pall,颇尔,AcroPrep 24 过滤系统,289000159, 186000158, 600000158, 186000154, 186000154P

AcroPrep 24 过滤系统
289000159, 186000158, 600000158, 186000154, 186000154P


pall,颇尔,AcroPrep 24 过滤系统,289000159, 186000158, 600000158, 186000154, 186000154P
pall,颇尔,AcroPrep 24 过滤系统

AcroPrep 24 过滤系统

Eliminates the Time-consuming, One-at-a-time Syringe Filter Process by Simultaneously Filtering Up to 24 Samples in Seconds

  • 与传统针头过滤器技术相比,每个圆盘传送带可节省 20 分钟劳动时间。
  • No need to use cumbersome, individually wrapped, disposable syringes.Use disposable pipette tips which are less costly, easier to use, and require less bench space.
  • Designed for use with Waters Alliance* HPLC systems.
  • 颇尔's HPLC certification ensures that analytical results will not be compromised by extractable filter material.
  • No cross-contamination.Each 1.9 mL well is individually sealed, ensuring your sample will accurately dispense into the Waters Alliance sample carousel* with no crosscontamination or splashing.
  • Materials of construction are identical to 颇尔's Acrodisc® syringe filters; if you are currently using Acrodisc syringe filters, this will reduce the requirements for validation of the AcroPrep 24 filter plates.
  • Can be used with any conventional 12 x 32 mm vials; simply transfer your filtered samples from the Waters Alliance sample carousel to any HPLC sample carousel that houses 12 x 32 mm vials and save both time and labor.
  • Can be used to process fewer than 24 samples.Simply label used wells or isolate unused wells with parafilm for application at a later time.
*The Water's Alliance 2690 Sample Carousel kit (PN WAT270328) can be ordered directly from your local Waters sales office or contact Waters Corporation at 800-252-4752 (in the U.S.) or 508-478-2000.
  • Ideal for use with HPLC sample preparation


  • Filter Media:GH Polypro (GHP, hydrophilic polypropylene), nylon, PTFE, and PVDF membranes
  • Housing:聚丙烯



  • 0.2 and 0.45 μm


Effective Filtration Area/Well

  • 0.94 cm2


Filter Plate Diameter

  • 15.24 cm (6.0 in.) plate containing 24 wells


Outlet Connections

  • Minispike outlet


Maximum Well Volume

  • 1.9 毫升


Recommended Sample Volume

  • 1.7 毫升


Typical Hold-Up Volume/Well

  • < 50 μL



  • 18 - 27 °C (64 - 80 °F); ambient


Maximum Vacuum

  • 56.0 cm Hg (22 in.Hg)




The AcroPrep 24 Filtration System Saves Time and Materials


Syringe Filter Technique AcroPrep 24 过滤系统
24 disposable syringes 24 disposable pipette tips
+ 24 syringe filters +1 AcroPrep 24 filter plate
25 minutes 5 minutes

Instructions for Use

The AcroPrep 24 Filtration System operates by vacuum.Conventional lab pumps such as 颇尔 Life Sciences’s 115 V (PN 13157) or 230 V (PN 13158)Vacuum/Pressure pumps are ideal for use. For maximum convenience, we recommend the use of snap-cap vials to eliminate the need to remove vials for screw capping after filtration.
    1. Attach vacuum hose to the barbed connection on the base.
    2. Place your Alliance sample carousel with empty 2 mL vials into the manifold.
      AcroPrep Filtration System Sample Carousel


    3. Place the filter plate onto the manifold.The filter plate has a numerically sequenced label that matches the carousel’s sample numbers.



    4. Pipette 1.7 mL (1,700 μL) of sample into each of the filter wells.
    5. Apply vacuum.



    6. Allow vacuum to run until all wells are evacuated.
    7. Shut off vacuum source.Dispose of filter plate.



    8. Cap sample vials and place the sample carousel into the Waters Alliance HPLC system or simply transfer the vials to any HPLC sample carousel that houses 12 x 32 mm vials.



The cleanliness of the AcroPrep filter plate results in very low levels of extractables, therefore eliminating the need to pre-rinse the filter.MP>


Vacuum General Information

  • Do not exceed a vacuum level of 56.0 cm (22 in.)Hg.
  • Allow vacuum to run until all filter wells are evacuated.Continue running vacuum for 10 to 20 seconds to eliminate potential dripping of samples from tips when plate is removed.
Part Number 描述 Pkg Price Qty
AcroPrep 24 Filtration System Manifold
289000159 Filtration manifold 1/pkg Call
AcroPrep 24 滤板
186000158 0.2 µm, GHP membrane 10/pkg Call
600000158 0.45 µm, GHP membrane 2/pkg Call
186000154 0.45 µm, GHP membrane 10/pkg Call
186000154P 0.45 µm, GxF/GHP filter plates 10/pkg Call
13157 真空/压力泵,115 V 1/pkg Call
13158 Vacuum/Pressure pump, 230 V CE 1/pkg Call
700000231 Glass housing for filtration manifold 1/pkg Call
700000232 O-ring kit 3/pkg Call
700000233 Rubber feet 3/pkg Call
700000234 Manifold alignment post 3/pkg Call


pall,颇尔,AcroPrep 24 过滤系统
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