pall,颇尔,PRC 预装柱,预装HyperCel STAR AX 耐盐阴离子交换层析介质,PRCSTARAX1ML, PRCSTARAX5ML

PRC 预装柱,预装HyperCel STAR AX 耐盐阴离子交换层析介质


pall,颇尔,PRC 预装柱,预装HyperCel STAR AX 耐盐阴离子交换层析介质,PRCSTARAX1ML, PRCSTARAX5ML
pall,颇尔,PRC 预装柱,预装HyperCel STAR AX 耐盐阴离子交换层析介质

PRC <a href='' target='_blank'>预装柱</a>,预装HyperCel™ STAR AX 耐盐阴离子交换层析介质

Rapid selectivity screening of HyperCel STAR AX anion exchanger.

  • Convenient – Ready-to-use 1 mL and 5 mL prepacked columns.
  • Easy to use – Direct connection to commonly-used laboratory chromatography systems such as ÄKTA* systems.
  • Efficient – High packing efficiency (≥ 2,500 plates/meter).
  • Consistent – Screen HyperCel STAR AX sorbent under reliable and reproducible conditions, and guarantee performance run after run.


"Salt-Tolerant" Anion Exchange Chromatography Sorbent

HyperCel STAR AX sorbent is composed of a rigid cellulose matrix that has excellent flow properties and generates low backpressure.它可提供:

  • High dynamic binding capacity at short residence time
  • Use in either capture, intermediate or polishing steps
  • High dynamic binding capacity is maintained up to 15 mS/cm conductivity
  • Direct scale up to pilot or production scale columns
*ÄKTA is a trademark of GE Healthcare companies.

Rapid screening and condition optimization in the 1 mL PRC column enables rapid selection of the appropriate separation conditions.Once the separation conditions are selected on a 1 mL PRC column, the conditions of use can be optimized in a 5 mL PRC column.

可以将两个或两个以上柱串联起来以增加柱高,并更真实地模拟中试规模或按比例缩减规模应用的现实条件。Further scale up can be achieved with minimal re-optimization by packing 颇尔 LRC empty glass columns.

HyperCel STAR AX Anion Exchange Chromatography Sorbents

  • Native and recombinant proteins
  • 疫苗
  • Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies
  • 血液制品
  • 生物制药
Volume 1 mL (5 mm I.D. x 50 mm) or 5 mL (8 mm I.D. x 100 mm)
Average particle size 60 - 90 微米
Dynamic binding capacity1 >100 mg BSA/mL within pH range 7.5 – 8.0 (conductivity 2 – 15 mS/cm)
配基 伯胺
Storage solution 30% isopropanol, 100 mM sodium phosphate, pH 4.3
Working pH Binding:pH 7.0 – 8.5; Elution:pH 3.0 – 8.5
清洁 pH 1 – 14
Working pressure2 < 0.5 bar (7 psi) for 1 mL column; < 1 bar (14 psi) for 5 mL column
Outer dimensions 10 x 100 mm for 1 mL column or 11.5 x 140 mm for 5 mL column
Materials of construction Body and end caps:Molded PP (Polypropylene)
17 µm frit:PP / PE (Polypropylene / Polyethylene)
Connections3 Built-in 10-32 fittings


1 Determined at 10% breakthrough, using 5 mg/mL bovine serum albumin (BSA) in 50 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.5 at 2 minute residence time (RT).Conductivity 2 – 15 mS/cm by supplementation of NaCl.


2 Pressure at 600 cm/hr equivalent to:2 mL/min for 1 mL column, 5 mL/min for 5 mL column, in 0.1 M NaCl.


3 For HPLC/MPLC/ÄKTA* systems:direct connection.For systems equipped with ¼–28 or M6 connections:use a standard 10–32 male / ¼–28 or M6 female adaptor (not supplied).


*ÄKTA is a trademark of GE Healthcare companies.
描述 Part Number
HyperCel STAR AX PRC Prepacked Columns  
PRC Column 5x50 HyperCel STAR AX, 1 mL PRCSTARAX1ML
PRC Column 8x100 HyperCel STAR AX, 5 mL PRCSTARAX5ML
HyperCel STAR AX 填料  
5 毫升 20197-018
25 毫升 20197-026
100 毫升 20197-032
1 L 20197-046
5 L 20197-058
10 L 20197-064


pall,颇尔,PRC 预装柱,预装HyperCel STAR AX 耐盐阴离子交换层析介质
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