pall,颇尔,Resolute DM 和 DP 层析柱,Resolute 280, Resolute 400, Resolute 600, Resolute 800, Resolute 1000, Resolute 1200

Resolute DM 和 DP 层析柱
Resolute 280, Resolute 400, Resolute 600, Resolute 800, Resolute 1000, Resolute 1200


pall,颇尔,Resolute DM 和 DP 层析柱,Resolute 280, Resolute 400, Resolute 600, Resolute 800, Resolute 1000, Resolute 1200
pall,颇尔,Resolute DM 和 DP 层析柱

Resolute DM 和 DP 层析柱
Process columns for optimized, contained, and scalable operation
  • High resolution flow path provides optimum efficiency, capacity, and peak symmetry.
  • Central nozzle valve provides all column functions required for packing, unpacking, and running the column within a closed system.
  • Scalable, reproducible packing methods reduce validation efforts as processes scale up.
  • Common design from 280 to 1200 mm diameter (and up to 2000 mm on request). 
  • Designed to minimize packing events and buffer usage to optimize process economics.
  • Choice of Resolute DM columns with manual nozzle valve actuation or Resolute DP columns with pneumatic nozzle valve actuation


Designed for Durability, Reliability, Versatility and Ease of Use

Resolute columns are available in diameters from 280 mm to 1200 mm, with 200 mm bed height adjustment and choice of bed heights up to 600 mm.Alternative bed height adjustment and diameters up to 2000 mm are available on request.Resolute DM columns feature: 
  • Manually operated nozzle valves.(See Column Options for pneumatically-actuated nozzle valves.)
  • Choice of bed supports in polyethylene or 316L stainless steel.
  • Acrylic column tube provides visibility of the packed bed.
  • Simple, constant compression, adjuster seal, and precision bore eliminate need for additional mechanical or pneumatic activation of adjuster seals.
  • Stainless steel support frame equipped with lockable castors (available up to 1000 mm column).


Resolute DM Column
Resolute DM Chromatography Column



Sanitary design features ensure the longevity, consistency, and reliability of your process:
  • Fully flushed flow path and adjuster seal facilitate clean-in-place (CIP).
  • Minimum dead space fixed cell seal arrangement.
  • Non-metallic mobile phase flow path is ideal for high salt, low pH conditions and eliminates the risk of corrosion within the nozzle valve.
  • Phthalate-free acrylic tube and peroxide-cured EPDM seals.
  • Low-profile central nozzle retaining ring on the bottom bed support reduces media holdup during unpacking.


Top Nozzle on Resolute DM Column
Top Nozzle on Resolute DM Chromatography Column


Column Options

  • Pneumatically-actuated nozzle valve:a pneumatic actuator positions the nozzle to pre-set positions (Run, Pack, Unpack) with pneumatic controller and position feedback for increased process security.(Not available on 280 mm column.)
  • Bed supports are available in stainless steel (10/20/50 μm) and polyethylene (10/20/60 μm), which offers a lower-cost alternative when frequent bed support changes are required. 
  • Robust stainless steel column tube with increased chemical compatibility.(Not available on 280 mm column.)
  • Fixed bed capacity with no bed height adjustment available for media-specific or process requirements.
  • Extended adjuster range (300 mm) adds packing flexibility.


Actuated Nozzle Valve
Resolute DP Chromatography Column Nozzle Valve Actuator
Resolute DP Nozzle Valve Actuator


Resolute DP Chromatography Column Nozzle Valve Control
Resolute DP Nozzle Valve Control
Superior column design is optimized for process purification in the biopharmaceutical industry.Resolute columns have proven performance with a wide range of chromatography sorbents and chromatographic modes including ion exchange, mixed-mode, affinity, size exclusion, hydrophobic interaction, and hydroxyapatite.


Principle of Slurry Transfer

Resolute columns can be packed and unpacked with the column fully assembled.At the center of the operation is a nozzle valve in both the top and bottom of the column.Process liquids can enter and exit the column via either nozzle valves depending on which packing method is employed.Top and bottom nozzle valves are identical, making the flow profile the same in either direction.The ability to pack media with the top end cell in place contributes to process hygiene by reducing exposure to the external environment.


There are three positions for each nozzle valve.


