pall,颇尔,37 mm 大气监测过滤器,4338, 4339, 4336

37 mm 大气监测过滤器
4338, 4339, 4336


pall,颇尔,37 mm 大气监测过滤器,4338, 4339, 4336
pall,颇尔,37 mm 大气监测过滤器

37 mm 大气监测过滤器

Consistent Performance for
Industrial Hygiene Sampling

  • 37 mm diameter meets NIOSH and other regulatory requirements for industrial hygiene sampling using vacuum filtration.
  • 0.8 μm GN-4 Metricel® membrane has a low fiber background count.It is widely accepted for air monitoring of fibers, asbestos fibers, and metals.
  • Choose from two- or three-piece units.
  • Disposable after a single use or may be reused.
  • Designed to meet NIOSH and other regulatory requirements for industrial hygiene sampling.
  • Ideally suited for particulate and air sampling analysis using vacuum filtration.
  • Cassettes can be used to monitor respirable constituents such as nuisance dust, silica, aerosols, and airborne particulates.
  • For open- or closed-face monitoring methods.




  • Filter Media:GHP hydrophilic polypropylene membrane, GN-4 Metricel membrane (mixed cellulose esters) with a cellulose support pad
  • Housing:SAN (styrene acrylonitrile)


  • 9.1 cm2


  • Overall Length:
    • Two-piece Unit:2.8 cm (1.1 in.)
    • Three-piece Unit:3.8 cm (1.5 in.)
    • 直径:4.2 cm (1.7 in.)

Filter Size

  • 37 mm

Inlet/Outlet Connections

  • Luer-taper (female)

Operating Temperature

  • Ambient
Part Number 描述 Pkg Price Qty
Air Monitoring Cassettes, 37 mm
4338 Two-piece unit, unassembled 100/pkg Call
4339 Three-piece unit, unassembled 100/pkg Call
4336 Three-piece unit with GN-4 Metricel membrane and support pad 50/pkg Call
Accessory Product
64747 37 mm support pads, non-sterile 500/pkg Call
88066 Plugs, blue 100/ pkg Call
88067 Plugs, red 100/ pkg Call


pall,颇尔,37 mm 大气监测过滤器
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