pall,颇尔,Stax 一次性深层过滤器,

Stax 一次性深层过滤器


pall,颇尔,Stax 一次性深层过滤器,
pall,颇尔,Stax 一次性深层过滤器

Stax 一次性深层过滤器
Ideal for facilitating high solid-load content

Stax capsules are ideally suited to accommodate high-solid-load contents, often occurring in various process steps in the blood plasma fractionation process, or the API industry.The addition of filter aids and/or lose activated carbon powder often facilitates filtration of difficult-to-handle products.However, removal of filter aids/carbon powder can be somewhat challenging.In the past, the way forward was to use filter presses equipped with individual filter sheets.Discharge of filter sheets (often completely loaded) can be a difficult process, as disposal is a dirty, labor intensive process, not suited for a GMP environment.In cases where filter cakes are contaminated, operators must be protected by wearing protective clothing in order to avoid any risk of exposure.

Using 颇尔’s well-established Stax technology, removal of filter aids can be handled in a convenient way, as the entire system is encapsulated.After the filtration step, the removed filter aid/carbon powder is stored within the capsules, and can be easily disposed of.The Stax system enables a safe, clean way to deal with challenging process steps and streamline your process filtration applications.Stax disposable depth filter capsules increase process efficiencies and address the need for simplicity, safety, speed, and intuitive operation.

Simple, Intuitive Operation

Placed into one of three different sized chassis, 颇尔’s single use Stax capsules eliminate the use of stainless steel housings or filter presses which require costly cleaning and cleaning validation.Stax system chassis are designed for assembly and use by a single operator and provide a logically conceived disposable platform in which the operator can load, operate and unload in an ergonomically designed vertical orientation.

With simple, straight forward and familiar features, the Stax platform eliminates the risk of error or mishap and enables greater process success.Single-use systems further maximize the overall benefits of implementing a single-use strategy and the Stax platform.

Complete Flexibility in Process Design

The Stax platform has been designed to accommodate nearly all processing options.Whether you want to process:

  • Bottom in/bottom out
  • In series

Simply using 颇尔’s uniquely designed manifold kits provides complete flexibility in your process design.

The 颇尔 Stax capsules are available in a wide array of advanced pharmaceutical-grade Seitz depth filter media.Supported through comprehensive validation guides, Seitz depth filter media meets the highest pharmaceutical standards for:

  • 优质
  • Lot-to-lot consistency
  • Manufacturing control
  • Low extractable content
  • Low endotoxin content

Features and Benefits of Stax Systems

特点 优势
低滞留量 Greater product recovery and lower post use rinse volume requirements than traditional systems.Post use blow down in forward flow direction is possible
No housings Easier to use and manipulate while eliminating operator safety issues
Completely disposable Eliminates need for cleaning and cleaning validation
Encapsulated design Reduces operator exposure to potential hazards
Intuitive operation Reduces operator training and increases time to acceptance
Small footprint Enables use in close proximity to other equipment and reduces cost to install

Stax capsules with increased spacing are supplied in three different configurations to accommodate variable amounts of solid loads.The following table provides an indication of the available volumes.The volumes are given in liters.In order to calculate the cake quantity in kg, the wet density of the cake must be multiplied with the available volume.

表 1:Available Volumes (Nominal)

Configuration for Stax Capsule Filter area (m²) Available Volume (L)
402 0.5 13.2
404 1.0 9.9
406 1.5 6.8

Stax capsules enable a very equal cake distribution over the entire system.Figure 1 shows the full capacity of a Stax capsule with two filter cells using Celite S as DE filling material and a bottom-in, bottom-out configuration.41.433 g of dry Celite S was suspended in water resulting in a volume of 132.377 liters.

图 1:Cake Distribution with a two-cell capsule

图 2:Cake distribution with a six-cell capsule

表 2:Nominal Dimensions and Weight

Capsule Size Diameter Height Weight (Dry)
Large 442 mm (17.4 in) 128.8 mm (5.1 in) 4.5 – 6.5 kg

Seitz P-series Depth Filter Media

Seitz P-series depth filter sheets were specifically developed for the strict requirements in biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.Manufactured with stringent in-process control methods assures consistent filtration quality, a very high purity of filter medium, and alignment with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.For further information, please reference validation guide USTR 2366.

Typical Permeability (L/m²/min at 1 bar)

表 3:材料成分
介质 Cellulose Base
囊式过滤器 Glass filled polypropylene
滤芯 聚丙烯
Gaskets Silicone

For further information regarding extractables data and certifications for the capsule shells and manifolds please reference the Stax platform validation guide USTR 2528.For extractable data and certification for the P-Series media, please reference USTR 2366.

