pall,颇尔,配Supor EKV 除菌级膜的小型Kleenpak 囊式过滤器,

配Supor EKV 除菌级膜的小型Kleenpak 囊式过滤器


pall,颇尔,配Supor EKV 除菌级膜的小型Kleenpak 囊式过滤器,
pall,颇尔,配Supor EKV 除菌级膜的小型Kleenpak 囊式过滤器

配Supor EKV 除菌级膜的小型Kleenpak 囊式过滤器
颇尔 Supor EKV filters are validated sterilizing grade membranes for the most cost effective filtration of a wide range of liquids such as buffers, tissue culture media, and others.The incorporated PES membrane demonstrates very high compatibility over the whole pH range plus very low protein binding to ensure the maximum transmission of the active ingredients.

The Mini Kleenpak capsules are compact filters used in the laboratory for volumes of 2 L to 50 L in process development, and in pilot and manufacturing scale operations if processing requirements do not demand a large filter.These filters are the smallest capsule filters in the UpScale™ Program range to utilize a pleated membrane, and are excellent for modelling filter performance at large production scale.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Encapsulated format for higher flexibility, minimized cleaning and low installation costs
  • Minimal hold up volume
  • Ideal for upscale trials
  • Hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane for low adsorption and wide chemical compatibility
  • Good wettability for a reliable integrity test
  • Built-in, MachV asymmetric prefilter layer for long-life and low filtration costs

Quality Standards

  • Manufactured for use in conformance with cGMP 
  • 100 % integrity tested
  • ISO 9000 Certified Quality System
  • Meets USP Biological Reactivity Test, in vivo, for Class VI-121 °C Plastics
  • Every filter tested during manufacture.Test correlated to microbial retention
  • Certificate of Test provided includes:
    • Fabrication integrity
    • Bacterial retention
    • Materials of constructions
    • Effluent quality for cleanliness, TOC and Water Conductivity, pH and Pyrogens



 Filter Membrane  Hydrophilic PES
 Support/Drainage  聚丙烯
 囊式过滤器  聚丙烯
 Filling Bell  聚碳酸酯
 Sealing Technology  Thermal bonding without adhesives


Operating Parameters(1)

 Maximum Temperature  40 °C
 最大操作压力  4.1 bar (60 psi) at 40 °C
 Maximum Differential Pressure  4.1 bar (60 psi) at 40 °C

(1) In compatible fluids which do not soften, swell or adversely affect the filter or its materials of construction



 Autoclave  3 x 60 minutes at 140 °C
 Gamma Irradiation  Maximum of 50 kGy

(2) Pre-sterilized Mini Kleenpak capsules must not be re-sterilized.Mini Kleenpak capsules must not be sterilized in-situ by passing steam under pressure.Water wet Supor EKV capsules prior to steaming to retain full water wettability for integrity testing


Typical Extractables in Water at 20 °C

 < 5.0 mg per capsule


Nominal Dimensions

 Maximum diameter including valves  53 mm (2.1 in.)
 Length - Code 2  105 mm (4.1 in.)
 Length - Code 8   73 mm (2.9 in.)


Nominal Effective Filter Area (EFA)

 220 cm² (0.24 ft²)


Flow Characteristics

pall,颇尔,配Supor EKV 除菌级膜的小型Kleenpak 囊式过滤器
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