pall,颇尔,Poly-Fine II 过滤器滤芯(Q 级),

Poly-Fine II 过滤器滤芯(Q 级)


pall,颇尔,Poly-Fine II 过滤器滤芯(Q 级),
pall,颇尔,Poly-Fine II 过滤器滤芯(Q 级)

Poly-Fine II 过滤器<a href='' target='_blank'>滤芯</a>(Q 级)

All-polypropylene pleated filters with high flow and high contaminant holding capacity for longer on-stream life

An Introduction to Q Grade

The application of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) within Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) processes as described in the ICHQ7A guidance document is becoming increasingly important.颇尔® Q Grade cartridges are high quality, economical filters aimed specifically at applications within API processes.These products are supplied with a’Q’ certificate of quality, incorporating essential product and manufacturing quality details.

Poly-Fine II filter cartridges (Q Grade) are all-polypropylene pleated filters with high flow and high contaminant holding capacity for longer on-stream life.The filter media is produced by 颇尔 using a proprietary melt-blowing process that delivers exceptional product consistency.Poly-Fine II filter cartridges (Q Grade) are ideally suited to the capture of non-deformable particles from compatible liquid or inert gas feed streams, characterized by a narrow particle size distribution.

GMP Features

  • Manufactured for use under GMP
  • Supplied with a “Q” Certificate of Quality
  • Lot traceable
  • Manufactured from FDA listed materials per 21 CFR
  • Components meet the specifications for biological safety as per the USP for ClassVI-121 °C plastics (gaskets/O-rings excluded)
  • Free from adhesives, binders and resins


  • Bulk-packaged in quantity of 12 filter cartridges per box.Each filter cartridge is individually wrapped in a labeled bag
  • One ‘Q’ certificate per box



过滤介质 聚丙烯
Support and Hardware 聚丙烯
Gaskets/O-rings Ethylene propylene (EPDM)
FEP encapsulated silicone (O-rings)
Expanded PTFE (gaskets)


Dimensions (Nominal)


Outside Diameter  64 mm (2½ in.)
Length 254 mm (10 in.)
508 mm (20 in.)


Removal Ratings (μm) (by ASTM F-795 Test)¹


Cartridge Designation 99.9% Efficiency 90% Efficiency
PFTQ045 1.2 0.45
PFTQ2 5 2
PFTQ5 12 5
¹ Additional information can be obtained by contacting 颇尔


Maximum Differential Pressure


5.1 bard (75 psid) at 20 °C (68 °F)
2.8 bard (40 psid) at 65 °C (150 °F)



pall,颇尔,Poly-Fine II 过滤器滤芯(Q 级)
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