表 4:Operating Parameters(1)
最高工作温度 60 °C
Maximum operating pressure 3.5 bar at 25 °C
1.0 bar at 60 °C
Maximum differential pressure 1.5 bar at 25 °C –
forward direction

(1) Note:All pressure and temperature specifications are for Stax capsules correctly installed into 颇尔 Stax chassis.

表 5:Sanitization
Post use caustic treatment 1 M NaOH at 3.5 bar for 1 h at 25 °C

表 6:可追溯性
Capsule part number laser engraved with Media batch number Internal sales order number Unique serial number

Pre Release Testing

All capsules 100% leak tested

表 7:Chassis Dimensions
Chassis Model Height Length Width
SXLSC02 1018 mm (40.0 in.) 516 mm (20.3 in.) 516 mm (20.3 in.)
SXLSC02W 1059 mm (41.7 in.) 591 mm (23.2 in.) 560 mm (22.0 in.)
SXPSC05P 1241 mm (48.9 in.) 610 mm (24.0 in.) 610 mm (24.0 in.)
SXPSC05W 1312 mm (51.6 in.) 1150 mm (45.3 in.) 800 mm (31.5 in.)
SXPSC10P 1864 mm (73.4 in.) 610 mm (24.0 in.) 610 mm (24.0 in.)
SXPSC10W 1935 mm (76.2 in.) 1150 mm (45.3 in.) 800 mm (31.5 in.)

Chassis Materials of Construction

304/1.4301 Stainless Steel 1.2 μm / 64 μin Ra (typical) Electro-polish

Design Basis
  • Conforms to Pressure Equipment Directive – Category 1 / Module A (SXLSC02 is Sound Engineering Practice)
  • Outside scope of ASME VIII Div 1 Complies with Universal Building Code (1997) – Zone 4 / Importance factor 1.25 (SXPSC*P ONLY)

* Placeholder for either 05 (indicating a 5 high process scale chassis) or 10 (indicating a 10 high process scale chassis) ATEX chassis available upon request

Stax Chassis

Part Number 描述
SXLSC02 Pilot scale without castors
SXLSC02W Pilot scale with castors
SXPSC05P 5 high process scale without castors
SXPSC05W 5 high process scale with castors
SXPSC10P 10 high process scale without castors
SXPSC10W 10 high process scale with castors

Stax Manifold Kits

描述 Part Number
Bottom in, top out; 1½ inch manifold SXTBM400SP1½in
Bottom in, top out; 2 inch manifold SXTBM400SP2in
Bottom in, bottom out; 1½ inch manifold SXBBM400SP1½in
Bottom in, bottom out; 1½ inch manifold SXBBM400SP2in

Stax Capsules*

描述 Part Number
Media grade EKS-P, two filter cells SXLPEKS402SP
Media grade EKS-P, four filter cells SXLPEKS404SP
Media grade EKS-P, six filter cells SXLPEKS406SP
Media grade EKM-P, two filter cells SXLPEKM402SP
Media grade EKM-P, four filter cells SXLPEKM404SP
Media grade EKM-P, six filter cells SXLPEKM406SP
Media grade SUPRA EK1P, two filter cells SXLPEK1402SP
Media grade SUPRA EK1P, four filter cells SXLPEK1404SP
Media grade SUPRA EK1P, six filter cells SXLPEK1406SP
Media grade KS 50P, two filter cells SXLP050402SP
Media grade KS 50P, four filter cells SXLP050404SP
Media grade KS 50P, six filter cells SXLP050406SP
Media grade SUPRA 80P, two filter cells SXLP080402SP
Media grade SUPRA 80P, four filter cells SXLP080404SP
Media grade SUPRA 80P, six filter cells SXLP080406SP
Media grade K 100P, two filter cells SXLP100402SP
Media grade K 100P, four filter cells SXLP100404SP
Media grade K 100P, six filter cells SXLP100406SP
Media grade K 200P, two filter cells SXLP200402SP
Media grade K 200P, four filter cells SXLP200404SP
Media grade K 200P, six filter cells SXLP200406SP
Media grade K 250P, two filter cells SXLP250402SP
Media grade K 250P, four filter cells SXLP250404SP
Media grade K 250P, six filter cells SXLP250406SP
Media grade K 700P, two filter cells SXLP700402SP
Media grade K 700P, four filter cells SXLP700404SP
Media grade K 700P, six filter cells SXLP700406SP
Media grade K 900P, two filter cells SXLP900402SP
Media grade K 900P, four filter cells SXLP900404SP
Media grade K 900P, six filter cells SXLP900406SP
Media grade SUPRAdur 50P, two filter cells SXLD50P402SP
Media grade SUPRAdur 50P, four filter cells SXLD50P404SP
Media grade SUPRAdur 50P, six filter cells SXLD50P406SP

* All capsules are single layer, 58 mm (2.3 in) high


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