pall,颇尔,Resolute Linear Chromatography Columns,

Resolute Linear Chromatography Columns


pall,颇尔,Resolute Linear Chromatography Columns,
pall,颇尔,Resolute Linear Chromatography Columns

Resolute® Linear Chromatography Columns

Automated chromatography columns
for pilot and process scale

The Resolute Linear column range offers a unique combination of active multi-axis piston control, precision linear actuation and fully automated unit operations that delivers the following benefits to the end-user:
  • Fully scalable technology
  • Quiet, clean operation
  • Reduced operator involvement and error
  • Predictable time efficient packing
Resolute Linear chromatography columns are designed for large-scale pilot and production use.The range is available from 400 to 1200mm internal diameter, in all common sizes.The columns utilize the proven Resolute wetted flowpath providing low pressure drop and high-resolution chromatography over a wide range of normal operating flow rates.The typical flow range is from 30 - 800 cm/hr.

A patented Resolute nozzle system is used with identical remote controlled three position nozzles at the top and bottom of the column.This technology allows packing and unpacking without opening the column.

Resolute Linear columns support both fixed and variable geometry pack in place methodology, however the platform has been specifically designed to fully exploit the capabilities of Resolute AutoPak; a one touch system for the fully automated packing, unpacking and CIP of the Resolute range of actuated columns.Where AutoPak is specified a packing skid is not required.

A standard Resolute Linear column comes with the Resolute AutoPak system, 20μm polyethylene sinters, an acrylic tube, 3 bar operating pressure and 100-400mm packed bed capability (100-500mm packed bed capability for non-AutoPak columns).

A range of material options and accessories is available to configure Resolute Linear to your requirements.

Multi-Axis Control

Precision control of the piston is delivered by three linear actuators, which operate in unison through the control software to deliver class-leading piston movement stability.This technology is fully scalable across the entire range of columns.

The software actively monitors and controls the position of the actuators to ensure that the piston is always kept level.This provides a distinct advantage over central single actuator designs, where the piston is held level solely by passive seal action and design stiffness.

图 1:Cut through of a linear actuator


In a departure from more traditional HMI and control cabinet configurations, control of a Resolute Linear column is performed using a handheld touch screen remote control, from which the operator can initiate all the in-built Resolute functionality; including fully automated packing, unpacking, CIP and hoist-free maintenance.

The remote control is universal and can be used on all Resolute Linear columns.

The software is purpose coded for the remote control and is designed to be intuitive.For example, all operator actions and commands are a maximum of four clicks away from the home screen, making navigation and operation as easy as possible.

Integrated into the remote control is a safety enabled system that prevents operation while the operator is absent; this can be disabled on request.

图 2:Resolute Linear Remote Control

Resolute Linear

特点 优势
Active multi-axis levelling control of piston, delivering class leading stability Fully scalable column design, reduced risk of column damage over single axis designs
Electric only control unit and linear actuators Small footprint, no cooling liquid required, no risk of oil leakage
In-built maintenance, enabling consumable change out from ground level Safe operator environment, small cleanroom footprint
Intuitive software Easier operator training, reduced risk of operator error

Resolute Linear with AutoPak

The AutoPak system was developed in direct response to an industry need for fully automated operations.Often key column preparation operations, particularly packing, are regarded as high risk clean room events.These risks include human error, packing failure, and absence of experienced operators; they can result in plant downtime, loss of product or sorbent and inefficient use of resources.By adopting a fully automated approach, the AutoPak system greatly simplifies operation, effectively eliminates operator error and reduces the burden on key operators.The automated sequences assure that reproducible and consistent operation is the norm.

图 3:Typical Configuration Of A Resolute Linear Column With Integrated AutoPak

The scope of the installation below shows a Resolute Linear column with the AutoPak system, remote control and column mounted valve control accessory.The illustration should not be interpreted as a process and instrumentation diagram.


