pall,颇尔,Immunodyne ABC 膜,NBCHI3R, NNCHI3R

Immunodyne ABC 膜


pall,颇尔,Immunodyne ABC 膜,NBCHI3R, NNCHI3R
pall,颇尔,Immunodyne ABC 膜

Immunodyne ABC 膜

A versatile solid phase support membrane for covalent attachment

  • Covalent binding activity for stable ligand immobilization.
  • Greater binding capacity for proteins than traditional non-porous solid phase surfaces.
  • Consistent flow and diffusion characteristics for assay reproducibility.
  • Intrinsically hydrophilic for rapid wetting.
  • No detergent is used in manufacture. 
  • High tensile strength withstands the demands of large-scale manufacturing needs.
  • White membrane offers excellent color discrimination.
  • Oligonucleotide arrays
  • Immersion or flow-through dot immunoassays
  • Gene probe tests (“reverse dot blots”)
  • Wet and dry chemistry enzymatic tests
  • Utility for biosensor applications
  • Protein arrays
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Physical and Chemical Characteristics


High Binding Capacity

The microporous structure of Immunodyne ABC membrane provides an available immobilization area of up to 300 cm2 for each cm of planar membrane.The high binding capacity and strong attraction of protein to the preactivated Immunodyne ABC membrane surface enables the immobilization of more protein ligand than with traditional dipsticks, tubes, multi-well plates, and latex or polystyrene beads.


Mechanical Durability

Immunodyne ABC membrane is engineered for the demands of large-scale membrane device manufacturing.The Nylon 6,6 membrane structure is formed around a non-reactive, non-woven, polyester fabric matrix which confers high tensile strength, toughness, flexibility, and resistance to tearing, cracking, and puncture. 


Chemical Reactivity

Improved retention and stability of immobilized ligands is provided by the covalent linkage activity of the Immunodyne ABC membrane surface.The membrane is preactivated to form covalent linkages with nucleophilic groups found on proteins and other biological macromolecules.Primary reactivity is with amine groups at neutral pH.


Controlled Pore Structure

The narrow pore size distribution of Immunodyne ABC membranes ensures uniform binding of biologically active macromolecules across the membrane surface.The 75-85% void volume provides for minimal flow resistance and high diffusion rates.Uniform porosity yields consistent, well defined spot geometry for dot immunoassays and transfers.Membrane flow and diffusion characteristics are consistent from spot-to-spot and roll-to-roll to ensure reproducibility of assay kinetics.



Immunodyne ABC membranes are intrinsically hydrophilic and exhibit instantaneous wetting on contact with low ionic-strength aqueous solutions.High capillarity and rapid absorbent wicking are obtainable without the necessity of surface modifying wetting agents.Pre-wetting is not required prior to contact with ligand solution.


These membranes are available in addional sizes.颇尔 Life Sciences can also cut these membranes to your specifications.For information on sizes and cuts, call your local 颇尔 Life Sciences office.

Part Number 描述 Pkg Price Qty
Immunodyne ABC 膜
NBCHI3R 0.45 µm, 30 cm x 3 m roll 1/pkg Call
NNCHI3R 1.2 µm, 30 cm x 3 m roll 1/pkg Call


pall,颇尔,Immunodyne ABC 膜
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