Nozzle Valve in Pack Position
Resolute Chromatography Column Nozzle Valve in Pack Position


Nozzle Valve in Run Position
Resolute Chromatography Column Nozzle Valve in Run Position


Nozzle Valve in Unpack Position
Resolute Chromatography Column Nozzle Valve in Unpack Position


Effective Column Packing

Contained Operation
All column operations are performed in a closed system; therefore, there is less risk of the operator coming into contact with hazardous materials or the process being exposed to contamination.This results in improved safety and hygienic operation of the column process.


By eliminating labor intensive column handling operations, the packing parameters can be set and applied within a standard operating procedure.This improves the reproducibility of the packed column performance.


All design elements within the column mobile phase flow path are maintained throughout the range (up to 2000 mm diameter).Unlike conventional columns that are based on different seal and distributor cell designs as size increases, the Resolute column sealing arrangement and flow path follow a single design principle that delivers proven and consistent column performance.


Reduced Process Validation
Resolute columns and packing systems maintain identical linear velocities and pressure profiles during the packing process whether in a 400 mm pilot-scale column or a 2000 mm process-scale column.Using the same packing methods reduces the effort required during preparation of SOP’s for large-scale manufacturing packing methods.

Column Specifications

Maximum Allowable Pressure
  • 280 mm Ø Column:5.0 barg (72.5 psig)
  • 400 – 1200 mm Ø Column:4.2 barg (60.9 psig)
Operating Temperature 2 – 30 ºC
Bed Support Type and Rating
  • Stainless Steel Mesh:10, 20, 50 μm
  • Polyethylene Sinter:10, 20, 60 μm
Stainless Steel Surface Finish
  • < 0.6 μm Ra, electropolished
  • Exterior Components:< 0.9 μm Ra, electropolished
  • Pressure Retaining Plates:< 1.5 μm Ra, 240 (UK) grit sateen
  • Column Frame:Bright polished
Adjuster Seal Precision bore with compression seals
Media Transfer Nozzle DM:Manual actuation
DP:Manual control with pneumatic actuation



The basis of design for Resolute columns is PD5500.Columns, where applicable, are CE marked in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.



Process Wetted Components Material
Column Tube 丙烯酸
Distribution Cell 聚丙烯
Nozzle Body
  • 280 – 1000 mm Ø Column:PVDF
  • 1200 mm Ø Column:聚丙烯
Mobile Phase Termination
  • 280 – 1000 mm Ø Column:PEEK
  • > 1200 mm Ø Column:Stainless steel 316L
Slurry Nozzle Tip PEEK
Slurry Inlet Port
  • 280 mm Ø Column:PEEK
  • 400 – 1200 mm Ø Column:Stainless steel 316L
Bed Support Polyethylene sinter or stainless steel mesh
Main Seals EPDM (peroxide cured)
Nozzle Tip Seals FEP encapsulated silicone
Wiper Ring PTFE
External Components Material
Stand Stainless steel 316L
Castor Stainless steel 304L
  • 280 – 600 mm Ø Column:Polyurethane
  • 800 – 1000 mm Ø Column:尼龙
Foot 1200 mm Ø Column:Stainless steel 316L


Nozzle Valve Connection Sizes

  Mobile Phase Port Slurry Inlet Port Waste Outlet Port
umn Dia-
DN (mm) BPE (in.) Termi-
nation (mm)
TC (mm) DN (mm) BPE (in.) Termi-
nation (mm)
TC (mm) DN (mm) BPE (in.) Termi-
nation (mm)
TC (mm)
280     10 25     10 25     14.5 25
400 20 0.75 15.75 25 20 0.75 15.75 25 20 0.75 15.75 25
600 25 1 22.1 50.5 25 1 22.1 50.5 25 1 22.1 50.5
800 40 1.5 34.8 50.5 25 1 22.1 50.5 40 1.5 34.8 50.5
1000 40 1.5 34.8 50.5 25 1 22.1 50.5 40 1.5 34.8 50.5
1200 50 2 47.5 64 40 1.5 34.8 50.5 50 2 47.5 64



