pall,颇尔,GBK 密封系统,PATK11G17J, PATK11G35J, PATK11G33J, PATK11G54J, BATK11G

GBK 密封系统


pall,颇尔,GBK 密封系统,PATK11G17J, PATK11G35J, PATK11G33J, PATK11G54J, BATK11G
pall,颇尔,GBK 密封系统

GBK 密封系统

Flexible Protection for Filter Change-Out

GBK 密封系统可在过滤器更换期间提供简单易用且比以往更为强大的密封性能。The systems combine specially designed filter housings and glove bags that seal together, shielding the operator and the surrounding environment from undesirable exposure to harmful liquids and particulates (eg. actives, catalysts).The operator is easily able to introduce replacement filter cartridges into the glove bag via a zippered feed-in sleeve, and then remove the used/spent filter cartridges via a feed-out sleeve using the glove bag’s sensitive nitrile gloves.

The GBK containment system is based upon well-established 颇尔 housing ranges, which have been modified to take the specially-designed glove bags.GBK glove bags have been designed by experts with over twenty years' experience of containment practices in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) facilities to provide the optimum combination of efficacy, convenience and value.GBK glove bags are available with sealed sleeves to provide solutions for more critical applications, or with feed-in sleeves to provide solutions where greater operational flexibility is required. 



  • Easy to install and to implement into existing process
  • Provide flexible economical containment for filter change-out
  • Operator-friendly handling/manipulation (typically, a trained operator can perform a complete filter cartridge change-out in 90 to 120 seconds)
  • Enhanced containment - independent tests have demonstrated that GBK systems have good ergonomics and are capable of containing a placebo material to 1μg/m³
  • PATK series housings provide a compact and robust housing design for Code 7 cartridges and are ideal for API applications
  • Two standard glove bag designs are available to suit most requirements
  • GBK nitrile gloves have a cuff and elastic ring sealing mechanism with the glove bags and may be easily replaced by alternative site standards if required
  • GBK glove bags have a built-in HEPA filter to prevent condensation
  • 颇尔 can provide technical support including operator training if required

GBK systems based on other housings and glove bag designs are possible - please contact 上海羽令 for details.

Click here to download a published evaluation of a typical filter changeout utilizing a glove bag system (PDF, 243 Kb)


GBK Glove Bag Containment System


Material  Antistatic Polyurethane (PU) or Antistatic PVC 
Material Thickness Antistatic PU 0.25 mm / 0.010", Antistatic PVC 0.3 mm / 0.012"
Material Tensile Strength Antistatic PU 44816kPa, Antistatic PVC 20685-29648 kPa - can withstand light impact
Maximum Working Temperature PU 93°C / 199°F, PVC 55°C / 131°F
电导率 Antistatic PU 1011Ω.m, Antistatic PVC 108-109Ω.m
兼容性 Refer to standard material compatibility tables 
Acceptable Cleaning Agents Most alcohols, acetone, ethyl acetate


GBK P Series Housing PATK - available for 254 mm / 10 inch cartridges


Pipe Connections 1 or 2 inch ANSI or DIN flanges(all other connections available on request) 
最大操作压力 -1** to 16 bar g / -14.5* to 232 psi g
材料成分 AISI 316L stainless steel
Surface Finish (internal and external) Electropolished Ra <0.8 μm / 32 μin (typical)
* Full vacuum





Typical minimum height clearance required above pipe work connections 1000 mm 
Typical minimum working space around the centre point of the housing 1250 mm



GBK Glove Bag With Sealed Sleeves for change-out of 254 mm / 10 inch cartridge filters


GBK Glove Bag with Sealed Sleeves (Antistatic Polyurethane) GBKC1SU
GBK Glove Bag with Sealed Sleeves (Antistatic PVC) GBKC1SV


GBK Bag With Zippered Feed-In Sleeve for change-out of 254 mm / 10 inch cartridge filters


GBK Glove Bag with Sealed Sleeves (Antistatic Polyurethane) GBKC1FIU
GBK Glove Bag with Sealed Sleeves (Antistatic PVC) GBKC1FIV


Housing Complete Assembly


PATK11G17J 1 inch ANSI flange 
PATK11G35J 1 inch DIN flange
PATK11G33J 2 inch ANSI flange
PATK11G54J 2 inch DIN flange


Bowl-Only Version*


* 颇尔 can also supply just the filter housing bowl (from the lower closure up) with the glove bag sealing mechanism to convert existing PAT housings to a GBK containment system.Assumes working space around housing is available to accommodate glove bag change-out.The diameter of working space around the centre point of the housing should ideally be 1250 mm.



pall,颇尔,GBK 密封系统
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