pall,颇尔,Nucleo Single-Use Bioreactor,

Nucleo Single-Use Bioreactor


pall,颇尔,Nucleo Single-Use Bioreactor,
pall,颇尔,Nucleo Single-Use Bioreactor

NucleoTM Single-Use Bioreactor

The Nucleo™ single-use bioreactor was developed to provide a complete turn-key solution to cell culturists as a next generation alternative to stainless steel classical bioreactors and existing single-use bioreactors, without need for extended validations.The Nucleo bioreactor platform is the result of the combined expertise of Pierre Guerin – Biolafitte (bioreactors and control systems), 颇尔 Life Sciences (ultra-pure bioprocess films and disposable mixing technology) and Artelis (cell culture and cell culture process optimizations).

Nucleo, the next generation of single-use bioreactors, represents the 2009, 2012 颇尔 Life Sciences of the art response to the evolution of biotech processes.It is perfectly suited to laboratory environments, process development centers, clinical material supply and flexible GMP manufacturing.The Nucleo bioreactor vessel, which offers comparable functionality to classical stirred tank bioreactors, is a single use bag (颇尔 Life Sciences) integrating an internal paddle mixing and sparger system (颇尔 Life Sciences).The bag, paddle and fittings are single-use and all contact surfaces are discarded after use.The paddle is enclosed in a medical grade ULDPE sleeve, with the same contact material as the bag itself, and is coupled on top of the vessel with the mechanical mixing head.

HIglights & Benefits

  • Superior mixing capabilities with drastically reduced shear stress
  • Innovative sparging device for superior oxygenation and kLa
  • Adapted for cultivation of suspended or adherent cells at very high densities
  • Compatible with batch, fed-batch and perfusion processes
  • Scalable customizable system
  • Ergonomic:modular or fully integrated configuration
  • Control of all process parameters ensuring optimal cultivation conditions
  • No need for CIP/SIP (disposable bag technology)
  • Avoid all cross contamination risks
  • User-friendly control interface fully compliant to GAMP V5 and 21 CFR PART 11
  • Very low working volume
  • All product contact surface of same material (颇尔 Life Sciences medical grade ULDPE)

pall,颇尔,Nucleo Single-Use Bioreactor
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