pall,颇尔,Supor EAV Membrane Filter Cartridges,AB1UEAV7PH4, AB2UEAV7PH4, AB3UEAV7PH4, AB4UEAV7PH4

Supor EAV Membrane Filter Cartridges


pall,颇尔,Supor EAV Membrane Filter Cartridges,AB1UEAV7PH4, AB2UEAV7PH4, AB3UEAV7PH4, AB4UEAV7PH4
pall,颇尔,Supor EAV Membrane Filter Cartridges

Supor® EAV Membrane Filter Cartridges
颇尔 Supor® EAV filters are designed for effective bioburden and particle control. The 颇尔-patented Supor machV membrane incorporated in these filters ensures high throughputs and flow rates when utilized for the protection of buffers and biological process fluids. 

Supor EAV filters allow for reduced sizing of filter systems with improved process efficiencies when use of validated sterilizing grade filters is not essential, but reliable bioburden control is. Supor EAV filters are also effective prefilters for protection and extended life of 0.2 µm sterilizing grade and finer membrane filters where required.

颇尔’s AB style filters are disposable 254mm (10 inch) modular element cartridges assembled in 254, 508, 762 and 1016 mm lengths to be used with stainless steel housing assemblies, most suitable for medium to large scale manufacturing operations (100 L to >1000 L).这类过滤器采用编码 7 标准配置,是 颇尔 系列中功能用途最广的过滤装置,过滤介质范围比其他任何过滤器类型都更广泛。These filters, when encapsulated, become the Kleenpak™ Nova capsule format.

Features and Benefits of Supor EAV Filters

  • Hydrophilic, controlled asymmetric polyethersulfone (PES) membrane ensures high microbial and particulate reduction with outstanding service life
  • Bacterial titer reduction in excess of 6 log for Brevundimonas diminuta ensures low bioburden levels in filtrate regardless of bacterial loading
  • pH 兼容性广,可处理多种缓冲液和流体
  • High membrane area featuring 颇尔-patented Ultipleat® construction combined with a narrow diameter core guarantees high flow rates, increased robustness and smaller multicartridge assemblies.
  • Available in Kleenpak™ capsule formats to eliminate housing cleaning and associated validation, for ease of use and integration into single use disposable systems
  • 低结合性聚醚砜膜可最大限度的传输蛋白质

Quality Standards

  • 100% integrity tested
  • Manufactured for use in conformance with cGMP
  • Each filter is fully traceable by individual marked lot and serial number
  • ISO 9001 Certified Quality System
  • Meets USP Biological Reactivity Test, in vivo, for Class VI-121 °C Plastics
  • Certificate of Test provided includes:
    • Fabrication Integrity 
    • Bacterial Retention 
    • Materials of constructions
    • Effluent quality for cleanliness, TOC and water conductivity, pH and pyrogens

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 膜   Hydrophilic, asymmetric polyethersulfone (0.2 µm particulate rating)
 Drainage Layers  聚丙烯
 End Cap and Cage  聚丙烯
 Core  聚丙烯 
 Adapter   Polypropylene with internal stainless steel reinforcing ring


Effective Surface Area


AB1UEAV7PH4  Typically 1.06 m(11.4 ft2)
AB2UEAV7PH4  Typically 2.12 m(22.8 ft2)
AB3UEAV7PH4   Typically 3.18 m(34.2 ft2)
 AB4UEAV7PH4  Typically 4.24 m(45.6 ft2)




 Typical Extractables per 254mm (10 inch) Module  < 50 mg in water at 20oC after a 1 hour autoclave cycle and 4 hours extraction time


Steam Life1

 Typical Cumulative Steam Life  10 hours (1 hour cycles) at 125oC

1 The steam life and service life data were determined by testing under controlled laboratory conditions up to the time indicated.Actual operating conditions may affect the filter's long term resistance to steam sterilization and hot air service.Filters should be qualified for each process application.

Maximum Forward Steaming Conditions

300 mbard (4.4 psid) differential pressure at 125o

Maximum Temperature and Differential Pressure 2

Maximum forward differential pressures in compatible fluids are:
 5.5 bard (80 psid) at 40oC
 3.0 bard (43 psid) at 80oC
2 In compatible fluids which do not soften, swell, or adversely affect the filters or its materials of construction


Forward Flow Intergrity Test Values3

With water wet cartridges and air as test gas < 50 mL/min at 2060 mbar (30 psi).
Preflush at 5 L/min per module for 10 minutes prior to Forward Flow testing

3Please contact 上海羽令 for multi-element integrity test values.Values are for one 254mm (10 inch) filter at 20oC.

Typical Liquid Flow Rates

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pall,颇尔,Supor EAV Membrane Filter Cartridges
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