Substance/Concentration 丙烯酸 SS PVDF PP EPDM/FEP PE PEEK PTFE
Acetic acid < 1M + + + + + + + +
Ethanol < 40% (v/v) + + + + + + +
Benzyl alcohol < 2% (v/v) + + + + + + +
Isopropyl alcohol < 30% (v/v) + + + + + + + +
Hydrochloric acid 0.1M + + + + + + +
Nitric acid 0.1M + + + + + + +
Phosphoric acid 25% + + + + + +
Sodium chloride < 2M + + + + + + +
Sodium hydroxide < 2M + + + + + + + +
Triton X-100 + + + + + + + +
Guanidine HCl < 6M + + + + + + +
Urea < 8M + + + + + + + +

+ Compatible
• Conditional compatibility


Abbreviations:EPDM = Ethylene propylene di-monomer, FEP = Fluoroethylene polymer, PE = Polyethylene, PEEK = Polyether ether ketone, PP = Polypropylene, PTFE = Polytetrafluoroethylene, PVDF = Polyvinylidene fluoride, SS = Stainless steel


Installation and Validation Documentation

Resolute columns are supplied with a comprehensive validation and support package including an operator’s manual.The validation support package contains comprehensive protocols and provides the required documentation and procedures to support FAT, IQ, and OQ. To support validation efforts and efficient commissioning, the documentation includes records of the pre-shipment test results.


Column manual documentation includes:
  • Operating guide
  • Materials and compatibility data
  • Comprehensive parts list
  • Spare parts recommendation
  • Maintenance recommendation


Additional Column and Equipment Needs

  • Column maximum allowable pressure up to 10 barg (145 psig)
  • Pressure vessel certification to ASME
  • Alternative column diameters may be specified (440, 450, 630, 700 mm) up to 2000 mm
  • Hydraulic actuation of adjustable end cell (not available on 280 mm column)
  • Integrated column maintenance assist system (not available on 280 mm column)
  • Automated column packing systems

Optimized for Efficiency and Scale Up

Resolute columns are equipped with 颇尔’s proprietary high resolution mobile phase flow path which consists of a mobile phase flow path within the nozzle valve body, distribution end cells, and a fully flushed piston seal arrangement.The performance of these important column components is essential for optimal process efficiency, capacity, and peak symmetry.


Resolute columns maintain identical design parameters throughout both the standard column range (from 280 mm to 1200 mm diameter) and the larger capacity columns (up to 2000 mm diameter).Operation at high linear velocities is free from non-linear column effects and assures true linear scalability of column performance, enabling users to scale up simply without method redevelopment or impact on the reproducibility of the packing process.


Key flow path features:
  • Nozzle valve mobile phase path delivers consistent low pressure drop across column for true linear scale up.
  • Infinite multi-port distribution with coned end cell channels provides near plug flow conditions.
  • Secondary cone on support ribs provides unimpeded route via top central nozzle for simple and effective removal of entrapped air as well as effective recovery of slurry via bottom central nozzle when unpacking.
  • Nozzle tip retracts flush with bed support with no protrusion into packed bed.


High Resolution Mobile Phase Flow Path
Resolute Chromatography Columns High Resolution Mobile Phase Flow Path


Consistent Chromatography Performance

Resolute columns’ high resolution mobile phase flow path enables operation at high linear velocities up to 1000 cm/hr.The flow distribution cells and mobile phase flow path support near plug flow conditions irrespective of column diameter.Figure 3 shows pressure flow curves for Resolute columns and alternative manufacturers’ columns.The columns were filled with water, and pressure and flow instruments were used to measure pressure drop across the filled column under process flow conditions.Resolute columns exhibit identical pressure flow curves, linear up to 1000 cm/hr, at which the pressure drop is 0.1 barg (1.5 psig).Alternative column designs exhibit high, exponential pressure flow curves.During normal operations, actual pressure drop will be the sum of the value shown below and the additional value from the packed bed.


Resolute columns support true linear scale up of both the purification performance and column packing methods:
  • Elimination of non-linear interference from column design enables monitoring of actual column pressure resulting from media bed properties.
  • Pressure versus bed height relationship for a specific media, packed at the same compression, remains constant up to at least 1000 cm/hr linear flow in any diameter of Resolute column.


