Pre-Designed Systems for Scalable Processing 颇尔 offers scalable, pre-designed systems to suit your specific process needs.颇尔 Standard systems are ready-to-use, engineered systems with integrated recipe management tools to expedite your approval processes and reduce your time to market.

The pilot system includes the flexibility of both semi and full automation, a UV detector, a pH monitor, an Integrity Analyzer, and an integrated tank.The system expedites the development and scale-up of filtration processes in accordance with FDA cGMP regulations and guidelines.



Top:Centramate Pilot Automated Development and Optimization System



颇尔 Pre-designed Pilot Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

颇尔 offers a range of pre-designed systems to meet your process goals.



  • Centramate 0.1 – 0.5 m2 (1 – 5 ft2)
  • Maximate 0.2 – 0.9 m2 (2 – 10 ft2)
  • Centrasette(1) 0.5 – 7.0 m2 (5 – 75 ft2)
  • Centrastak(1) 0.9 – 18.6 m2 (10 – 200 ft2)

    (1) Autotorque hardware included and optional Instrumentation for UV, pH, Conductivity, Integrity, and Auxiliary Pump.Tanks also available.


  • Intuitive Automated Control System
  • Fully scalable design and components
  • Complete validation package with comprehensive IQ/OQ documentation 
  • Compact sanitary ergonomic design for enhanced cleanability, portability, and accessibility
  • Optional AutoTorque™ (AT) hardware provides uniform cassette sealing
  • Comprehensive Recipe Management
  • Adheres to ASME BPE, ANSI ISA, and cGMP standards
  • Time-saving

Process Automation

Puts Control in the Hands of your Process Engineers
User-friendly recipe management tools include a suite of default recipes for pre-production, production, and post-production operations.Your process experts can make applications work without waiting for programmers to sift through cryptic proprietary software code.


The flexible software design enables users to build recipes and develop processes without PLC programming expertise.Our software is ideal for use in a variety of environments, including process:

  • Development
  • Optimization
  • 生产

Streamlined Validation

Our recipes are configured from modules which are tested configuration-based sequences that reduce the number of validation steps.



From a touch screen,any authorized user can create and store recipes so an operator can run process tasks simply, easily, and accurately.颇尔’s pre-programmed recipes can be used to automatically sanitize, concentrate, recover product, and clean in place.



  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data-handling
  • Convenient data storage and retrieval
  • Outputs to electronic or printed formats


  • Real-time trend analysis
  • Historic Trend Overlays
  • Comprehensive Batch Reports
  • Exports common text and table formats

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Centrastak 600 Tangential Flow Filtration System颇尔 engineers are available to help you design and build systems to accommodate your specific process needs.Decades of experience in the BioProcess Industry has proven our ability to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions.





Top: Centrastak 600 System, Bottom:Centrastak 200 System



Centrastak 200 Tangential Flow Filtration SystemOur patented designs provide higher process efficiency, enhanced process control, lower pressure drops, and minimized holdup volumes to ensure:




  • Maximum yield
  • Cleanability and Recovery
  • Compact cost-effective systems – more membrane area per square-foot of floor space
  • Autotorque device offers consistent pressure for a reliable seal on cassettes to ensure batch process repeatability with minimal labor overhead

Process Design

Making your process work reliably and repeatably is our goal.颇尔 Process engineers are available to work with you throughout the entire development phase.Some of the typical activities our process experts can help you with are: 


  • Membrane screening trials
  • Initial scale-up work
  • 工艺优化
  • 清洗
  • Scale-down studies
  • Process Audits

Project Execution

To ensure that our entire project team understands your needs, our Process Engineers will manage your project throughout the entire design, build, and commissioning cycle.Our process engineers will direct the project team to meet your process requirements on time every time.


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Pre-Engineered Systems

   Centramate Pilot Maximate Pilot Centrasette 5 SAT Centrastak 100 SAT
Feed Flow Range (L/Min) @ 60 psig 7 7 65 120
Membrane Area

0.1 –0.5 m2
(1 – 5 ft2)

0.2 – 0.9 m2
(2 – 10 ft2)
0.5 – 7.0 m2
(5 – 75 ft2)
0.9 – 18.6 m2
(10 – 200 ft2)
Connections 1⁄2 in.Sanitary Flange 1⁄2 in.Sanitary Flange 11⁄2 in.Sanitary Flange 11⁄2 in.Sanitary Flange
Membrane Holder Manual Torque Manual Torque Auto Torque Auto Torque
Optional Instrumentation UV, pH, Conductivity, Integrity, UV, pH, Conductivity, Integrity, UV, pH, Conductivity, Integrity, Auxiliary Pump, Tanks UV, pH, Conductivity, Integrity, Auxiliary Pump, Tanks
滞留量 275 毫升 275 毫升 < 2.5 升 < 3.5 升


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