pall,颇尔,采用 Ultipleat 结构的 Profile 过滤器滤芯,

采用 Ultipleat 结构的 Profile 过滤器滤芯


pall,颇尔,采用 Ultipleat 结构的 Profile 过滤器滤芯,
pall,颇尔,采用 Ultipleat 结构的 Profile 过滤器滤芯

采用 Ultipleat 结构的 Profile 过滤器滤芯
Profile Filters with Ultipleat construction are an upgrade from pleated depth filter technology pioneered by 颇尔, and incorporate a revolutionary new crescent-shaped pleat geometry which enables a 30% increase in effective filtration area.

The crescent-shaped pleat construction, which is unique to 颇尔, combined with Profile depth filter medium provides a very low clean pressure drop and an unsurpassed service life.


  • Reduced operating costs and downtime resulting from the crescent-shaped pleat construction allows optimization of filter area, giving unsurpassed service life — thus reducing the frequency of changeout and providing substantial savings in the costs of maintenance and consumables
  • Consistent and reliable performance is a benefit of the absolute and 100% efficient removal rating along with the fixed pore structure that prevents both unloading of contaminants and media migration
  • Excellent chemical compatibility and ease of disposal due to the all-polypropylene construction which leads to lower filter inventories and allows complete incineration* of the spent cartridge.(注意事项:In the Code 7 style there is a metal insert in the adaptor)

* Consult local and national regulations

注意事项:These filters are also available in Kleenpak Nova capsule format.

Quality and Bio-Safety


Biological Tests

  • Meets USP Biological Reactivity, In Vivo, for Class VI-121 °C plastics

Effluent Quality Tests*

  • Meets Cleanliness per USP Particulates in Injectables
  • Non-Fiber-Releasing
  • Non-Pyrogenic per USP Bacterial Endotoxins (< 0.25 EU/mL)
  • Meets Total Organic Carbon and Water Conductivity per USP Purified Water, pH per USP Sterile Purified Water

* Per lot sample soak or rinse-up flush aliquots.


Profile Filters with Ultipleat construction have advantages in the filtration of viscous liquids or for high flow-rates when there may be significant sizing and economic benefits.


Operating Conditions in Compatible Liquids1

 Maximum Differential Pressure  4.1 bar
(60 psi)
 3.4 bar
(49 psi)
 2.0 bar
(29 psi)
 1.0 bar
(15 psi)
 Operating Temperatures  30 °C  50 °C  70 °C  80 °C
1 Fluids which do not soften, swell, or adversely affect the filter or materials of construction.


Steam Sterilization


 Up to 140 °C  for AB style filter elements


Typical Flow Rates2

2 Typical initial clean media ∆P 254 mm (10 in.) element, water at 20 °C, viscosity 1 cP.


pall,颇尔,采用 Ultipleat 结构的 Profile 过滤器滤芯
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