pall,颇尔,Fluorodyne EX EDT 膜式滤芯,AB05UEDT2PH4, AB1UEDT7PH4, AB2UEDT7PH4, AB3UEDT7PH4

Fluorodyne EX EDT 膜式滤芯


pall,颇尔,Fluorodyne EX EDT 膜式滤芯,AB05UEDT2PH4, AB1UEDT7PH4, AB2UEDT7PH4, AB3UEDT7PH4
pall,颇尔,Fluorodyne EX EDT 膜式滤芯

Fluorodyne EX EDT 膜式滤芯

颇尔's Fluorodyne EX grade EDT filter is a 0.1 micron rated, validated, highly retentive mycoplasma control filter to be used where the sterility assurance and economical filtration of growth media or other hard-to-filter fluids is paramount.

A unique triple membrane layer construction contributes to outstanding throughput, high flow rates and the superior retention of bacteria and mycoplasma during the filtration of process fluids.

The 颇尔 patented laid-over pleat modular cartridge pleating geometry in combination with a narrow core design allows for a high effective filtration area per filter element, resulting in, small foot-print filter systems with improved process efficiencies..

颇尔's AB style filters are disposable 125 mm (5 inch), 254 mm (10 inch), 508 mm (20 inch), 762 mm (30 inch) and 1016 mm (40 inch) modular element cartridges to be used with stainless steel housing assemblies.Fitted with 226 o-rings as standard suitable for medium to large scale manufacturing operations (100 L to >1000 L).

These filters can be supplied encapsulated as the Kleenpak™ Nova capsule format.

A validation package for Fluorodyne EX EDT Filters supports the assurance of safety within your process.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Retentive for B. diminuta as per ASTM838-05
  • Laid over pleat filter construction allows for high flow rates and smaller filtration systems
  • Narrow core design for more area
  • Asymmetric built-in prefilter for highest dirt-holding capacity
  • Typically > 10 LRV Acholeplasma laidlawii and Mycoplasma orale removal
  • High flow rates
  • Low protein and preservative binding
  • Low extractables
  • Designed for autoclaving or SIP under wet or dry conditions
  • 2D Matrix marking for electronic traceability *

Quality Standards

  • All Individual filter elements are integrity tested – test correlated to microbial retention
  • Manufactured for use in conformance with cGMP 
  • ISO 9000 Certified Quality System
  • Meets USP Biological Reactivity Test, in vivo, for Class VI-121 °C Plastics
  • Certificate of Test provided includes:
    • Fabrication Integrity 
    • Bacterial Retention 
    • Materials of constructions
    • Effluent quality for cleanliness, TOC and Water Conductivity, pH and Pyrogens
* not currently included in 125 mmm (5 in.) filter cartridges



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 Filter Membrane Prefilter Layer:        Hydrophilic asymmetric PES
Final Filter Layers:   Hydrophilic PVDF
 Support/Drainage  聚丙烯
 Core/End Caps  聚丙烯
 Cage  Polypropylene with TiO2 whitener1
 O 型圈  Silicone
 Sealing Technology  Thermal bonding without adhesives
1 TiO2 is an insoluble inorganic mineral filler that does not contribute to organic extractables

Operating Parameters2

Maximum Differential Pressure
(Forward Direction)
5.5 bar (80 psi) at 40 °C
4.0 bar (58 psi) at 80 °C
 Maximum Differential Pressure
(Reverse Direction)
2.0 bar (30 psi) at 40 °C
2 In compatible fluids which do not soften, swell, or adversely affect the filter or its materials of construction


 Autoclave  3 x 60 minutes at 135°C
 In Situ Steam  5 x 60 minutes at 135°C

Integrity Test Values (Air test gas, water wet)

 Values for 254 mm (10 in.) filter at 20 °C  
 Max. allowable Forward Flow (air test gas)  Water wet 32 mL/min at 4475 mbar (65 psi)
Contact 颇尔 for multi-element integrity test values and recommended test procedures

Typical Extractables in Water at 20 °C3

 < 50 mg after 24 hours extraction (per 254 mm module)
3 Tested on elements without pre-flushing

Nominal Effective Filter Area (EFA)

9500 cm2 (10.2 ft2) per 254 mm (10 in.) module
4600 cm2 (4.9 ft2 ) per 125 mm (5 in.) module


Typical Liquid Flow Rates

项目 Part Number
Fluorodyne® EX EDT Membrane Filter Cartridge

Nominal Length 127 mm (5 in.);颇尔 Code 2 double O-ring (silicone elastomer¹), bayonet lock and flat top end cap
Fluorodyne® EX EDT Membrane Filter Cartridge

Nominal length 254 mm (10 in.);颇尔 Code 7 double O-ring (silicone elastomer¹), bayonet lock and fin
Fluorodyne® EX EDT Membrane Filter Cartridge

Nominal length 508 mm (20 in.);颇尔 Code 7 double O-ring (silicone elastomer¹), bayonet lock and fin
Fluorodyne® EX EDT Membrane Filter Cartridge

Nominal length 762 mm (30 in.);颇尔 Code 7 double O-ring (silicone elastomer¹), bayonet lock and fin
1 Other materials available on request


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