pall,颇尔,Jumbosep 浓缩离心管,FD000K65, FD003K65, FD010K65, FD030K65, FD100K65, FD300K65, OD003C65, OD010C65, OD030C65, OD100C65

Jumbosep 浓缩离心管
FD000K65, FD003K65, FD010K65, FD030K65, FD100K65, FD300K65, OD003C65, OD010C65, OD030C65, OD100C65


pall,颇尔,Jumbosep 浓缩离心管,FD000K65, FD003K65, FD010K65, FD030K65, FD100K65, FD300K65, OD003C65, OD010C65, OD030C65, OD100C65
pall,颇尔,Jumbosep 浓缩离心管

Jumbosep 浓缩离心管

Convenient and Reliable Concentration, Purification, and Diafiltration of 20 to 60 mL Biological Samples

  • Typically concentrates 60 mL sample volumes to 5 mL in 30 minutes
  • Provides high recoveries, typically > 90%
  • Low protein-binding Omega™ membrane and polysulfone housing minimize losses due to non-specific binding
  • Versatile Omega membrane is available in a variety of MWCOs, color-coded for easy identification
  • Built-in deadstop prevents spinning to dryness
  • Unique sealing mechanism prevents retentate leakage and filtrate contamination
  • Economical - Sample reservoir and filtrate receiver can be sanitized or autoclaved, and reused
Replaces dialysis, chemical precipitation, and lyophilization in the following applications:
  • Concentrating and desalting proteins
  • Exchanging buffer or removing salt from chromatography eluates and gradient fractions
  • Separating biomolecules from cell culture supernatants
  • Concentrating or removing viruses
  • Performing crude fractionation of protein mixtures
  • Removing debris and particulates from cell lysates


  • Filter Media:Omega (modified polyethersulfone) membrane
  • Sample Reservoir and Filtrate Receiver:聚砜
  • Sample Reservoir Cap:聚乙烯
  • Insert Without Membrane:High density polyethylene
  • Filtrate Receiver Cap and Insert Release:聚丙烯



  • 15.2 cm2



  • Outside Diameter (Maximum):6 cm (2.4 in.)
  • Overall Height (Fully Assembled with Cap):11.3 cm (4.5 in.)



  • Maximum Sample Volume:60 毫升
  • Final Concentrate Volume:3.5 - 4 毫升
  • Maximum Filtrate Receiver Volume:60 毫升
  • Hold-up Volume (membrane/support):0.2 毫升



  • 0 - 40 °C (32 - 104 °F)


pH 范围

  • 1 - 14



  • Swinging bucket rotor is required that accepts flat-bottomed 250 mL bottles and is capable of spinning at up to 3,000 x g



  • Provided non-sterile.The entire device, including the filter media, may be sanitized by filtering 70% ethanol through it prior to use.The sample reservoir and the filtrate receiver can be autoclaved.Do not autoclave the filter media.
Jumbosep™ Device Reduces Processing Time Over Other Devices

Jumbosep Centrifugal Device Reduces Processing Time

1 mg/mL BSA solution was processed in each of the above devices until a 15-fold concentration is achieved.


Concentration Time

Jumbosep Centrifugal Device Concentration Time

Concentrate dilute protein samples in less than 30 minutes with 10, 30, and 100K Jumbosep devices.
Part Number 描述 Pkg Price Qty
Jumbosep Centrifugal Device Starter Kits
FD000K65 Generic starter kit, (no membrane inserts) 4/pkg Call
FD003K65 3K starter kit, gray 4/pkg Call
FD010K65 10K starter kit, blue 4/pkg Call
FD030K65 30K starter kit, red 4/pkg Call
FD100K65 100K starter kit, clear 4/pkg Call
FD300K65 300K starter kit, orange 4/pkg Call
Jumbosep Centrifugal Device Membrane Inserts
OD003C65 3K membrane insert, gray 12/pkg Call
OD010C65 10K membrane insert, blue 12/pkg Call
OD030C65 30K membrane insert, red 12/pkg Call
OD100C65 100K membrane inser, clear 12/pkg Call
FD001X65 Filtrate receiver and cap 12/pkg Call
FD002X65 Sample reservoir and cap 12/pkg Call
FD003X65 Insert release 24/pkg Call


pall,颇尔,Jumbosep 浓缩离心管
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