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UpScale Program Toolbox


pall,颇尔,UpScale Program Toolbox,
pall,颇尔,UpScale Program Toolbox

UpScale™ Program Toolbox

颇尔’s UpScaleSM Program Toolbox

Filtration and Separation Products to Simplify Process Scale Up

颇尔 recognizes that your finished products are often the result of applying painstaking research to a series of complex manufacturing steps.In various stages of the manufacturing process, direct flow filters, tangential flow filters and chromatography products are used to ensure the quality and safety of fluids.颇尔 offers a broad range of separation and purification technologies that provide consistent, reproducible, and predictable results to meet the most stringent requirements of clarification, sterility, purity, and safety.

Save Time, Get Results

颇尔’s UpScale Program Toolbox is an attractive, easy-to-use, and easy-to-restock sample cabinet that allows users to test a comprehensive range of scalable products for direct flow filtration, tangential flow filtration, and chromatography.The UpScale Toolbox can be used to find the best solution to meet application requirements in terms of quality, time, and cost reduction.The UpScale Toolbox contains encapsulated products to simplify filterability and scale-up trials, and differently-sized filters to meet the requirements of testing volumes from laboratory to pilot scale.


Choose the Right UpScaleSM Program Toolbox for Your Application Requirements

Two UpScale Toolbox versions are available depending on your application requirements and laboratory needs. 

UpScale Toolbox for Direct Flow Filtration

Includes a sample of products for prefiltration/clarification and final or sterile filtration.

UpScale Toolbox for Direct Flow Filtration

UpScale Toolbox for All Technologies

Includes products from the UpScale Toolbox for Direct Flow Filtration plus a sample of products for tangential flow filtration and chromatography.

UpScale Toolbox for All Technologies


Easy Scale Up

The objective of the UpScaleSMProgram Toolbox is to equip R&D, process development, and pilot-scale departments with samples to conduct trials of the appropriate filtration, separation, and purification products to make the best decisions for scaling up processes.Qualification efforts and costs associated with increasing batch sizes are reduced because 颇尔’s diverse range of fluid management products are supplied in convenient formats using the same materials of construction from laboratory to process scale.As an example, the UpScale Toolbox for All Technologies includes Mini Kleenpak™ filter capsules.Flow rate, throughput, and microbial removal data generated by testing these filters in the laboratory can be used to model the performance of larger counterpart configurations designed for use in a production facility.

Mini Kleenpak Filter Capsules Offer Linear Scale Up

Mini Kleenpak Filter Capsules Offer Linear Scale Up

UpScaleSM Program Toolbox Contents

A general list of contents for each toolbox is described below.

UpScale Toolbox for Direct Flow Filtration


Offered in a range of configurations, sizes, and filter media types, Supracap™ 50 depth filter capsules can be used to evaluate the media and filtration area for applications ranging from coarse filtration through fine prefiltration.With very low release of extractables, the P-series range has been optimized to provide a very low release of pyrogens (< 0.02 EU/mL after flushing with 50 L/m²) for applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.The UpScale Toolbox includes both single-layer and double-layer HP products, designed for low viability and applications containing high solids.

Profile® II filters are all-polypropylene depth filter elements featuring tapered pores that narrow to an inner (downstream) absolute-rated section.This thick depth structure provides highcapacity for larger solids and gels as well as for fine particles.Profile Star filters feature a high-area star-shaped pleat construction.This design combines the advantages of depth filters with the high flow rates of high-area pleated filters, and enables excellent gel removal capabilities and a high dirt holding capacity.Both products feature excellent chemical compatibility, extended service life, and high flow rates.


Three different media and six microbial removal ratings allow you to find the best filter to meet your requirements from bioburden reduction to sterile filtration or mycoplasma and diminutive bacteria retention.

Supor® polyethersulfone (PES) membrane, Fluorodyne® II hydrophilic modified polyvinylidene (PVDF) membrane, or Fluorodyne EX membrane (a unique hybrid of an asymmetric prefiltration layer of PES with a final barrier of PVDF) are offered in four easy-to-test formats. 

Fluorodyne EX final filter devices included in the Upscale Toolbox scale up to high area Kleenpak Nova filter capsules incorporating filter sub-assemblies with a unique laid-over pleat construction twinned with a narrow core design.

Filter assemblies designed in this way are characterized by having a high effective filtration area enabling excellent flow rates and particulate capacity, and thus outstanding performance economy when used in biological manufacturing processes.颇尔's vast experience in developing filters for microbial contaminant control ensures the right products are available to develop safe, high yielding, and cost effective manufacturing processes.

UpScale Toolbox for All Technologies

This toolbox includes the items listed above as part of the UpScale Toolbox for Direct Flow Filtration plus the following:


This toolbox features TFF cassettes with membrane materials to meet most microfiltration and ultrafiltration applications requirements:

Microfiltration:Applications such as cell harvesting or clarification are handled with Supor polyethersulfone membrane in various pore size ratings.
Ultrafiltration:Typical applications include concentration, diafiltration, and fractionation of proteins and polypeptides.Cassettes are available in both Omega™ polyethersulfone and Delta regenerated cellulose membranes, with different nominal molecular weight cut-offs.


Mustang® membrane devices are offered in Q, S and E chemistries to remove contaminants such as endotoxin, DNA, viruses, or HCP from process feedstreams or to capture biomolecules.

PRC prepacked columns with Q HyperCel™, S HyperCel, Q Ceramic HyperD® F, and CM Ceramic HyperD F sorbents can be used to purify biomolecules from a variety of feedstocks.(Other PRC column chemistries are available on request, but should be stored at colder temperatures.See website for more information.)

Each UpScale Toolbox is supplied with a full-color selection guide and product instructions for use.Validation Guides and Certificates of Quality are available on request.

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