pall,颇尔,Powder Handling Bags,

Powder Handling Bags


pall,颇尔,Powder Handling Bags,
pall,颇尔,Powder Handling Bags

Integrity® Powder Transfer Vessels

Containment of pharmaceutical ingredients and materials, whether for the protection of operators, the environment or the product itself, is a continuing priority for the pharmaceutical industry.

Conventional reusable containment and delivery systems can be time-consuming and costly to clean and validate.On the other hand, cheap plastic sacks can be unsatisfactory from a cleanliness, dust generation and materials recovery perspective.

Integrity® powder transfer vessels (PTVs), have been developed to combine the virtues of effective containment and high product recovery with the cost savings and efficiency of single-use technologies.


  • Tapered funnel-shaped bag
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 5L to 100L capacities
  • Entirely disposable
  • Flexible, transparent material
  • 100% integrity tested
  • Anti-static or additive-free USP Class VI low-density polyethylene contact film
  • Made in ISO Class 5 cleanroom
  • Standard tri-clamp connectors in 2", 4" or 6" sizes
  • Available gamma-irradiated

Highlights & Benefits

  • Flexible bag design is easy to manipulate and offers good ergonomics
  • Static dissapative materials reduce powder loss and explosion risk
  • Tri-clamp connectors give broad compatibility and superior process seal to stainless steel or single-use receptacles
  • High product recovery (typically >99.95%)
  • Superior containment improves process integrity and prevents powder from escaping into the workspace
  • Vessel contents are clearly visible
  • Eliminates the need for cleaning and validation, and the associated waste and delay
  • Compatible with high-containment split butterfly valve technology and other third-party containment devices
  • Small size for ease of storage

Integrity PTVs are widely utilized in the biotechnology and classical pharmaceutical industries at all process scales, from research to high-volume manufacturing.Applications include contained transfer, storage or shipping of:

  • Dry powder media
  • Filter aids
  • Buffer salts
  • Excipients


A wide range of supporting accessories is available from 颇尔 Life Sciences:

Closures:Tri-clamps, gaskets, caps and plugs to securely close a PTV.

Clamps:A variety of pinch clamps to control powder movement within a PTV.

Powder Chutes & Reducers:Sleeves with tri-clamp ports at each end.Used to bridge any gap between PTV and receptacle, to adapt from one tri-clamp size to another, or to regulate powder flow from the PTV to the receptacle.

Filling Funnels & Liners:Devices to facilitate filling of a PTV.Liners provide a 100% disposable contact surface, eliminating the need for cleaning and validation, and the associated waste and delay.

pall,颇尔,Powder Handling Bags
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