pall,颇尔,Emflon PFR 小型滤芯,MCY1110PFRPH4, MCY2230PFRPH4, MCY3330PFRPH4, MCY4440PFRPH4, MCY4463PFRPH4, SBF1PFRPH4, SLK7001PFRP, SLK7002PFRP

Emflon PFR 小型滤芯


pall,颇尔,Emflon PFR 小型滤芯,MCY1110PFRPH4, MCY2230PFRPH4, MCY3330PFRPH4, MCY4440PFRPH4, MCY4463PFRPH4, SBF1PFRPH4, SLK7001PFRP, SLK7002PFRP
pall,颇尔,Emflon PFR 小型滤芯

Emflon PFR 小型滤芯
Emflon® PFR filters have been developed from the successful Emflon filter range launched in 1981 and widely used as air and gas-sterilizing filters in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.The 颇尔 PTFE membrane is inherently hydrophobic, chemically inert and designed specifically for removal of contaminating bacteria and viruses.Emflon PFR 过滤器强度更大、寿命更长,并可经受正反方向原位蒸汽处理的严苛工作条件,可充分满足对空气过滤器不断增长的需求。

Superior Performance

Emflon PFR filters provide high assurance of filter integrity and long-life, even during continuous use in hot air up to 60 °C and after repeat steamings for a typical period of up to 12 months.  This is combined with high flow-rates and excellent de-wetting characteristics resulting in very economical filtration through the use of smaller installations and reduced energy costs.In addition, the filters can be tested in situ by the Forward Flow integrity test or by a Water Intrusion test.Both tests are correlated to liquid bacterial challenge — the ‘worst case’ challenge.

Scientific Validation

Emflon PFR filters have been extensively and scientifically validated using the most advanced methods and the most sensitive equipment available.They have a microbial removal rating of
0.2 µm in liquids and a particulate removal rating of 0.003 µm in gases and have been
validated by:

  • Brevundimonas diminuta liquid challenge at 107/cm2
  • Brevundimonas diminuta aerosol challenge
  • PP7 and MS-2 bacteriophage aerosol challenge
  • Bacillus subtilus Var niger spores aerosol challenge
  • Airborne sodium chloride aerosol challenge at 100 L/min flow giving a 0.003 µm rating in gases



  Hydrophobic PTFE
 Support and Drainage Layers 聚丙烯
 End Cap, Core and Cage 聚丙烯
 O 型圈     Silicone elastomer (excluding SLK Styles)
 Internal Adapter Support Ring (MCY2230/4463 Styles Only) 不锈钢


Cumulative Steam Life1

Steaming in Normal Flow Direction up to 140 °C @ 300 mbar Differential Pressure2

 MCY1110PFRPH4  100 hours
 MCY4440PFRPH4  100 hours
 MCY3330PFRPH4  100 hours
 MCY4463PFRPH4  100 hours
 MCY2230PFRPH4  50 hours
 SBF1PFRPH4  50 hours
 SLK7001PFRP  50 hours
 SLK7002PFRP  50 hours
1 Steam life validated using 1 hour cycles.
2 Reverse steaming:Up to 125 °C @ 300 mbar maximum ∆P for 10 cycles (for filter part numbers MCY4463PFR and MCY2230PFR).
The steam life and service life data were determined by testing under controlled laboratory conditions up to the time indicated.Actual operating conditions may affect the filters long-term resistance to steam sterilization and hot air service.Filters should be qualified for each process application.



Maximum Differential Pressure


 All Styles  4.1 bar (60 psi) up to 80 °C



Differential Pressure

Differential Pressure at 50 Nm3/h (30 ft3/min) Air Flow and 2 barg (29 psig) Inlet Pressure2

 MCY1110PFRPH4 500 mbard (7.25 psid)
 MCY2230PFRPH4 200 mbard (2.9 psid)
 MCY3330PFRPH4 160 mbard (2.3 psid)
 MCY4440PFRPH4 120 mbard (1.7 psid)
 MCY4463PFRPH4 180 mbard (2.6 psid)
 SBF1PFRPH4 790 mbard (11.4 psid)
 SLK7001PFRP 175 mbard (2.5 psid)
 SLK7002PFRP  80 mbard (1.1 psid)
2 Pressure drops are for filter elements only.To obtain the total pressure drop of a complete assembly the housing pressure drop must be added.Please refer to the relevant housing literature or contact 上海羽令 for specific sizing information.



Nominal Filter Area


 MCY1110PFRPH4 0.05 m2 (0.53 ft2)
 MCY2230PFRPH4 0.14 m2 (1.5 ft2)
 MCY3330PFRPH4 0.17 m2 (1.82 ft2)
 MCY4440PFRPH4 0.23 m2 (2.47 ft2)
 MCY4463PFRPH4 0.28 m2 (3.01 ft2)
 SBF1PFRPH4 0.04 m2 (0.43 ft2)
 SLK7001PFRP 0.14 m2 (1.5 ft2)
 SLK7002PFRP 0.28 m2 (3.01 ft2)



pall,颇尔,Emflon PFR 小型滤芯
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