pall,颇尔,HyperCel STAR AX,20197-026, 20197-032, 20197-046, PRCSTARAX1ML, PRCSTARAX5ML

HyperCel STAR AX
20197-026, 20197-032, 20197-046, PRCSTARAX1ML, PRCSTARAX5ML


pall,颇尔,HyperCel STAR AX,20197-026, 20197-032, 20197-046, PRCSTARAX1ML, PRCSTARAX5ML
pall,颇尔,HyperCel STAR AX


Salt Tolerant Advanced Recovery Anion Exchange Chromatography Sorbent

HyperCel STAR AX sorbent is an industry-scalable anion exchange chromatography sorbent designed for high productivity protein capture at moderate or higher salt conductivity (2 to 15 mS/cm), typical of undiluted biological feedstocks (i.e., mammalian cell culture supernatants, E. coli feedstock, plasma, others…).Due to its ability to capture directly proteins from undiluted feedstreams, HyperCel STAR AX sorbent can also be used for early contaminant removal (i.e., CHO Host Cell Proteins), before target purification, i.e., before MAb capture by a Protein A affinity step.

  • This sorbent offers:
  • High dynamic binding capacity (DBC) at short residence time (2 minutes or lower)
  • Direct capture of protein from undiluted feedstock at moderate or high conductivity
  • Excellent flow rate properties for fast feedstock processing
  • Distinctive selectivity, consistent in a broad conductivity range (2 – 15 mS/cm)
  • Enhanced process economics

应用包括重组蛋白质、单克隆和多克隆抗体、血浆衍化物或其他生物制药产品的直接采集。Can be used for early Removal of CHOPs before Protein A Capture of a Monoclonal Antibody (MAb).A pre-purification step using HyperCel STAR AX can impact process economics positively by extending the lifetime of an expensive Protein A column used as standard step for MAb capture.


HyperCel STAR AX sorbent is composed of a rigid cellulose matrix that has excellent flow properties and generates low backpressure.Is supplied as a slurry/suspension in 1 M NaCl containing 20% (v/v) ethanol or as a moist cake for process-scale applications.Has a chemical stability that ensures simple clean-in-place (CIP) and storage.For standard CIP, 0.5 to 1 M NaOH treatment is recommended, while long-term storage in 10 to 100 mM NaOH is possible.

Table 1

Main Properties

Average particle size 80 微米
Ion exchange ligand 伯胺
Dynamic binding capacity1 >100 mg BSA/mL within pH range 7.5 – 8.0 and conductivity 15 mS/cm
Typical operating range of feedstock conductivity 2 – 15 mS/cm
Recommended cleaning conditions2 1 M NaOH

1Determined using a 5 mg/mL BSA in 25 mM Tris-HCl , 0.14 M NaCl at 2 minute residence time.
2Injection of 5 column volumes (CV) of 0.5 – 1 M NaOH, 1 hour contact time.
Part Number 描述 Pkg Price Qty
HyperCel STAR AX 填料
20197-026 25 毫升 - Call
20197-032 100 毫升 - Call
20197-046 1 L - Call
PRCSTARAX1ML PRC Column 5x50 HyperCel STAR AX, 1 mL - Call
PRCSTARAX5ML PRC Column 8x100 HyperCel STAR AX, 5 mL - Call


pall,颇尔,HyperCel STAR AX
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