pall,颇尔,采用 Nexis A 系列过滤器的 Marksman 组件,

采用 Nexis A 系列过滤器的 Marksman 组件


pall,颇尔,采用 Nexis A 系列过滤器的 Marksman 组件,
pall,颇尔,采用 Nexis A 系列过滤器的 Marksman 组件

采用 Nexis A 系列过滤器的 Marksman 组件
Marksman elements with Nexis A Series Filters contain high-capacity melt-blown depth filter media in a 152 mm (6 in.) wide diameter cartridge with in-to-out flow.They offer high flow and long filter life.The unique push-in adapters enable direct replacement of bag filters into most commercially available bag housings to give reduced filter changeouts, improved filtrate quality and lower costs.


  • New, large cartridge geometry
  • Proprietary CoLD® fiber technology
  • Gradient pore structure
  • Absolute retention-rated at 99.9% efficiency with retention ratings from 3 to 70 µm
  • Directly fits into bag housings with no hardware changes
  • Inside-out flow traps contaminant inside the cartridge
  • Unique sealing device adjusts to fit cartridge into most bag filter housings
  • Quick, easy changeouts
  • Short length option to accommodate shorter baskets

Biological Tests

All components meet the specifications for biological safety as per the USP Biological Reactivity test, in vivo, for Class VI-121 °C Plastics (gaskets excluded).


  • Cartridges are free of adhesives.


  • Rinse-up to 18 Megohm-cm with a minimum of throughput.


  • Cartridges may be sanitized in hot water 77 – 79 °C (170 – 175 °F) for 20 minutes (minimum).



过滤介质       Polypropylene with polyethylene winding 
硬件 聚丙烯
Gaskets Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) Viton* A, Buna N
Sealing Thermal Bond
* Registered trademark of DuPont Dow (non-FDA material).


Nominal Dimensions


Outside Flange Diameter      184 mm (7.25 in.) (equal to Size 1 and Size 2 Bags)
Lengths  Size 1 Bag, Size 2 Bag
Filter Diameter  152 mm (6 in.)
Surface Area (Size 1)  Up to 0.16 m² (1.7 ft²)
Surface Area (Size 2)  Up to 0.31 m² (3.3 ft²)


Flow Capacity


尺寸   推荐的  Maximum**
1  114 L/min (30 gal/min)       95 L/min (25 gal/min)
2  227 L/min (60 gal/min)  189 L/min (50 gal/min)
** For maximum filter life   


Performance Specifications


Maximum Forward Differential Pressure 

To 2.9 bard (42 psid) @ 20 °C (68 °F)

To 1.8 bard (26 psid) @ 54 °C (130 °F)

To 1.0 bard (15 psid) @ 79 °C (175 °F)

 Recommended Changeout Differential Pressure***  2.4 bard (35 psid)
*** Provided that the maximum differential pressure is not exceeded based on temperature limits defined above


Liquid Flow Specifications



 Psid/gal/min (mbard/L/min)

Water @ 20 °C (68 °F) 1 cP


 Psid/gal/min (mbard/L/min)

Fluid with 40 cP viscosity 



 Size 1

 Size 2

 Size 1

 Size 2

 NXAM 10

 0.047 (0.86)

 0.021 (0.38)

 1.17 (21.3)

 0.35 (6.4)

 NXAM 70

 0.004 (0.07)

 0.0014 (0.03)

 0.1 (1.82)

 0.04 (0.73)

注意事项:For kPa, multiply mbard by 0.1

采用 Nexis A 系列过滤器的 Marksman 组件

This is a list of typical part numbers for this product.
Click Part Number Configuration to access a PDF of the part numbering structure.
For part numbers and configurations that are that are not listed, please contact your 颇尔 representative.




pall,颇尔,采用 Nexis A 系列过滤器的 Marksman 组件
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