pall,颇尔,Ultipor N66 颗粒和生物截留滤芯,

Ultipor N66 颗粒和生物截留滤芯


pall,颇尔,Ultipor N66 颗粒和生物截留滤芯,
pall,颇尔,Ultipor N66 颗粒和生物截留滤芯

Ultipor N66 颗粒和生物截留滤芯
颇尔 Ultipor® N66 particulate/bioreduction filter cartridges are specifically engineered for fine filtration, prefiltration and bioburden reduction of a wide range of pharmaceutical and biological liquids.They incorporate versatile Ultipor N66 pure Nylon 6,6 membranes which are high-area pleated into single open-ended (SOE) AB style cartridges to fit in sanitary filter housings, and provide reliable, economical and efficient particulate and bioburden removal.


  • Intrinsically water wettable 
  • Fixed pores, non-shedding 
  • 不含树脂和表面活性剂
  • Low filter extractables 
  • High-area for long-life
  • 广泛的溶剂兼容性 
  • High protein recovery from most protein solutions 
  • 可在线重复进行蒸汽灭菌 
  • Manufactured for use in conformance with cGMP
  • ISO 9000 Certified Quality System 
  • Pharmaceutical P optimized 
  • Certificate of Test provided 
  • Double open-ended (DOE) available 
  • FDA-listed materials per 21 CFR
    注意事项:These filters are also available in Kleenpak Nova capsule format.

Quality and Bio-Safety

Biological Tests

  • Meets USP Biological Reactivity test,in vivo, for Class VI-121 °C Plastics

Effluent Quality Tests (AB Style)*

  • Meets Cleanliness per USP Particulates in Injectables 
  • Non-Fiber-Releasing 
  • Non-Pyrogenic per USP 
  • Meets Total Organic Carbon and Water Conductivity per USP Purified Water, pH per USP Sterile Purified Water
    * Per lot sample soak or rinse-up flush aliquots.

Materials of Constructions


 膜  尼龙 6,6
 Support, Drainage and End Caps  聚酯
 Core and Cage  聚丙烯
  O 型圈  Silicone1
1 Other materials available on request


Microbial Removal Ratings


 NK  0.65 µm particulate rated
 NB  0.45 µm microbial-rated (Typical Serratia marcescens TR > 104 – 6)
 NX, NL  0.45 µm microbial-rated (Lot samples retain > 107/cm2 Serratia marcescens)
 钠  0.2 µm microbial-rated (Typical Brevundimonas diminuta TR > 104 – 6)


Nominal Dimensions


 Lengths  254 mm (10 in.), 508 mm (20 in.), 762 mm (30 in.), 1016 mm (40 in.)
 Diameter  70 mm (2.75 in.)


Configuration (AB Code 7)2


Double 226 O-ring adapter
Fin end with bayonet lock
2 Alternate adapters codes available on request



Operating Conditions3


Maximum Differential Pressure and Temperature  5 .5 bard (80 psid) to 50 °C
4.1 bard (60 psid) to 80 °C
2.1 bard (30 psid) to 125 °C
3 Using compatible liquids



Typical Flow Rates 4

4 Typical initial clean media P 254mm (10 in.) element; water at 20 °C; viscosity 1 cP.For assistance in filter assembly sizing and housing selection, contact 上海羽令.


Autoclave and Steaming in situ5


Cumulative Steam Exposure  16 hours (1-hour cycles) at 121 °C
4 hours (1-hour cycles) at 140 °C
5 Contact 颇尔 for details



Aqueous Extractables (NVR) per 254 mm (10 in.)滤芯


 Typically < 15 – 20 mg



pall,颇尔,Ultipor N66 颗粒和生物截留滤芯
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