pall,颇尔,AcroPrep ScreenExpert 孔板,96WP3MIXM50, 96WPMEP50, 96WPSTARAX50

AcroPrep ScreenExpert 孔板


pall,颇尔,AcroPrep ScreenExpert 孔板,96WP3MIXM50, 96WPMEP50, 96WPSTARAX50
pall,颇尔,AcroPrep ScreenExpert 孔板

AcroPrep ScreenExpert 孔板

For High Throughput Chromatography Sorbent Screening and Optimization

AcroPrep ScreenExpert Plates are a family of 96-well filter plates filled with 颇尔 chromatography sorbents, to enable early chromatography sorbent screening for protein purification.Using these plates, various ligands can be screened to determine best selectivity option, and many purification conditions can be quickly optimized, with minimal sample consumption.Purification conditions optimized in AcroPrep ScreenExpert plates can then be transferred and scaled using 颇尔 1 mL or 5 mL PRC prepacked columns filled with the same sorbents.

The AcroPrep ScreenExpert plate packages offer:
  • One screening plate filled with MEP, HEA, and PPA HyperCel™ mixed-mode sorbents
  • Two optimization plates:one filled with MEP HyperCel mixed-mode sorbent, and one filled with HyperCel STAR AX anion exchange sorbent
  • 50 μL of sorbent per well, allowing small sample consumption
  • Manual or robotic workstation-assisted operations
  • A disposable format in a convenient individual package
One example of the principle of Design of Experiments in 96-well plates and transfer to column chromatography is illustrated below in Figure 1.

图 1

Principle of Optimization of Purification Step (Post-Protein A Capture) of a Monoclonal Antibody Separation

* HCP = Host Cell Proteins
* MAb = Monoclonal Antibody

Types of Plates and Applications

Part Number Sorbents 配基 Separation Mode 应用
96WP3MIXM50 MEP, HEA and PPA HyperCel sorbents x 32 wells of each MEP:4-mercapto-ethyl-pyridine
混合模式 Screening of mixed-mode ligand selectivity and optimization
96WPMEP50 MEP HyperCel 填料
x 96 wells
4-mercapto-ethyl-pyridine 混合模式 Optimization of separation conditions on MEP HyperCel sorbent
96WPSTARAX50 HyperCel STAR AX 填料
x 96 wells
伯胺 Salt tolerant anion exchange Optimization of separation by “salt-tolerant” anion exchange

Application Guidelines

Plate Filled with MEP, HEA and PPA HyperCel Mixed-Mode Sorbents

MEP, HEA and PPA HyperCel mixed-mode sorbents are designed for protein capture and impurity removal from various biological feedstreams.They operate on the basis of a mixed-mode mechanism where both hydrophobic and ionic effects are predominant.They provide new selectivity, orthogonal to conventional chromatography steps like ion exchange, hydroxyapatite or other.

The AcroPrep ScreenExpert plate filled with these three sorbents is designed for selectivity screening to facilitate the choice of the most appropriate ligand for a specific separation.Detailed screening instructions are supplied with the plate.

Plate Filled with MEP HyperCel Mixed-Mode Sorbent

This plate is designed for optimization and fine tuning of separation conditions using 颇尔 MEP HyperCel mixed-mode sorbent, an efficient alternative to conventional hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC).Typical applications include post-protein A purification of monoclonal antibodies (host cell protein and aggregate removal) or capture or intermediate purification of various recombinant proteins.

Plate Filled with HyperCel STAR AX Anion Exchange Sorbent

HyperCel STAR AX sorbent is an anion exchanger based on a “salt tolerant” primary amine ligand.It brings new selectivity options for protein capture or contaminant removal, in a broad feedstock conductivity range from 2 to 15 mS/cm.This avoids dilution or ultrafiltration/diafiltration (UF/DF) of the sample, making process faster and providing economic benefits.

The corresponding AcroPrep ScreenExpert plate allows a fast way of screening and optimizing these new sorbents before transfer to PRC 1 mL and 5 mL prepacked columns.

For detailed information on the sorbents, refer to 颇尔 datasheets USD 2443, USD 2629 and USD 2831.


Plate Characteristics

Plate size 128 x 86 x 33 mm
Plate material 聚丙烯
孔数 96
孔体积 1 毫升
Filter media and type 0.45 μm Supor® hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane (颇尔)
Part number for the empty plate 8129
Mode of operation Vacuum using manifold or centrifuge
Volume of chromatography sorbent per well 50 μL in a total volume of 800 μL
Storage solution per well 750 μL of 1 M NaCl with 20% (v/v) ethanol
Working volume per well 100 to 500 μL
Maximum centrifugation force 700 x g
Maximum vacuum 0.5 bar g (375 mm Hg)

Transfer to Column Chromatography on PRC Prepacked Columns

All conditions selected on plates should be confirmed by column chromatography prior to scale up.1 mL or 5 mL PRC prepacked columns filled with the relevant sorbents allow convenient verification and small preparative work.Columns allow the estimation of chromatography parameters such as dynamic binding capacity for proteins.For scale-up to small preparative work, two 5 mL PRC columns can be connected in series to increase the bed height to 20 cm and model real conditions in pilot scale.Refer to 颇尔 Application Note USD 2718 for examples.

描述 Part Number
AcroPrep ScreenExpert Plates  
MEP, HEA and PPA HyperCel Mixed-Mode Sorbents 96WP3MIXM50
MEP HyperCel Mixed-Mode Sorbent 96WPMEP50
HyperCel STAR AX Anion Exchange Sorbent 96WPSTARAX50
AcroPrep Advance 96-Well Filter Plate 8129
多孔板真空歧管 5017
PRC Prepacked Columns:  
MEP HyperCel PRC Column 5 x 50, 1 mL PRC05X050MEPHCEL01
MEP HyperCel PRC Column 8 x 100, 5 mL PRC08X100MEPHCEL01
HEA HyperCel PRC Column 5 x 50, 1 mL PRC05X050HEAHCEL01
HEA HyperCel PRC Column 8 x 100, 5 mL PRC08X100HEAHCEL01
PPA HyperCel PRC Column 5 x 50, 1 mL PRC05X050PPAHCEL01
PPA HyperCel PRC Column 8 x 100, 5 mL PRC08X100PPAHCEL01
HyperCel STAR AX PRC Column 5 x 50, 1 mL PRCSTARAX1ML
HyperCel STAR AX PRC Column 8 x 100, 5 mL PRCSTARAX5ML
ScreenExpert RoboColumns:  
MEP HyperCel 200 μL, row of 8 SR2MEP
HEA HyperCel 200 μL, row of 8 SR2HEA
PPA HyperCel 200 μL, row of 8 SR2PPA
HyperCel STAR AX 200 μL, row of 8 SR2STARAX
MEP HyperCel 600 μL, row of 8 SR6MEP
HEA HyperCel 600 μL, row of 8 SR6HEA
PPA HyperCel 600 μL, row of 8 SR6PPA
HyperCel STAR AX 600 μL, row of 8 SR6STARAX
96-well RoboColumn array plate SR96WAP

For other types of plates, please contact us.


pall,颇尔,AcroPrep ScreenExpert 孔板
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