pall,颇尔,Mustang XT Acrodisc 离子交换膜层析针头滤器,适合实验测试和工艺开发,MSTGXT25Q16, MSTGXT25S16

Mustang XT Acrodisc 离子交换膜层析针头滤器,适合实验测试和工艺开发


pall,颇尔,Mustang XT Acrodisc 离子交换膜层析针头滤器,适合实验测试和工艺开发,MSTGXT25Q16, MSTGXT25S16
pall,颇尔,Mustang XT Acrodisc 离子交换膜层析针头滤器,适合实验测试和工艺开发


Disposable Membrane Chromatography Units for Scale-down Process Development

  • Fast, easy-to-use, scale-down Mustang membrane unit facilitates process development work.
  • Device volume of ‹ 1 mL minimizes sample volume requirements.
  • 16 layers of Mustang membrane allows easy scale-up to Mustang membrane pilot- and process-scale capsules.
  • Units achieve flow rates of up to 10 membrane volumes per minute (MV) without affecting performance.
  • Female luer lock inlet and outlet simplifies use with typical low pressure chromatography systems.
  • Disposable 25 mm units.
  • Available in Q and S chemistries.

Typical Applications for Mustang Membrane Chromatography Include:

  • Contaminant removal of host cell protein, virus, DNA and endotoxin
  • Plasmid, virus, protein capture and oligonucleotide purification
  • Column guard to enhance selectivity of subsequent chromatographic steps


  • Housing:聚丙烯
    • Media:
    • 16-layer Mustang Q membrane, 0.8 µm (nominal)
    • 16-layer Mustang S membrane, 0.65 µm (nominal)
  • Connections:Inlet and Outlet:Female luer lock

Membrane Bed Volume

  • 0.86 毫升

Differential Pressure

  • ‹ 15 psi at 10 mL/min

Typical Operating Temperature

  • 21 - 24 °C


  • 4 bar (60 psi)

Mean Dynamic Binding Capacity*

  • BSA* ~ 70 mg/mL membrane volume for Mustang Q XT Acrodisc unit
  • Lysozyme ~ 30 mg/mL membrane volume for Mustang S XT Acrodisc unit

*Note on Optimization:The yield is contingent on flow rate, surface charge, type and concentration of protein, pH, ionic strength, and other components of the sample solution.For connection to typical low pressure chromatography systems, a male luer to 10-32 female connector, such as Upchurch part number P-656, is recommended.
Part Number 描述 Pkg Price Qty
MSTGXT25Q16 Mustang Q XT Acrodisc Unit 4/pkg Call
MSTGXT25S16 Mustang S XT Acrodisc Unit 4/pkg Call


pall,颇尔,Mustang XT Acrodisc 离子交换膜层析针头滤器,适合实验测试和工艺开发
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