pall,颇尔,LevMixer System,

LevMixer System


pall,颇尔,LevMixer System,
pall,颇尔,LevMixer System

Integrity® LevMixer®

The Integrity® LevMixer® system is specifically designed to fulfill the needs of the bioprocess industry.This system is a mobile, flexible mixing system that allows efficient and reproducible single-use mixing of a wide range of volumes in a broad series of applications ranging from buffer preparation to final formulation.The LevMixer system is engineered for use with 颇尔 single-use mixing bags in cGMP certified cleanrooms without complex instrumentation to control the mixing process.

The LevMixer consists of an interchangeable superconducting drive unit and proprietary levitating impeller-based disposable mixing bags fitted into containers on either a portable dolly or a floor mounted tank.Once properly charged and coupled with the mixing bag, the activation of the motor induces levitation and rotation of the in-bag impeller resulting in effective mixing action inside a hermetically sealed bag.Coupling of the in-bag impeller with the drive motor requires no dynamic seals or shaft penetration inside the bag.The drive motor is enclosed on a portable cart that can be easily disconnected from the bag and reconnected to another mixing bag, allowing mixing in multiple bags of various sizes with a single drive unit.

The third generation of the LevMixer includes a real-time reading of the impeller speed and an process monitoring/alert capability.In case of any process disruption, the user is alerted.End users may access a detailed activity report during on-going applications to monitor the mixer either onsite, or remotely from a different location.Additionally, the mixer may either be controlled onsite or remotely, based on user preference.When operating onsite, users will benefit from an easy-to-use touchscreen PLC that features access to the mixing recipe in use.

As with all 颇尔 LifeSciences’ single-use mixing systems, the LevMixer utilizes disposable mixing bags made from Integrity TK8 bioprocess film.The product-contacting layer of TK8 film is blow-extruded in-house by 颇尔 under cleanroom conditions using medical-grade ultra low-density polyethylene resin.It is then laminated to create a gas barrier film of exceptional cleanliness, strength, and clarity that is animal derived component free (ADCF) and complies fully with USP Class VI requirements.The LevMixer is the first mixer of its kind to be offered as fully Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL)-certified.

Highlight & Benefits

  • True superconductive levitation technology:no mechanical shear and no particle generation to ensure product integrity
  • Ultra-clean construction:no shafts, seals or bearings inside the mixing bag, avoiding particle contamination
  • Linear scalability; from 6L to 2,000L using one portable, ergonomic and universal drive unit.This feature helps lower capital costs and improve process efficiency
  • Efficient mixing technology enabling slower impeller speed:dramatic reduction of tip shear leading to less change of protein denaturation
  • Powerful mixing technology capable to suspend powders and other solids without clogging or shearing, where other magnetic impeller fails

Principle of Operation

The mixing technology of the Integrity LevMixer system is based on non-contact magnetic coupling between conventional permanent magnets in the impeller and superconducting material in the drive.

Superconducting material has the ability to trap the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnets and “lock the magnetic field in memory” in an equilibrium position.The trapped magnetic field behaves like mechanical springs; if the magnet is moved up, down or sideways by outside forces (e.g., gravity or angular torque) it will tend to be pulled back to an equilibrium position.The peculiar nature of magnet-superconductor interaction ties the two bodies together resulting in a very stable mechanical couple with finite equilibrium separation.This system is housed in a universal drive unit.

  • 产品
  • 纯化
  • Suspension / re-suspension
  • Final formulation, fill
  • 收获
  • Media, buffer preparation

pall,颇尔,LevMixer System
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