Hoist-Free Maintenance Mode

All Resolute Linear columns have a patented maintenance function in-built, allowing access to major consumable spare parts from ground level, without the need for an external crane or hoist.

The maintenance function provides:
  • assured operator safety
  • foot print efficiency
Entry into maintenance mode is made through easily followed instructions on the handheld remote control.The column is disassembled using the Linear drives without increasing the column footprint.The list of key consumables and part numbers for the standard Linear column range is provided in the Ordering Information tab.

Maintenance schedules are advised in the operating manuals.

Wetted Pathway Options

The following wetted pathway options are available.

Wetted Stainless Steel Component Options*

Can be applied to column tubes, bed supports, nozzle tubes and pipework kits.As standard, columns are supplied with 1.4404 components.

(1.4404, 316L)
(1.4435, 316L)
- not available for meshes
(1.4539, 904L)
(C22, Hastelloy)

* Stainless steel options are quoted on request.

Bed Support Pore Size Options

Bed supports are available in 10 micron and 20 micron pore sizes.The mesh should be selected based on the sorbent average particle size; generally a bed support size < 13 of the average particle size is sufficient to prevent particle flow through.

For example, for a 90μm sorbent, 20μm bed supports would be specified, for a 34μm media 10μm bed supports would be specified.

Note that the difference between a 10 and 20 micron bed support pore size makes a negligible difference in overall column pressure drop.

表 1:Weights and Dimensions

The table below provides indicative dimensions and weights for the standard range.For additional diameters and bed heights, please contact your 颇尔 representative for an engineered solution.

  Weight Empty Footprint
Smallest Dimension
Not Inc. Valves



At Minimum

At Maximum
Packed bed

Height During
机型 kg mm mm mm mm mm
Drive station 90 510 600 850    
400 580 840 1050 1700 2200 2200
400 with AutoPak 700 840 1050 2000 2750 2550
450 650 880 1050 1700 2200 2200
450 with AutoPak 780 880 1050 2000 2750 2540
500 720 920 1050 1700 2200 2200
500 with AutoPak 860 920 1050 2000 2750 2530
600 860 1010 1060 1700 2200 2200
600 with AutoPak 1030 1010 1060 2000 2750 2510
630 1060 1100 1150 1760 2260 2270
630 with AutoPak 1270 1100 1150 2040 2790 2560
700 1270 1180 1250 1820 2320 2340
700 with AutoPak 1520 1180 1250 2070 2820 2600
800 1680 1360 1450 1930 2430 2470
800 with AutoPak 2010 1360 1450 2140 2890 2700
900 1970 1440 1480 1940 2440 2540
900 with AutoPak 2370 1440 1480 2150 2900 2700
1000 2270 1510 1510 1950 2450 2620
1000 with AutoPak 2730 1510 1510 2160 2910 2700
1200 3550 1800 1780 2180 2680 2870
1200 with AutoPak 4250 1800 1780 2410 3160 2960

表 2:材料成分

Process Wetted Fixed Components Material
Column tube Acrylic (PMMA) / Stainless Steel*
Distribution cell 聚丙烯
Nozzle body 480 – 1000 mm Ø Column:PVDF
  1200 mm Ø Column:聚丙烯
Mobile phase termination 480 – 1000 mm Ø Column:PEEK
  1200 mm Ø Column:Stainless Steel 316L
Slurry nozzle tip PEEK
Slurry inlet port 400 – 1200 mm Ø Column:Stainless Steel 316L*
Main seals EPDM (Peroxide Cured) / FEP
Nozzle tip seals FEP Encapsulated Silicone
Wiper ring PTFE
All non-wetted materials are suitable for wipe down and clean room use.
* Different grades of stainless steel are available.See Wetted Pathway Options.

表 3:Standard Surface Finishes

Stainless Steel*
Non-wetted 1.5 micron Ra
Wetted 0.5 micron Ra
Acrylic (PMMA) Polished smooth
All others 不适用
*Improved surface finishes quoted on request.