Pressure vs.Flow for Resolute Columns and Alternative Columns Fitted with Stainless Steel Mesh Bed Supports (Column Ø mm)
Pressure vs.Flow for Resolute Chromatography Columns

Slurry Packing Systems

Resolute Slurry Packing Systems (SPS)Resolute Slurry Packing Systems (SPS) simplify column packing and unpacking operations.Two system capacity options provide flow rates suitable for packing and unpacking columns up to 1200 mm diameter (2000 mm columns are also supported).Complete column packing solutions for Resolute columns include:
  • SPS with optional control module for remote operation of slurry and buffer tank valves
  • Media preparation system
  • Hose kits for connection of column, system, and tanks
  • Pressure and flow monitoring
  • Media and buffer tanks ready for use with Resolute columns and SPS systems



颇尔 provides Scientific and Laboratory Servicesnecessary to help our customers maintain 颇尔 systems and columns for optimum performance and maximum service duty.This includes comprehensive service maintenance programs, validation services, and training packages such as:
  • Factory Acceptance Testing 
  • Site Acceptance Testing
  • Installation and commissioning
  • IQ/OQ documentation and execution
  • Operator training (on-site or in a 颇尔 facility)
  • Planned maintenance programs
  • Applications support and packing assistance
  • Packing studies conducted at one of 颇尔’s chromatography application laboratories


Other Chromatography Process Solutions From 颇尔

Resolute DAP Chromatography ColumnsResolute DAP Chromatography Columns offer added operational capabilities to proven Resolute DM and DP columns.With integrated hydraulic actuators providing precision control and movement of the adjuster during Dynamic Axial Packing (DAP) at velocities up to 500 cm/hr, the process of packing columns up to 2000 mm is assured with increased flexibility to achieve optimal column packing.Today’s high performance media are typically dependent on more challenging dynamic packing methods.Resolute DAP columns meet this need with identical flow path and the same proven performance as Resolute DM and DP columns.Resolute DAP columns also provide easy maintenance of the column in place, eliminating the need for hoists, minimizing ceiling heights and associated HVAC costs, reducing downtime, and increasing worker safety.


The PK and PKP Chromatography SystemThe PK and PKP Chromatography System range incorporates proven component technology that delivers accurate precision gradients and in-line buffer dilution while maintaining the performance necessary to make your chromatography process consistent from batch-to-batch and optimal at pilot and manufacturing scales.Covering a range from 1 to greater than 4000 Lph, PK and PKP systems ensure robust operation and flexibility for all biochromatography applications.These systems can be used with Resolute chromatography columns as well as Mustang® membrane adsorber products.


层析介质颇尔 offers a comprehensive, versatile, and environmentally friendly range of Chromatography Sorbents that greatly simplifies protein purification challenges from lab to process scale.颇尔 chromatography sorbents can improve downstream purification accuracy, speed, safety, and reliability, and decrease purification costs.Sorbent chemistries include ion exchange, mixed-mode, hydroxyapatite, affinity, size exclusion, solventdetergent removal, and HIC
Contact your 颇尔 representative to determine the product part number to optimize your process requirements.The products listed below are examples of our most popular column configurations.Different diameter and bed height ranges are available on request.Contact your 颇尔 representative.


产品 Diameter (mm) CSA (cm2) Adjust-
able Height Range (mm)*
Adjustable Capacity (L) Net Weight Kg (lb) Column Height at Minimum Bed (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm)
Resolute 280 280 620 100 – 300 6.2 – 18.5 83 (183) 883 741 709 1083
Resolute 400 400 1260 100 – 300 12.6 – 37.7 230 230 (507) 1381 732 829 1581
Resolute 600 600 2830 100 – 300 28.3 – 84.8 365 (805) 1382 850 937 1582
Resolute 800 800 5030 100 – 300 50.3 – 150 685 (1510) 1531 962 1085 1731
Resolute 1000 1000 7850 100 – 300 79 – 235 1038 (2288) 1548 1162 1287 1748
Resolute 1200 1200 11310 100 – 300 113 – 339 1696 (3739) 1617 1413 1413 1817

CSA = Cross Sectional Area
*200 – 400 and 100 – 450 available on request.Contact your 颇尔 representative.




Using the extensive knowledge of our Process Engineers, 颇尔 works to understand your particular application as well as the operational and economic needs of your company to develop the best solution for you.


Whether a standard or customized bioprocess solution, our Process Engineers ensure the system and column is designed to achieve your goals. 


Our Process Engineers continue to be the single-point contact in the project.They serve as the project manager of your order through start-up, commissioning, Site Acceptance Testing, and IQ/OQ.The result is an efficiently executed project that delivers a first-in-class technology within budget, and that meets your process purification and product quality needs.


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