm
(3.7 in.)
 94 mm
(3.7 in.)
 109 mm
(4.2 in.)
 Nominal Length (Including 1 in.Tri-Clover Connection)  117 mm
(4.6 in.)
 158 mm
(6.2 in.)
 174 mm
(6.8 in.)
 Nominal Length (Including Stepped Hose Barb Connection)  158 mm
(6.2 in.)
 199 mm
(7.8 in.)
 Nominal Length (Including Hose Barb Connection)  -  -  210 mm
(8.2 in.)


Typical Air Flow Rates (at 2 barg [30 psig] Inlet Pressure)3

3 Typical initial clean ∆P, air at 20 °C.Values shown are for 38 mm (1½ in.) sanitary flange connections.Values with other connections are available on request.For gases other than air or nitrogen, contact 上海羽令.


Connections (Inlet and Outlet)


KA1 and KA2 Styles 38 mm (1½ in.) sanitary flange
6 – 13 mm (¼ – ½ in.) hose barb
 KA3 Style  38 mm (1½ in.) sanitary flange
14 mm (9⁄16 in.) hose barb


Operating Conditions (Gases) 4

Maximum Operating Pressure and Temperature  3.5 barg (50 psig) to 40 °C
Maximum Differential Pressure and Temperature  3.5 bard (50 psid) at 40 °C
4 In air/N2 service or other compatible gases.


Steam Autoclaving

 Cumulative Autoclave Time 5  50 hours (1-hour cycles) at 140 °C
5 Laboratory tests to establish multi-cycle resistance.Filters should be qualified in process conditions.Contact 颇尔 for recommended procedures.

Kleenpak filters must not be steam sterilized in situ by passing steam through under pressure.

pall,颇尔,配 HDC II 膜的Kleenpak 气体囊式过滤器
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