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PadReactor System


pall,颇尔,PadReactor System,
pall,颇尔,PadReactor System

PadReactor™ System
Single-Use, Stirred Bioreactor
The PadReactor system is a single-use bioreactor specifically designed to fulfill the needs of cell culturists.It is perfectly suited to laboratory environments, process development centers, clinical material supply and flexible cGMP manufacturing.The PadReactor system offers a platform, which gives the end user the opportunity to choose a preferred controller or use 颇尔 recommended controller (ez-Control from Applikon).

Its innovative cube-shaped bag design integrates a highly efficient internal mixing paddle coupled with a dynamic sparger.The system is non-invasive as the paddle and the sparger are enclosed in a medical grade ultra low-density polyethylene resin (ULDPE) sleeve, made from the same contact material as the bag itself.The paddle is coupled on top of the vessel with the mechanical mixing head.

The superior mixing capabilities and the innovative sparging device enable the PadReactor bioreactor to achieve greater productivity compared to cylindrical bioreactors.

As with all 颇尔 Life Sciences single-use systems, the PadReactor utilizes disposable mixing bags made from TK8 bioprocess film.The product-contacting layer of TK8 film is blow-extruded in-house by 颇尔 Life Sciences under cleanroom conditions using medical-grade ULDPE.It is then laminated to create a gas barrier film of exceptional cleanliness, strength, and clarity that is animal derived component free (ADCF) and complies fully with USP Class VI requirements.

Mixing is achieved when the integrated paddle/sparger inside the bag rotates.

The PadReactor single-use bioreactor consists of the following:

Drive Unit – The flexible drive unit allows the system to cultivate cells in disposable bags.One drive unit is adapted for various disposable mixing bag sizes.Each system comes with the appropriate mixing stick for your container.

Mobile Retaining Tank – The purpose of the retaining tank is to support the mixing bag and provide mobility before and after operation.Various tank sizes and options are available.

Bioreactor Vessel – The reactor vessel uses an innovative bag design that allows a non-invasive connection to the mixer.Mixing is achieved when the integrated paddle/sparger inside the bag rotates within the bag.

Controller (optional)– ez-Control from Applikon configured to work with PadReactor system.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Cube-shaped design incorporating a mixing paddle coupled with a dynamic sparger device:
    • Low shear stress bioreactor as the superior mixing capabilities enables to mix at very low speed
    • Superior oxygenation and high kLa maintained due to a fully integrated sparging device distributing better the bubbles
  • Proven to be effective for cultivation of suspended and adherent cells on micro beads
  • Linearly scalable from 10 L to 1200 L
  • User friendly single-use bioreactor designed to be used in cGMP environments
    • Quick bag installation and fast set-up enabling start up time to be decreased by 2 to 4 hours per batch
    • Limited footprint with an easy access to every part of the bioreactor
    • Easy observation of the cells during the cultivation and harvest throught a fully transparent front cover
    • No need for CIP/SIP, avoiding cross contamination risks

PadReactor Bag and Container

  • Available bag sizes, 25 L, 50 L, 125 L, 250 L, 600 L and 1200 L with cube-shape geometry
  • Film material:multi-layer film with contact layer in ULDPE, gamma sterilizable, USP - Class VI compliant, fully ADCF (Animal Derived Component Free)
  • Temperature control via jacketed container

Line 描述
1...4 Multi port fitment - can be used for:nutrient addition, gas exhaust/foam trap, acid addition, media filling, inoculation...
5...8 Multi port fitment - can be used for:nutrient addition, gas exhaust/foam trap, acid addition, media filling, inoculation...
9 Disposable bioreactor bag (颇尔 Life Sciences TK8 ADCF film)
10 Sampling port
11 Perfusion connection/extra sampling connection
12 Connection for pH, T or DO probe with Kleenpak™ sterile connector
13 Sensing probe assembly to be connected to (12) by Kleenpak sterile connector
14 Easy drain connector
15 Micro (20 μm) or macro (2 mm holes) rigid and in motion sparger device
16 颇尔 Life Sciences paddle mixing stick surrounded by sleeve
17 Gas inlet through sparger device

PadReactor System Weight and Dimensions

Dimension 25 L 50 L 125 L
Container (w x d x h) 465 x 365 x 785 mm 515 x 425 x 785 mm 700 x 525 x 785 mm
Drive Unit (w x d x h) 845 x 940 x 1360 mm 845 x 940 x 1360 mm 845 x 940 x 1360 mm
Container Weight 48 kg 57 kg 80 kg
Drive Unit Weight 250 kg 250 kg 250 kg
Jacket Liquid Volume 0.4 L 0.6 L 1.4 L
Dimension 250 L 600 L 1200 L
Container (w x d x h) 880 x 690 x 1375mm 1010 x 880 x 1375 mm 1200 x 1155 x 1375 mm
Drive Unit (w x d x h) 1140 x 1035 x 1960 mm 1140 x 1035 x 1960 mm 1140 x 1035 x 1960 mm
Container Weight 125 kg 232 kg 288 kg
Drive Unit Weight 325 kg 325 kg 325 kg
Jacket Liquid Volume 2 L 4.25 L 5.25 L

Mixing Capabilities Model

The PadReactor system utilizes a cube-shaped vessel design agitated with a paddle-shaped mixing element rotating in an elliptical motion.The corners of the vessel act as baffles to prevent vortexing and ensure robust mixing with very low shear stress.In order to model the mixing capabilities of the PadReactor system, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis has been conducted in different volumes and at different mixing speeds.As demonstrated on pictures mixing, turbulent but low shear mixing is easily achieved, even at low speeds.The cube-shaped vessel and paddle mixing element design of the PadReactor system provides effective mixing advantages.These advantages have been shown to require lower power input, improved gas transfer and improved productivity when compared to bioreactors with cylindrical vessels.(For additional information, please refer to the 颇尔 Life Science poster "Engineering Analysis of Mixing in 颇尔 Life Science Bioreactors using Computational Fluid Dynamics".)

Velocity Vectors in the PadReactor System

Liquid flow path in the PadReactor System

Thermostatic Cooling/Heating Bath Guidelines (TCU, Required)

For 25/50/125 liter bag holders For 250/600/1200 liter bag holders Indicative performance rates for 25 liter bag holder
Working temperature range:-45 °C / +200 °C Working temperature range:-30 °C / +120 °C Heating rate:22 °C/hour
(20 to 37 °C in 45 min)
Heater power:3.5 kW Heater power:6 kW Cooling rate:4 °C/hour
Cooling capacity at 20 °C:0.80 kW Cooling capacity at 20 °C:4.6 kW Indicative performance rates
for 250 liter bag holder:
  • Heating rate:8 °C/hour (20 to 37 °C in 2 hours)
  • Cooling rate:4 °C/hour
Pump pressure/suction max:0.7/0.4 bar Pump pressure max:3.2 bar
Pump flow maximum pressure / suction:25/23 L/min Pump flow maximum pressure:40 L/min
Maximum bath volume:8 L Maximum bath volume:18 L
Overall dimensions (W x D x H):285 x 430 x 688 mm Overall dimensions (W x D x H):550 x 650 x 970 mm

pall,颇尔,PadReactor System
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