pall,颇尔,Magnetic Mixer,

Magnetic Mixer


pall,颇尔,Magnetic Mixer,
pall,颇尔,Magnetic Mixer

Integrity® Magnetic Mixer
The Integrity Magnetic Mixer is a robust single-use mixing system ideal for solid to liquid applications requiring aggressive mixing.It is a mobile, flexible mixing system that allows efficient and reproducible single-use mixing of a wide range of volumes in a broad series of applications.The Magnetic Mixer system exhibits especially strong performance in buffer and media preparation.This system is engineered for use with 颇尔 single-use mixing bags in cGMP certified cleanrooms without complex instrumentation to control the mixing process.

The Magnetic Mixer system consists of an interchangeable magnetic drive unit and proprietary magnetic-impeller single-use mixing bags fitted into containers on either a portable dolly or a floor mounted tank.The drive motor is enclosed on a portable cart that can be easily disconnected from the bag and reconnected to another disposable mixing bag.This allows mixing in multiple bags of various sizes with a single drive unit.Coupling the drive unit with mixing bags and their containers is simple and quick to complete.

As with all 颇尔 LifeSciences' single-use mixing systems, the Magnetic Mixer utilizes disposable mixing bags made from 颇尔 Integrity TK8 bioprocess film.The product-contacting layer of TK8 is blow-extruded in-house by 颇尔 under cleanroom conditions using medical-grade ultra low-density polyethylene resin.It is then laminated to create a gas barrier film of exceptional cleanliness, strength and clarity that is animal derived component free (ADCF) and complies fully with USP Class VI requirements.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Quicker time to market
  • Rapid process changeover
  • Faster development and production cycles
  • Ergonomic, easy to operate and control hardware
  • Portable universal drive (all bag sizes)
  • Accommodates scaling from 6L to 2,000L (based on min. mix volume)
  • Robust mixing...aggresive power for industrial applications
  • Reduced capital investment
  • Higher return on investment
  • Increased throughput & Improved facility utilization
  • Ensure materials integrity across mulit-product manufacturing facilities
  • Simple and quick bag installation
  • 缓冲液制备
  • Media preparation
  • 墨水配方/制剂
  • High viscosity mixing
  • Heavy powder loads

pall,颇尔,Magnetic Mixer
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