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Supradisc HP Depth Filter Modules


pall,颇尔,Supradisc HP Depth Filter Modules,
pall,颇尔,Supradisc HP Depth Filter Modules

SUPRAdisc™ HP 深层过滤膜柱

For High Performance Cell Clarification

颇尔 SUPRAdisc HP modules include two full thickness, graded, high efficiency, depth filter layers in combination.This technology enhances process clarification steps such as whole cell and cell lysate separations. Difficult to filter processes such as centrifuge supernatants and culture media can also benefit from 颇尔’s SUPRAdisc HP technology.HP depth filter media is comprised of 2 distinct layers of Seitz® P-series depth filter sheets, a more permeable layer followed by a less permeable layer.These performance-enhanced depth filters have been designed for low viability and applications containing high solids.With many new processes containing higher debris loads and with the wider distribution of particle sizes in biotech applications, conventional depth filter technology may no longer achieve desired performance.颇尔 SUPRAdisc HP depth filters provide the robustness and performance for current process demands.



  • Designed to provide maximum throughput for biological, bioprocess and pharmaceutical filtration
  • High purity pharmaceutical grade depth filter media, optimized for low endotoxins and low extractables levels
  • High dirt holding capacity combined with very low protein adsorption and long service life
  • 在各种细胞培养应用中,有效清除小至亚微米级别的各类型悬浮颗粒。SUPRAdisc HP modules ensure high protection for subsequent sterile filters as well as chromatography columns
  • Compress clarification processing steps to save time and resources and to reduce operating costs
  • All components meet the specifications for the biological test listed in the current version of the USP Class VI 121 °C 
  • SUPRAdisc HP modules and all their components are fully traceable
  • Available in SUPRAcap™ 100 and 200 encapsulated formats for applications that require disposable formats 
  • Validation guide available upon request

Selection of 颇尔 SUPRAdisc HP Media

Media Type 描述 应用
 PDK5  Highest dirt holding capacity  Post Fermentation
 PDH4  High dirt holding capacity and good membrane protection  Post Fermentation
 PDE2  Excellent membrane protection  Post Centrifuge
 PDD1  Tightest media combination, outstanding membrane protection  Post Centrifuge/Post TFF


High Quality and FDA Conformity

The filter sheets meet the specifications set forth in the US Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, parts 177.2260 e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l.The materials for all plastic components are listed in US Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, part 177.1520.

With regard to food law conformity, the manufacture of depth filter sheets is also subject to ongoing analysis by the German ISEGA Forschungsund Untersuchungsgesellschaft mbH, Aschaffenburg.

Technical Service

For best possible results and maximum reliability, 颇尔 recommends performing filter evaluations utilizing your process and process conditions.颇尔 specialists can provide valuable assistance, either at your facility or in our SLS (Scientific and Laboratory Services) laboratories.颇尔 offers hands-on assistance and places its extensive technical resources at your disposal in the form of worldwide technical advice, including cost-reduction programs, process review and problem solving.


Further information is available on 颇尔's range of Filter Modules and Capsules with Seitz Depth Filter Media


Media Technical Specification



Code Depth Filter Type Typical Water
in L/min/m2
@ Δp 1 bar
(14.5 psid)
Nominal Retention Rating in µm Ash Content in % Endotoxin Level
in EU/mL
before Rinsing
 PDD1 PDD1   25  0.1-0.85  52  <0.06
 PDE2  PDE2  35  0.2-3.5  47 <0.06 
 PDH4  PDH4  93  0.5-15.0  45  <0.06
 PDK5 PDK5  151   1.5-20.0  45 <0.06



Permeability 1

1 Test performed with water at 20 °C and a differential pressure of 1 bard (14.5 psid)

Micron Range

Typical Values for Ions after Rinsing with 100 L/m2 WFI


< 0.5 ppm  < 0.1 ppm   < 0.1 ppm < 0.1 ppm  < 0.05 ppm  < 0.01 ppm 


Operating Characteristics *


Maximum Operating Temperature 80 °C 
 Maximum Differential Pressure  2.4 bard (35 psid)
* With compatible fluids, which do not soften, swell or adversely affect the products or its material of construction


Plastic Parts of Construction


Molded Parts 聚丙烯
O 型圈 Platinum-cured Silicone Elastomer 




 Steam in place  125 °C for 30 minutes at 0.3 bard (4.3 psid) maximum



Nominal Dimensions


 Diameter 284 mm (12 in.) in 210 configuration
410 mm (16 in.) in 410 and 440 configuration
 Filter Area 1.0 m2 (11 ft2) in 210 configuration
2.5 m2 (27.0 ft2) in 410 and 440 configuration

 Total Length:
 Double O-ring Style
 Flat Gasket Style 

332 mm (13 in.)
272 mm (11 in.)


For regulatory and validation information please refer to the contact for the validation guide documents for 颇尔 P-series Depth Filter Media and 颇尔 SUPRAdisc HP Depth Filter Media.
Furthermore the following documents are available on request:

  • Technical Data Sheet
  • 分析证书 
  • EU Safety Data Sheet

Important Note:-Use of this product in a manner other than in accordance with 颇尔’s current recommendations may lead to injury or loss.颇尔 cannot accept liability for such
injury or loss.Because of developments in technology, these data and/or procedures are subject to continual review and update.

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