pall,颇尔,Advanta Junior Filter Housings,

Advanta Junior Filter Housings


pall,颇尔,Advanta Junior Filter Housings,
pall,颇尔,Advanta Junior Filter Housings

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pall Advanta™ Junior gas filter housings are designed for small to medium volume sanitary applications.Four complete series — AGT, ALI, ALT and AVL — provide optimal performances for gas filtration of up to 100 Nm³/hour (60 SCFM) and liquid filtration of up to 7.5 L/min (2 gal/min).pall Advanta Junior Filter housings are made from stainless steel grade AISI 316L and are available in in-line, L flow and T flow configurations.

Developed for GMP implementation, these low upstream volume housings enable high product yields, low installation costs, low maintenance costs and operational simplicity.Advanced manufacturing technologies including CNC machining, automatic orbital welding and electro-polishing ensure a robust and highly sanitary design that meets the most stringent requirements.These are high quality versatile sanitary T-style housings for all small-scale gas filtration.


Features of this housing range are high quality electropolished internal surfaces, a design optimized for CIP/SIP requirements, design variants for easy automation, as well as convenient filter integrity testing.



  • Aseptic design — with electropolished surfaces giving typical internal Ra-Values of ≤ 0.4 µm (≤ 15 µin.) without crevices or deadlegs and fully self draining
  • New valve design for easy operation, maintenance and filter integrity testing
  • Variants for integration into automated systems
  • Wide range of connection options
  • Cartridge retained by built-in flanges and double O-ring seal
  • Housings accept up to four cartridge sizes for flexibility
  • Every housing supplied with a quality certificate and manufactured to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC (Group ll Category 2)
应用 空气和气体 Air and Gas, Liquid Air and Gas, Liquid Air and Gas, Liquid
过滤器 MCY4463, MCY4440 MCY 1110,  MCY4440 MCY4440 - MCY 4440 MCY 1110
Configurations T-Flow Inline Flow T-Flow L-Flow
最大操作压力    -1 to 10 barg (-14.5* to 150** psig)
Maximum Operating Temperature  150 °C (300 °F)




All Product Wetted Parts     AISI 316L
V-Clamp AISI 316L, Nitronic 60
密封圈  Silicone elastomer
Surface Finish

All electropolished

Internal:Ra ≤ 0.4 µm (≤ 15 µin.) (typical)
External:Ra ≤ 0.8 µm (≤ 32 µin.) (typical)

检查 Documentation Certificate type 2.3 to EN10204
* Full vacuum
** With compatible fluids, which do not soften, swell or adversely affect the gasket materials


Pressure Comparisons

Working Pressure (barg) 1 2 4 5 6
Working Pressure (psi)¹ 15 30 45 60 75  75
 Factor To Apply 1.50 1 0.75 0.60 0.50 0.42
³ PSI rounded figure

Main Accessories and Spares*


Part Number  描述
ACS0598CM Diaphragm valve for ½ in. sanitary flange compatible connections to ISO 2852 including clamp and silicone gasket
ORH4P-150 Silicone housing closure gasket
ACS0718EU Housing valve gasket kit
ACS0224DA  V Clamp housing closure
* Further spares and accessories available upon request


pall,颇尔,Advanta Junior Filter Housings
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