pall,颇尔,Seitz K 系列深层纸板,

Seitz K 系列深层纸板


pall,颇尔,Seitz K 系列深层纸板,
pall,颇尔,Seitz K 系列深层纸板

Seitz K 系列深层纸板
K-Series Depth Filter sheets, with 13 different retention ratings, cover the entire range of needs from bio-burden reduction to fine and coarse filtration.

Considered a general purpose family of depth filter sheets, the K-Series is comprised of a balanced composition of cellulosic fibers, diatomaceous earth, and perlite, which enables the creation of a well-defined matrix.It is this matrix that specifies the retention ratings of each of the 13 different grades.

K-Series Depth Filter sheets are appropriate for many applications ranging from 0.2 μm membrane protection to coarse solids/liquids separations, and applications which are less sensitive to ions (such as:Ca、Fe、Al)Those applications requiring decreased levels of extractable ions should reference Seitz® P-series or Bio-Series depth filter sheets.
应用 Sheet 应用
Fine clarification (fine activated carbon, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, pharmaceutical raw materials and effective substances)





Aqueous cosmetics (clarifying/fine filtration) pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, plasma fractionation

Pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, (not susceptible to bacterial spoilage)

Phytopharmaceuticals (clarifying filtration)

Antibiotics (clarifying filtration), vaccines, infusions, solutions plant extracts (clarifying filtration), plasma fractionation

Clarifying filtration (retention of activated carbon, catalyst retention from various solutions) K100




Cosmetics (clarifying filtration), protein solutions

Pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals (clarifying filtration), serum (pre-filtration)

Vaccines (pre-filtration), phytopharmaceuticals (clarifying filtration)

 Biological products

Antibiotics (clarifying filtration), cosmetics (clarifying filtration), cell harvest
Retention of biomass
Retention of gels from resins
Fermenter harvest


Antibiotics (clarifying filtration), serum (pre-filtration), cell harvest

Vaccines (pre-filtration)

Infusion solutions (pre-filtration), cosmetics

Retention Ratings








The tests are carried out according to the methods of the Technical / Analytical Work Group within the European Depth Filtration Association or in accordance with in-house test methods.



Sheet Mass per Unit Area
Extractable Ions Soluble in Acetic Acid (5%) - (mg/m2)
Ca                        Fe                      Al
EKS 1400  3.7  58  1800                    15                      150
EK1 1400 3.7  51  1600                    15                      140
EK 1350 3.7 46 1400                    10                      120
KS 50 1350 3.7 46 1400                    10                      120 
KS 80 1350 3.7 46 1200                    15                      120 
K 100 1350 3.7 46 1400                    15                      120
K 150 1350 3.9 46 1300                    15                      120
K 200 1350 3.9 46 1200                    15                      110
K 250 1300 4.0 46 1000                    15                       70  
K 300 1300 4.2 46  900                     15                       50
K 700 1300 4.1 46  900                     15                       50
K 800 1300 4.1 46  900                     15                       45
K 900 1300 4.3  46  900                      25                       40 
Heavy metals < 50 ppm (according to the Recommendation XXXVI/1 BgVV - German Federal Institute for Health Protection of Consumers and Veterinary Medicine).

The figures quoted in the diagrams and tables should be regarded as guidelines.
The following certificates are available:

  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Certificate of Analysis available on request
  • EU Safety Data Sheet

The depth filter sheets conform to the regulations of the Recommendation XXXVI and XXXVI/1 BgVV (Germany Federal Institute for Health Protection of Consumers and Veterinary Medicine), the Regulation (EC) 1935/2004, and with the German Foodstuffs and Animal Feed Code (LFBG) §§ 30 and 31.It may, without any reservation, be used for cold filtration of foodstuffs.

Important Note :-Use of this product in a manner other than in accordance with 颇尔’s current recommendations may lead to injury or loss.颇尔 cannot accept liability for such injury or loss.Because of developments in technology, these data and/or procedures are subject to continual review and update.


pall,颇尔,Seitz K 系列深层纸板
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