pall,颇尔,配HDC II 膜的Kleenpak 液体囊式过滤器,

配HDC II 膜的Kleenpak 液体囊式过滤器


pall,颇尔,配HDC II 膜的Kleenpak 液体囊式过滤器,
pall,颇尔,配HDC II 膜的Kleenpak 液体囊式过滤器

配HDC II 膜的Kleenpak 液体囊式过滤器

HDC II Filter Medium

  • The HDC II filter medium is comprised of high-performance pleated cartridge with polypropylene filter medium.
  • Medium is produced by varying the fiber diameter continuously to provide a pore-size distribution from coarse (upstream) to fine (downstream) while maintaining constant void-volume throughout the depth of the filter medium.
  • The varied fiber diameter means extraordinary contaminant-holding capacity, maximum flow rate, and low costs per liter of filtered fluid.
  • The fixed pore structure means that contaminants will not unload under  variations in flow or pressure differential, and fibers will not migrate or become dislodged to contaminate process fluids.

Clean and Robust Design

  • The highest possible security against filter bypass is ensured, even under conditions of pulsed flow
  • High-strength design allows multiple autoclave cycles for extended use and maximum filter economy.
  • Polypropylene outer shell is designed to provide long-term assurance of pressure and temperature ratings.
  • Internal hold-up volume and dead space is minimized for maximum product recovery.
  • A total absence of glues, binder resins and surfactants results in very low filter extractables and extremely clean filtrate
  • All filter materials of construction have met the specifications for USP Class VI biological tests for plastics at 121 °C and meet FDA requirements for food contact use 21 CFR parts 170-199

Quality and Bio-Safety Tests

  • Meets USP Biological Reactivity, In Vivo, for Class VI-121 °C plastics

Effluent Quality Tests*

  • Meets Cleanliness per USP Particulates in Injectables
  • Non-Fiber-Releasing
  • Non-Pyrogenic per USP Bacterial Endotoxins (< 0.25 EU/mL)
  • Meets Total Organic Carbon and Water Conductivity per USP Purified Water, pH per USP Sterile Purified Water

* Per lot sample soak or rinse-up flush aliquots.

Reduced Operator Intervention and Exposure 

The self-contained design of each Kleenpak filter means that operator intervention and exposure during filter installation and change-out are minimized.
  • Integrally molded inlet and outlet connections
    • Maximum convenience and security
  • Vent and drain connections with seal protected threads and precision molded valves
    • Exceptionally simple and reliable operation
  • Available in three standard sizes.
    • Flexibility in batch size or flow rate requirements



Filter medium  聚丙烯
Support, Drainage, Core, Cage, End Caps and Shell  聚丙烯
 Vent and Drain Valve O-rings  Ethylene Propylene (EPDM)


Nominal Dimensions


Size Code KA1 KA2 KA3
Maximum Diameter  Bowl
(including Valves)
94 mm 
(3.7 in.)
94 mm 
(3.7 in.)
109 mm 
(4.2 in.)
Nominal Length
(including 11⁄2 in.Sanitary Flange Connection) 
117 mm 
(4.6 in.)
158 mm
(6.2 in.)
174 mm 
(6.8 in.)
Nominal Length
(including Stepped Hose Barb Connection)
158 mm
(6.2 in.)
199 mm 
(7.8 in.)
 Nominal Length
(including Hose Barb Connection)
 -  - 210 mm
(8.2 in.)

Nominal Filter Areas


Effective Filter Area KA1 KA2 KA3
J012, J025  0.06 m2 (0.6 ft2) 0.1 m2 (1.0 ft2) 0.2 m2 (2.0 ft2)
J045 0.06 m2 (0.6 ft2) 0.11 m2 (1.2 ft2) 0.22 m2 (2.3 ft2)
J060 0.03 m2 (0.3 ft2) 0.05 m2 (0.5 ft2) 0.10 m2 (1.0 ft2)
 J100 0.03 m2 (0.3 ft2)  0.07 m2 (0.7 ft2)  0.13 m2 (1.4 ft2)

Removal Ratings (Liquids) 1


J100 J060 J045 J025 J012
 10 微米  6 微米  4.5 微米  2.5 微米  1.2 微米
1 > 99.98% by modified OSU-F2 Beta test.



Connections (Inlet and Outlet)


KA1 and KA2 Styles 38 mm (1½ in.) sanitary flange
6 – 13 mm (¼½in.) stepped hose barb  
 KA3 38 mm (1½ in.) sanitary flange
14 mm (9⁄16 in.) stepped hose barb


Typical Flow Rates 2

2 Typical initial clean ∆P, water at 20 °C.Values shown are for 38 mm (1½ in.) sanitary flange connections.Values with other connections are available on request.For assistance in filter sizing, contact 上海羽令.

Operating Conditions 3


 Maximum Operating Pressure and Temperature  5.2 barg (75 psig) at 40 °C
 Maximum Differential Pressure and Temperature  4.1 bard (60 psid) at 40 °C


3 Using compatible liquids.Maximum 3.5 barg (50 psig) in air and gas service.


Steam Autoclaving


 Cumulative Autoclave Time 4  50 hours at 140 °C


4 Laboratory tests (1-hour cycles) establish multi-cycle resistance.Filters should be qualified in actual use.

WARNING:Kleenpak filters must not be steamed in situ by passing steam through under pressure.

pall,颇尔,配HDC II 膜的Kleenpak 液体囊式过滤器
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