pall,颇尔,Stax 一次性深层过滤器系统,

Stax 一次性深层过滤器系统


pall,颇尔,Stax 一次性深层过滤器系统,
pall,颇尔,Stax 一次性深层过滤器系统

Stax 一次性深层过滤器系统

The Most Versatile Disposable Depth Filter Platform

Stax capsules, utilizing Seitz® high performance depth filter media and the patented Supradisc™ II module design, are ideally suited for demanding prefiltration and clarification biopharmaceutical applications.This ready-to-use platform is an ideal tool to streamline your process filtration applications.Stax disposable depth filter capsules increase process efficiencies and address the needs for simplicity, safety, speed, and intuitive operation.Optimized with a small foot print design, the Stax platform makes for an easy to handle and operate process step.

Scalable in size and performance to meet lab, pilot and process needs, 颇尔’s Stax disposable capsules enable greater flexibility and ease of use than traditional depth filter technology.With three interchangeable capsule sizes ranging from 0.25 m2 to 2.0 m2 (2.70 ft2 to 21.5 ft2).Stax capsules permit incremental increases in process fluid volume and filter area through the use of this modular design.

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Simple, Intuitive Operation

The Most Versatile Disposable Depth Filter PlatformPlaced into one of three different sized chassis, 颇尔’s single use Stax capsules eliminate the use of stainless steel housings which require costly cleaning and cleaning validation.Stax system chassis are designed for assembly and use by a single operator and provide a logically conceived disposable platform in which the operator can load, operate and unload in an ergonomically designed vertical orientation.The ability to operate with two different media grades in one chassis (serial filtration) further improves the flexibility and economy of operating the Stax platform.With simple, straight forward and familiar features, the Stax platform eliminates the risk of error or mishap and enables greater process success.Integrating 颇尔’s Allegro™ platforms into a comprehensive single-use system will further maximize the overall benefits of implementing a single-use strategy and the Stax platform.

特点 优势
低滞留量 Greater product recovery and lower post use rinse volume requirements than traditional modules and housings.
Post use blow down in forward or reverse flow direction are possible.
Seamless linear scalability Greater flexibility and assurance of process success from <1L to 20,000+ L
Scalable through 颇尔’s entire line of scale-up devices (Supracap™ 50 and Supracap 100 capsules) as well as traditional Supradisc I and Supradisc II modules.Provides assurance of meeting process design and requirements.
Minimized risk  The Stax capsules are based upon the outstanding design of 颇尔’s Supradisc II modules, which provides benefits in process stability due to their high mechanical robustness. 
No housings Easier to use and manipulate while eliminating operator safety issues.
Completely disposable Eliminates need for cleaning and cleaning validation.
Encapsulated design Reduces operator exposure to potential biohazards.
Intuitive operation  Reduces operator training and increases time to acceptance.
Small footprint Enables use in close proximity to other equipment and reduces cost to install.

Minimized Risk

Benefiting from 颇尔’s Supradisc II mechanically robust module design, the Stax capsules provide stable filtration results batch to batch.Through the use of interlocking and welded dual drainage plates, this robust module design is able to provide the structural integrity necessary for:

  • Unobstructed process flow
  • Consistent filtration results
  • Minimized risk to filter media ruptures due toreverse pressure
  • Minimized risk of damage due to shipping and handling

Filter Area

Capsule Size Effective Filter Area Single Layer Media Double Layer Media
Small 0.5 m² (5.38 ft²) 0.25 m² (2.70 ft²)
中等 1.0 m² (10.8 ft²) 0.5 m² (5.38 ft²)
Large 2.0 m² (21.5 ft²) 1.0 m² (10.8 ft²)


Capsule Dimensions

Capsule Size Capsule Footprint SizeDiameter Height
Small 442 mm (17.4 in.) 58.5 mm (2.3 in.)
中等 442 mm (17.4 in.) 80.8 mm (3.2 in.)
Large 442 mm (17.4 in.) 128.8 mm (5.1 in.)