表 4:Operating Temperature

Ambient Temperature Ranges
Operating Temperature Static* 2 - 30 ºC
Operating Temperature Dynamic** 15 - 25 ºC
* The static temperature range refers to when the column is in process mode and no piston movement will take place.
** The dynamic temperature range refers indicates the acceptable temperature range when the column piston is moving.

Temperature ranges outside of these values above are quoted upon request.Columns can be designed for operational ranges up to 60 degrees C.

Certification & Technical Construction File

Resolute Linear columns can be designed to meet either of the following pressure vessel codes.

Asme Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code 2013 addition.

PD 5500:2012 + A2:2013

All columns and accessories come with a full technical documentation file.Examples are available on request.

Linear Remote Control

The remote control is the master controller for Resolute Linear column and allows the full scope of operations to be initiated and monitored.

At least one remote control must be purchased for each set of columns.If packing, unpacking or CIP is to take place simultaneously on more than one column, then additional remote control(s) should be purchased as required.

型号 描述 Columns Applicable
LD-HMI Resolute Linear
Remote Control

图 4:Resolute Linear Remote Control

Column Mounted Valve Control

The touch screen device is fitted permanently to the column, and allows the process valving and nozzles to be controlled when the remote control unit is not connected.This permits the remote control unit to be used with other columns.

This option should be obtained when multiple columns are purchased and only one column is packed at a time.

型号 描述 Columns Applicable
LD-VC Resolute Linear Column
Mounted Valve Control Kit

图 5:Column Mounted Valve Control

AutoPak Tank Valve Block

The AutoPak tank valve block provides the ability to switch between buffer and slurry while controlling the agitation in the tank.Included with the column is the valve block, mounting, hoses to connect to the column tanks and associated clamps and EPDM gaskets.As standard, pipework and GEMU block valves are included in 316L (1.4404) stainless steel.If an alternative stainless steel is selected then the material change must be stated at the point of order.

At least one AutoPak tank valve block must be purchased for each set of AutoPak columns.

If packing, unpacking or CIP is to take place simultaneously on more than one column, then additional valve blocks should be purchased as necessary.

型号 描述 Columns Applicable
TVB-1 AutoPak Tank Valve Block <800
TVB-2 AutoPak Tank Valve Block 大于10000

Resolute Drive Station

The Resolute Linear Drive Station supplies the power and drive control for the three linear actuators.

One Drive Station can operate all columns sizes, therefore, at least one drive station must be purchased for each set of columns.If packing, unpacking or CIP is to take place simultaneously on more than one column, then additional drive stations are required as necessary.The drive station is not required when the column is in process mode.However a separate 24V power supply will be required to operate valves and nozzles using the Resolute Linear Remote Control or Column Mounted Valve Control.

The external material of the cabinet is stainless steel, suitable for wipedown, and use in a clean environment.The cabinet is rated to the requirements IP65.The drive station is a discrete unit which occupies minimal floor space and requires only an electrical supply to operate.

型号 描述 Columns Applicable
EPU Resolute Linear Drive Station 全部

图 6:Resolute Drive Station

Non-AutoPak Valve Kits

For Resolute Linear columns that are selected without the AutoPak system, a valve kit is available to facilitate process and packing connections.This kit enables manual selection of column online and bypass modes and provides the required burst disk* pressure relief.It is recommended for both chromatography skid connection and packing operations.

As standard, pipework and GEMU block valves are included in 316L (1.4404) stainless steel with all necessary EPDM gaskets, clamps and mounting brackets.If an alternative stainless steel is selected then the material must be stated at the point of order.

This kit is factory fitted, and shipped with the column.

