pall,颇尔,Blue Trisacryl M 填料,25896-045, 25896-010, 25896-028

Blue Trisacryl M 填料
25896-045, 25896-010, 25896-028


pall,颇尔,Blue Trisacryl M 填料,25896-045, 25896-010, 25896-028
pall,颇尔,Blue Trisacryl M 填料

 Blue Trisacryl M 填料

For the Purification of a Wide
Variety of Enzymes and Proteins

  • Strong bond of dye-to-sorbent prevents leakage of the dye in normal working conditions
  • Excellent chemical stability is attributed to the synthetic nature of Trisacryl sorbent and the enhanced stability of the ligand coupling mechanism
  • Excellent mechanical stability allows high flow rates with working pressures up to 3 bar (300 kPa, 45 psi)
  • Basic matrix is Trisacryl GF2000, a macroporous non-ionic sorbent.Cibacron Blue F3GA dye is strongly bound to the matrix through a six-carbon spacer arm


  • Albumin removal increases the resolution of both 1D and 2D electrophoresis
  • Designed for the purification of a wide variety of enzymes and proteins such as kinases, interferons, and some coagulation factors
  • The interaction mechanism between Cibacron Blue F3GA and proteins involves one or more of the following:stereospecific recognition of NAD analogs; electrostatic and hydrophobic interaction; and/or electron exchange
颗粒尺寸 40 - 80 微米
配基 Cibacron blue 3GA
排阻限制 107 Da
Capacity for human albumin1 ≥10 mg/mL
Thermal stability 2 to 121 °C
Working pH 4 至 10
清洁 pH 1 to 12 (short term)
Working pressure at 100 cm/hr Up to 3 bar (45 psi)

1 Determined in PBS buffer using 5 mg/mL protein, column dimensions 16 mm I.D. x 6 cm bed height, flow rate 25 cm/hr

Analytical Separation of Human Plasma Proteins on Blue Trisacryl M Affinity Chromatography Sorbent  

Analytical Separation of Human Plasma Proteins on Blue Trisacryl M Affinity Chromatography Sorbent

Column:1.6 cm I.D. x 10 cm; Buffer:0.05 M Tris-HCI, pH 8.8; Elution performed by a continuous sodium chloride gradient from 0 to 3 M; Flow rate:100 cm/h; Separation time:180 min; Temperature:20 °C.
Part Number 描述 Pkg Price Qty
蓝色 Trisacryl M 亲和层析树脂
25896-045 Blue Trisacryl M 25 毫升 Call
25896-010 Blue Trisacryl M 100 毫升 Call
25896-028 Blue Trisacryl M 1000 毫升 Call

pall,颇尔,Blue Trisacryl M 填料
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