pall,颇尔,配Supor EAV 膜的小型Kleenpak针头过滤器,KM2EAVS

配Supor EAV 膜的小型Kleenpak针头过滤器


pall,颇尔,配Supor EAV 膜的小型Kleenpak针头过滤器,KM2EAVS
pall,颇尔,配Supor EAV 膜的小型Kleenpak针头过滤器

配Supor EAV 膜的小型 Kleenpak 针头过滤器
颇尔 Supor® EAV filters are designed for effective bioburden and particle control. The 颇尔-patented Supor machV membrane incorporated in these filters ensures high throughputs and flow rates when utilized for the protection of buffers and biological process fluids. 

Supor EAV filters allow for reduced sizing of filter systems with improved process efficiencies when use of validated sterilizing grade filters is not essential, but reliable bioburden control is. Supor EAV filters are also effective prefilters for protection and extended life of 0.2 µm sterilizing grade and finer membrane filters where required.

The Mini Kleenpak capsule format is designed for use in the laboratory.As part of the 颇尔 UpScale Programsm of scalable filter products, these filter capsules feature the lowest surface area for a pleated filter unit and a very small hold up volume, making it ideal for filtering small quantities of fluids (up to 100 mL) with minimal losses.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Titer reduction claim in excess of 6 log guarantees excellent microbial filtration efficiency in processes with variable bioburden
  • Broad pH compatibility PES membrane means Supor EAV filters are suitable for processing a wide range of fluids
  • Polyethersulfone membrane has low adsorption profile for maximum transmission of proteins
  • Supplied pre-sterilized for immediate use
  • Built-in, MachV asymmetric prefilter layer for long-life and low filtration costs

Quality Standards

  • Meet USP biological reactivity tests in-vivo, in accordance with USP Class VI 121 °C for biological safety
  • Endotoxin Level < 0.25 EU/mL using Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate (LAL) test
  • Cleanliness per USP particulates in injectables
  • Non fiber releasing per CFR 211.72 and CFR 210.3(b)(6)






Filter Membrane Hydrophilic PES
Housing, Vent Plug and Support Material 聚丙烯
 Sealing Technology  Insert molding



Operating Parameters and Temperatures1


5.4 bar (80 psi) @ 20 °C
2.1 bar (30 psi) @ 60 °C
1 In compatible fluids which do not soften, swell or adversely affect the filter or its materials of construction.





 < 2.5 mL





 Available pre-sterilized, subject to a minimum of 25 kGy of Gamma-irradiation
2 This product may not be sterilized by in-situ steaming.
Warning:Pre-sterilized Mini Kleenpak filters should not be re-irradiated or autoclaved.



Nominal Dimensions


 Capsule Length  21 mm (0.8 in.)
 Capsule Diameter  29 mm (1.2 in.)


Nominal Effective Filter Area (EFA)


 2.8 cm2 (0.43 in2)




Typical Flow Rates

To order, quote 颇尔 part number:

K M 2 E A V S

Supplied in boxes of 50 filters


pall,颇尔,配Supor EAV 膜的小型Kleenpak针头过滤器
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