pall,颇尔,Allegro 3D Transportation Totes for 100 and 200 L Allegro Biocontainer Systems,LGRTRN200L, LGRTRNTRL200L

Allegro 3D Transportation Totes for 100 and 200 L Allegro Biocontainer Systems


pall,颇尔,Allegro 3D Transportation Totes for 100 and 200 L Allegro Biocontainer Systems,LGRTRN200L, LGRTRNTRL200L
pall,颇尔,Allegro 3D Transportation Totes for 100 and 200 L Allegro Biocontainer Systems

用于 100 和 200 升 Allegro 生物容器系统的 Allegro 3D 运输容器
Transportation of liquids is a crucial need for the bio/pharmaceutical manufacturer.Safely moving finished product across the plant or around the planet, receiving in-process buffers or even WFI, requires a robust, certified, fluid containment system.

颇尔 provides shipping industry-certified, fully integrated and flexible solutions for transportation of 100 or 200 L Allegro single-use biocontainer systems.Fill volumes as low as 50 L can safely be transported.

Allegro transportation totes can be used in any stage of the biomanufacturing process for transport of product or process fluids in Allegro biocontainers within or outside of your facility.The Allegro transportation totes have been validated and subjected to strict controls to ensure robust secure containment during transportation.

The stainless steel tote features:
  • Gasket sealed lid
  • Gasket-sealed chamber underneath to contain and safely transport outlet piping and attached fittings
  • Foam protection pad system with tension strap retained distribution plate to prevent liquid movement
  • Secure clamping of biocontainer outlet port providing best in class protection
  • Tubing and top port segregation to prevent attached fittings or even filters from contacting the biocontainer during transit


Installed biocontainers are protected from gross environmental ingress into the tote, reducing the need for cleandown when the tote is brought back into the facility after transport.Lids and tube protection chambers are all gasket sealed.

The biocontainer with process liquid is secured using robust, simple to use mechanical features:
Bottom outlet port securely clamped and clamps locked into place ensuring no possible lateral or up and down movement of the port-biocontainer joint
Outlet piping connections and system components protected by locking, gasket-sealed stainless steel door
Biocontainer protected by foam pad, with distribution plate rigidly holding biocontainer.Distribution plate has slide-lock orifice to secure inlet port attachment tubing, fittings and separate them from the biocontainer
Straps secure distribution plate in position, providing securing force on biocontainer to prev¬¬ent movement and any liquid “surge” during transport conditions
Locking, gasket-sealed lids provide protection against gross ingress of contaminants to the upper chamber during transit.Upper chamber safely contains inlet port fittings and assemblies away from contact with the biocontainer

Technical Specifications

  Allegro 200 L Transportation Tote Allegro Transportation Tote Trolley
Material of Construction 304 stainless steel Frame - 304 Stainless steel
Wheels - polyamide
Surface Finish 2 micron / 2B Brushed Finish n/a
重量 93.5 kg (206 lb) 11.7 kg (26 lb)
尺寸 826 x 618 x 1000 mm (33 x 25 x 40 in.) 820 x 620 x 232 mm
(32 x 25 x 9 in.)
Clearance (for lifting device) 205 mm (8 in.) 155 mm (6 in.)
Stacking Ability 3 x tote (empty)
2 x tote (full)
注意事项:Totes must not be stacked during transportation.
Totes must not be stacked on a trolley

Minimum recommended filling volume:
With 200 L Allegro biocontainer 100 L
With 100 L Allegro biocontainer 50 L

Certification and Qualification

The Allegro 200 L Transportation Tote and biocontainer (the whole system) have passed the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) 3H test procedure at ambient temperature (23 ± 2° C) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) standards and test criteria.Allegro Transportation Totes are manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001.

Allegro Tote Transport

Between external manufacturing sites, Allegro totes can be easily loaded in road or other transport modes once the Allegro biocontainer system securing steps have been taken.

Allegro transportation totes have transport-friendly features such as stainless steel pockets for shipping labels or papers.

Within the plant, Allegro transportation totes may be moved on the accessory trolley.Trolleys have 2 locking swivel castors and 2 fixed wheels.

Validation and Support

颇尔 provides comprehensive validation and testing support for the transport solutions.Please talk to your 颇尔 representative with specific details of your application so we can provide a suitable feedback and system design concepts for your application.
Part Number 描述
LGRTRN200L Allegro 200 L stainless steel transportation tote (includes straps and one foam pad)
LGRTRNTRL200L Allegro 200 L stainless steel trolley for tote
Recommended Spare Parts
LGRTRNFP200L Allegro 200 L foam pad (6 pack)
Allegro 200 L straps (set of 2)


pall,颇尔,Allegro 3D Transportation Totes for 100 and 200 L Allegro Biocontainer Systems
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