型号 描述 Columns Applicable
LD-PFK-XXXX** Resolute Linear Pipe
and Manual Valving Kit
* Pressure relief valves can be quoted on request.
**XXXX = column diameter in mm

Additional Accessories

Other accessories such as column transport options, slurry tanks, packing skids, bed support transporters and media handling solutions are available upon request.Please contact 上海羽令 or for more information.
Name 400
Part No.
Part No.
Part No.
ADJ PE bed support 20µm kit EEA14A136A13 EEA14A136A27 EEA14A136A37
ADJ PE bed support 20µm kit EEA14A139A13 EEA14A139A27 EEA14A139A37
FIXED PE bed support 20µm kit EEA14A142A13 EEA14A142A27 EEA14A142A37
FIXED 316L bed support 20µm kit EEA14A145A13 EEA14A145A27 EEA14A145A37
Snap ring for PE sinters K400-3033 联系我们 联系我们
Snap ring for SS meshes K400-3012 K450-4058 K500-3011-03
Wiper ring for PE sinters EEA12A181A129 EEA12A181A252 EEA12A181A253
Wiper ring for SS meshes EEA12A181A129 EEA12A181A252 EEA12A181A253
Major seal kit (adjuster main seals and fixed end main seals) EEA12A155A129 EEA12A155A252 EEA12A155A253
Intermediate fixing screw kit 不可用 不可用 不可用
Nozzle tip kit EEA13A159A20 EEA13A159A20 EEA13A159A21
Nozzle valve seal kit EEA12A152A20 EEA12A152A20 EEA12A152A21
Name 600
Part No.
Part No.
Part No.
ADJ PE bed support 20µm kit EEA14A136A14 EEA14A136A189 EEA14A136A227
ADJ 316L bed support 20µm kit EEA14A139A14 EEA14A139A189 EEA14A139A227
FIXED PE bed support 20µm kit EEA14A142A14 EEA14A142A189 EEA14A142A227
FIXED 316L bed support 20µm kit EEA14A145A14 EEA14A145A189 EEA14A145A227
Snap ring for PE sinters K600-3013 联系我们 联系我们
Snap ring for SS meshes K600-3012 K630-3025 K700-3073-01
Wiper ring for PE sinters EEA12A181A130 EEA12A181A254 EEA12A181A255
Wiper ring for SS meshes EEA12A181A130 EEA12A181A254 EEA12A181A255
Major seal kit (adjuster main seals and fixed end main seals) EEA12A155A130 EEA12A155A254 EEA12A155A255
Intermediate fixing screw kit 不可用 不可用 EEA13A220A15
Nozzle tip kit EEA13A159A21 EEA13A159A21 EEA13A159A21
Nozzle valve seal kit EEA12A152A21 EEA12A152A21 EEA12A152A21
Name 800
Part No.
Part No.
Part No.
ADJ PE bed support 20µm kit EEA14A136A15 EEA14A136A16 EEA14A136A17
ADJ 316L bed support 20µm kit EEA14A139A15 EEA14A139A16 EEA14A139A17
FIXED PE bed support 20µm kit EEA14A142A15 EEA14A142A16 EEA14A142A17
FIXED 316L bed support 20µm kit EEA14A145A15 EEA14A145A16 EEA14A145A17
Snap ring for PE sinters K800-3075-01 K1000-3023-02 K1200-3067
Snap ring for SS meshes K800-3249 K1000-3023 K1200-3039
Wiper ring for PE sinters EEA12A181A131 EEA12A181A132 EEA12A181A133
Wiper ring for SS meshes EEA12A181A131 EEA12A181A132 EEA12A181A133
Major seal kit (adjuster main seals and fixed end main seals) EEA12A155A131 EEA12A155A132 EEA12A155A133
Intermediate fixing screw kit EEA13A220A15 EEA13A220A16 EEA13A220A17
Nozzle tip kit EEA13A159A22 EEA13A159A24 EEA13A159A23
Nozzle valve seal kit EEA12A152A22 EEA12A152A24 EEA12A152A23


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