Capsule Weight1

Capsule Size Weight Dry Wet (post blow down)
Small 3.45 - 3.8 kg 4.8 - 5.25 kg
中等 4.9 - 5.3 kg 7.6 - 8.0 kg
Large 7.0 - 8.2 kg 12.7 - 13.6 kg


Void Volume

Component Void Volume2
Small Capsule 1.1 L
Medium Capsule 1.6 L
Large Capsule 2.6 L



  • 3.5 bar (50 psi) at 25 ºC
  • 1.0 bar (14.3 psi) at 60 ºC

注意事项:All pressure specifications are for capsules correctly installed into 颇尔 Stax chassis


Maximum Differential Pressure

  • 2.4 bar (35 psi) at 25 ºC - forward direction


Maximum Operating Temperature

  • 60 ºC


Inlet and Outlet Dimensions (Distribution Manifold)

  • 50.8 mm (2 in.)Tri-clamp


Autoclave Capabilities/Limits

  • 2 autoclave cycles:60 minutes at 125 ºC


Post Use Autoclave Sterilization

  • 60 minutes at 121 ºC (applies to entire Stax system - capsules and chassis together)



Hot water sanitization 80 °C at 1 bar (14.3 psifor 60 minutes
Post use caustic treatment 1 M NaOH at 3.5 bar (50 psi)for 60 minutes at 25 °C



  • Capsule part number laser engraved with the following:
    • Media batch number
    • Internal sales order number
    • Unique serial number


Capsule Materials of Construction

囊式过滤器 Glass filled polypropylene
Manifold assemblies Glass filled polypropylene
5-to-1 manifold  Glass filled polypropylene 
Internal module 聚丙烯
Gasket Silicone
Depth filter media See specific filter media data sheet

For further information regarding extractables data and certifications for the capsules and manifolds please reference the Stax platform validation guide USTR 2585


Chassis Dimensions

  Footprint Size
Chassis Model Height Footprint Size Length Width
SXLSC02 1018 mm (40.0 in.) 516 mm (20.3 in.) 516 mm (20.3 in.)
SXPSC05P 1241 mm (48.9 in.) 610 mm (24.0 in.) 610 mm (24.0 in.) 
SXPSC05W 1312 mm (51.6 in.) 1150 mm (45.3 in.) 800 mm (31.5 in.)
SXPSC10P 1864 mm (73.4 in.) 610 mm (24.0 in.) 610 mm (24.0 in.)
SXPSC10W 1935 mm (76.2 in.) 1150 mm (45.3 in.) 800 mm (31.5 in.)


Chassis Weights

Chassis Model 重量
SXLSC02 75 kg
SXPSC05P 190 kg
SXPSC05W 192 kg
SXPSC10P 238 kg
SXPSC10W 240 kg


Capacity - Maximum Number of Capsules

Chassis Model Small Capsule Medium Capsule Large Capsule
SXLSC02 4 3 2
SXPSC05* 10 7 5
SXPSC10* 22 16 10
  • The table above indicates the total number of capsules in various sizes that each chassis size can accommodate.
  • It is also possible to make combinations of different sized capsules to achieve the exact filtration area required to the nearest 0.25 m² DL (0.5 m² SL) [2.70 ft² DL (5.38 ft² SL)]
  • It is also possible to operate any of the three chassis with as few as (1) of the smallest capsules 0.25 m² DL (0.5 m² SL) [2.70 ft² DL (5.38 ft² SL)]


Capacities - Filter Area

Chassis Model 过滤面积
SXLSC02 (single layer media) 0.5 - 4 m² (5.38 - 43.1 ft²)
SXLSC02 (double layer media) 0.25 - 2 m² (2.70 - 21.5 ft²)
SXPSC05* (single layer media) 0.5 - 10 m² (5.38 - 107.6 ft²)
SXPSC05*(double layer media) 0.25 - 5 m² (2.70 - 53.8 ft²)
SXPSC10*(single layer media) 0.5 - 20 m² (5.38 - 215.3 ft²)
SXPSC10*(double layer media) 0.25 - 10 m² (2.70 - 107.6 ft²)


Chassis Materials of Construction

  • 304/1.4301 Stainless Steel 1.2 μm / 64 μin Ra (typical) Electro-polish


Design Basis

  • Conforms to Pressure E quipment Directive – Category 1 / Module A (SXLSC02 is Sound Engineering Practice)
  • Outside scope of ASME VIII Div 1
  • Complies with Universal Building Code (1997) – Zone 4 / Importance factor 1.25 (SXPSC**P ONLY)


