pall,颇尔,Emflon PFA 过滤器滤芯,

Emflon PFA 过滤器滤芯


pall,颇尔,Emflon PFA 过滤器滤芯,
pall,颇尔,Emflon PFA 过滤器滤芯

Emflon PFA 过滤器滤芯
Emflon PFA filters are a further addition to the successful Emflon filter range.The filters contain a proprietary pleated hydrophobic PTFE membrane and are designed for the removal of micro-organisms and particles from air and gases.

Emflon PFA filters:

  • Offer exceptionally high-flow rates to ensure low installation and operating costs
  • Have been validated for bacterial removal in air at an aerosol challenge level of 107 Brevundimonas diminuta ATCC 19146 per 254 mm (10 in.) length cartridge
  • Are integrity testable by the Water Intrusion test or alcohol wet Forward Flow test
  • Can also be steam sterilized repeatedly in situ to provide long service life

Better by Design

The heart of the filter is a PTFE membrane with exceptional flow properties.Equally important is 颇尔's unrivalled expertise in cartridge construction drawing on many years experience in making PTFE membrane filters.Optimized pleating configuration and membrane support, together with a wide bore cartridge core and adapter, ensure that this high-flow performance can be exploited to the fullest.

Typical Biopharmaceutical Applications

  • Large-scale fermenter air
  • Intermediate product vessel venting
  • Autoclave vacuum break
  • Biopharmaceutical instrument air
  • Air and gas service lines


  • High-flow rates and low pressure drop allow use of smaller systems, minimizing installation, filter replacement, and energy costs
  • In situ integrity testable by Water Intrusion or Forward Flow methods for maximum convenience and security
  • Long steaming life offering low-cost filtration



 膜 Hydrophobic PTFE
 Support and Drainage Layers 聚丙烯
 End Cap, Core and Cage 聚丙烯
 Adapter  Polypropylene with encapsulated stainless steel reinforcing ring


Nominal Filter Area


 AB1PFA7PV  0.8 m2 (8.6 ft2)


Maximum Differential Pressure1

Temperature Maximum Differential Pressure Forward Direction
 Steam up to 125 °C  0.3 bar (4.3 psi)
1 Validated using 1-hour cycles


Cumulative Steam Life2


 Up to 125 °C 100 hours
 Up to 140 °C  40 hours
2 Validated using 1-hour cycles.
The steam life and service life data were determined by testing under controlled laboratory conditions up to the time indicated.Actual operating conditions may affect the filters’ long-term resistance to steam sterilization and hot air service.Filters should be qualified for each process application.


Service Life in Air



Temperature Service Life
60 °C  Pressurized Air      Typically 12 months
80 °C Vent Service           Typically 6 months


Typical Air Flow Rates 3

Vent Application

2 barg (30 psig) Inlet Pressure

3Typical initial clean medium ∆p per 254 mm (10 in.) element,  air at 20 °C. For multi-length cartridges, divide pressure drop by number of 254 mm (10 in.) elements.Contact 颇尔 for assistance in sizing.

pall,颇尔,Emflon PFA 过滤器滤芯
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