pall,颇尔,配 Emflon PFR 膜的小型 Kleenpak囊式过滤器,KA02PFRP2, KA02PFRP3, KA02PFRP8

配 Emflon PFR 膜的小型 Kleenpak囊式过滤器


pall,颇尔,配 Emflon PFR 膜的小型 Kleenpak囊式过滤器,KA02PFRP2, KA02PFRP3, KA02PFRP8
pall,颇尔,配 Emflon PFR 膜的小型 Kleenpak囊式过滤器

配 Emflon PFR 膜的小型 Kleenpak囊式过滤器
颇尔 Mini Kleenpak capsules with Emflon®PFR media are designed for air filtration and vent applications where the use of a filter of small size and low weight is critical.Having a surface area of 280 cm², each Mini Kleenpak capsule filter contains a proprietary high performance PTFE membrane which is inherently hydrophobic and chemically resistant.This membrane is designed to remove bacteria, viruses and particles from air and gas streams, even in the presence of humidity and moisture.The same membrane is used in other Emflon PFR capsules and cartridges, allowing scale up from development to production.

These filters have an absolute rating of 0.2 μm in liquid based on microbial retention.

Key Features

  • Small, lightweight pleated membrane capsule filter (280 cm² [0.3 ft²] filter area)
  • Highly retentive Emflon PFR membrane
  • High flow rates associated to low Delta P enables the use of small filters – reducing installation and operating costs
  • High resistance to autoclaving cycles and long filter life – reducing filtration costs
  • Integrity testable using the Forward Flow test
  • Choice of connection options for enhanced flexibility
  • Ease of venting with newly designed valve

High Quality Standards

  • Validated in liquids with Brevundimonas diminuta (ATCC 19146) at a challenge level of
    107 organisms/cm² of filter area 100 % integrity tested during manufacturing
  • Identified by a lot number and a unique serial number for complete traceability of manufacturing history and for user’s traceability systems
  • Each filter supplied with a Certificate of Test
  • Comprehensive validation guide available
  • Manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2000
  • Meets USP Biological Reactivity Tests in vivo, in accordance with USP Class VI plastics
    at 121 °C


 膜  Hydrophobic PTFE
 Support and Drainage Layers  聚丙烯
 Capsule  聚丙烯
 排气  聚丙烯
 Sealing Technology  Thermal bonding


Operating Parameters1

最大操作压力  4.1 bar (59 psi) at 38 °C
 Maximum Operating Temperature  80 °C (176 °F) at 2.1 bar

1 In compatible fluids which do not soften, swell or adversely affect the filter or its materials of construction.



 Autoclave at 125 °C

20 x 30 minute cycles 

 Autoclave at 135 °C  10 x 30 minute cycles
Warning:This product must not be sterilized in-situ by passing steam through under pressure.2 The figures are maximum allowable figures determined by testing under controlled laboratory conditions to the length of time indicated.
Actual operating conditions may affect the filter’s long term response to sterilization.Filters should be qualified for each process application.



Nominal Effective Filtration Area

 280 cm² (0.3 ft²)



Nominal Dimensions

 Maximum diameter including valves 41 mm (1.6 in.)
 Length with ½ in.Tri-Clover compatible connection 72.6 mm (2.9 in.)
 Length with 6 mm to 13 mm (¼ in. to ½ in.) hosetail connections 104.6 mm (4.1 in.)
 Length with ¼ in.NPT connection  97.4 mm (3.8 in.)
Part Number 描述 Quanitity
KA02PFRP2 Non-sterile with stepped hosebarb ½ in. to ¼ in. connections 3 per box
KA02PFRP3 Non sterile with NPT ¼ in. connection 3 per box
 KA02PFRP8 Non sterile with ½ in.Tri-Clover* compatible connection 3 per box


pall,颇尔,配 Emflon PFR 膜的小型 Kleenpak囊式过滤器
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