* Place holder for either a P (without casters) or W (with casters)
** Place holder for either 05 (indicating a 5 high process scale chassis) or 10 (indicating a 10 high process scale chassis)

Bring High Performance to New Heights - Stax Systems Video

See the Stax depth filter system in action:

Complete Flexibility in Process DesignThe Stax platform has been designed to accommodate nearly all processing options.
Whether you want to process:

  • Bottom up
  • Top down
  • Bottom in/bottom out
  • In series

Simply using 颇尔’s uniquely designed manifold kits provides complete flexibility in your process design.Appropriate for use in primary and secondary filtration steps, as well as post-precipitation clarification, in applications such as:

  • Mammalian cell cultures
  • Yeast
  • E.coli lysates and refolds
  • 疫苗
  • Blood plasma proteins and serum
  • 介质

The 颇尔 Stax capsules are available in a wide array of advanced pharmaceutical-grade Seitz depth filter media.Supported through comprehensive validation guides, Seitz depth filter media meets the highest pharmaceutical standards for:

  • 优质
  • Lot-to-lot consistency
  • Manufacturing control
  • Low extactable content
  • Low endotoxin content

Providing Linear and Seamless Scalability


Enabling technologies such as the 颇尔 Stax system must be supported with complementary products and devices that provide seamless linear scalability in filtration performance from bench to process.For this reason 颇尔 has developed a complete line of scaled-down disposable capsules utilizing the same design principle, flow path, and filter media as the Stax capsules. 

Scalability - Depth Filter Sheet Media Format

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Scalability - Effective Filter Area


Supracap 60 Capsules (<1 to 3 liters)

 Capsule 26 cm² (0.028 ft²) of EFA*


Supracap 100 Capsules (3 to 100+ liters)

5 in. capsules 0.05 m² (0.54 ft²) SL(1) EFA
0.025 m² (0.27 ft²) DL(2) EFA
10 in. capsules 0.1 m² (1.08 ft²) SL EFA
0.05 m² (0.54 ft²) DL EFA
20 in. capsules 0.2 m² (2.15 ft²) SL EFA
0.1 m² (1.08 ft²) DL EFA
30 in. capsules 0.3 m² (3.23 ft²) SL EFA
0.15 m² (1.61 ft²) DL EFA


Stax Capsules (50 to 20.000+ liters)

Small capsules 0.5 m² (5.38 ft²) SL EFA
0.25 m² (2.70 ft²) DL EFA
Medium capsules 1.0 m² (10.8 ft²) SL EFA 
0.5 m² (5.38 ft²) DL EFA
 Large capsules 2.0 m² (21.5 ft²) SL EFA
1.0 m² (10.8 ft²) DL EFA
*EFA = Effective filtration area
(1) SL = Single layer Seitz depth filter media such as P-series and BIO-series
(2) DL = Double layer Seitz depth filter media such as HP-series

Seitz depth filter media available in Stax capsules:


Seitz P-series depth filter sheets were specifically developed for the strict requirements in biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.Manufactured with stringent in-process control methods assures consistent filtration quality, a very high purity of filter medium, and alignment with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.For further information, please reference 颇尔 data sheet USD 2205 or validation guide USTR 2366.


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Seitz HP-series depth filter sheets are comprised of two distinct layers of Seitz P-series depth filter sheets; a coarser layer upstream followed by a finer layer downstream.这些性能强化的深层滤板专为低存活性、高固相含量的应用而设计。As small shifts in process conditions can cause dramatic differences in filtration requirements, the flexibility of combining any combination of P-series media in an HP format allows for improved process optimization.For further information, please reference 颇尔 data sheet USD 2335 or validation guide USTR 2404.


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Seitz Bio-series depth filter sheets are specially developed from highly purified natural and modified cellulose fibers and contain no inorganic materials such as diatomaceous  earth (DE), perlite or glass fibers.The lack of these inorganic substances significantly reduces the levels of ash and heavy metal extractables.For further information please  reference 颇尔 data sheet USD 2201.


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Nominal Retention Rating of Seitz P-series, HP-series and Bio-series Depth Filter Sheet Media

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