pall,颇尔,PGT 过滤器滤壳,

PGT 过滤器滤壳


pall,颇尔,PGT 过滤器滤壳,
pall,颇尔,PGT 过滤器滤壳

PGT 过滤器滤壳

Sanitary, single-round gas filter housings for pharmaceutical processes

PGT filter housings are ideal for use in gas or vent filtration applications in pharmaceutical, vaccine, biotech or plasma fractionation processes, but are equally suited to use in process filtration or utilities.Specifically designed and engineered for the filtration of air and gases, their cost-effective, sanitary design complements the high-flow capacities of 颇尔’s existing Emflon® range of sterilizing gas filter cartridges, in order to ensure reliable and cost-efficient filtration.Developed in accordance with the Life Sciences industry’s demand for high-quality yet flexible, cost-effective products, PGT filter housings can be supplied in a range of different connection configurations, and with two different electropolish surface finish options.These features combine to ensure that PGT filter housings are suitable for the widest possible range of applications.




  • Crevice-free welding and sanitary design
  • Several connection options available including quick-fit ‘Stäubli’-type vent connections
  • Features additional volume for condensate draining
  • Operator-friendly V-clamp closure
  • Choice of two surface finishes available
  • Enhanced documentation package available on CD
  • Suitable for use with hazardous gases or environments in accordance with ATEX PED directives


  • Simple, cost-effective sanitary housing
  • Easy to implement into processing systems; enables simple, quick connection for filter integrity testing
  • Minimizes filter blockage during steaming or venting applications
  • Allows easy, quick service or filter change
  • Enables flexibility when specifiying housings for pharmaceutical applications or utility applications in pharmaceutical processes
  • All parameters for qualification readily available
  • Qualified, safe filter housing for demanding process conditions



Operating Parameters

最大操作压力 -1 to 10 barg (-14.5 to 150 psig)
Maximum Operating Temperature 150 °C (300°F)



Contact surfaces 316L Stainless Steel (1.4404)
Non-wetted contact surfaces 304 Stainless Steel (1.4301)


Surface Finish

Code 1 Internal:Ra ≤ 0.38 μm (15 μin) electropolished (typical)
External:Ra ≤ 0.8 μm (32 μin) electropolished (typical)
Code 3 Internal:Ra ≤ 0.8 μm (32 μin) electropolished (typical)
External:Ra ≤ 1.2 μm (48 μin) electropolished (typical)
Documentation options Supplied with Housing Certificate (EN 10204 2.2 type) and manual as standard. Enhanced documentation package optionally available, supplied on CD

Nominal Dimensions, Weights and Volumes

项目 Code 05 Code 1 Code 2 Code 3
Cartridge Height 127 mm
(5 in.)
254 mm
(10 in.)
508 mm
(20 in.)
762 mm
(30 in.)
Dimension A 168 ± 2 mm
(6.6 in)
168 ± 2 mm
(6.6 in)
168 ± 2 mm
(6.6 in)
168 ± 2 mm
(6.6 in)
Dimension B 495 ± 3 mm
(19.5 in.)
620 ± 3 mm
(24.4 in.)
880 ± 3 mm
(34.6 in.)
1140 ± 3 mm
(44.9 in.)
Dimension C 180 mm
(7.1 in.)
300 mm
(11.8 in.)
550 mm
(21.6 in.)
800 mm
(31.5 in.)
Vol (L/US Gals)* 2.6 L
(0.68 US gal)
3.6 L
(0.95 US gal)
5.6 L
(1.48 US gal)
7.5 L
(1.98 US gal)
Weight (kg/lb)** 3.3 kg
(7.3 lb)
3.7 kg
(8.2 lb)
4.7 kg
(10.4 lb)
5.7 kg
(12.6 lb)
* Based on inlet/outlet and vent/drain shown below
** Volume and weight vary for different connection types


Drawing of Typical Housing with Dimensions


Typical Gas Flow v Differential Pressure for empty PGT Housings

If the above table does not display clearly in your browser, you may download it here.

pall,颇尔,PGT 过滤器滤壳
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