pall,颇尔,Profile Star 过滤器滤芯,

Profile Star 过滤器滤芯


pall,颇尔,Profile Star 过滤器滤芯,
pall,颇尔,Profile Star 过滤器滤芯

Profile Star 过滤器滤芯
To keep pace with advancing technologies, 颇尔 continues its tradition of filtration innovations with the Profile Star filter:a state-of-the-art concept for pleated polypropylene filters.The proven and successful 颇尔 technique of varying the fiber diameter produces a pore-size gradient from coarse (upstream) to fine (downstream) while maintaining constant high void-volume throughout the depth of the filter medium.Profile Star filters offer longer life than many competitive pleated filters.Due to their proprietary construction, Profile Star filters deliver the benefits of both traditional pleated polypropylene and depth style filters — the ideal combination.The pressure drop and flow capability is comparable to competitive pleated polypropylene filters while also providing excellent removal of soft contaminants, such as gels, because of the depth of the medium.Profile Star filters are available in absolute removal ratings from 1.0 µm to 90 µm and in four nominal cartridge lengths:
  • 254 mm (10 in.)
  • 508 mm (20 in.)
  • 762 mm (30 in.)
  • 1016 mm (40 in.)

Their all-polypropylene construction makes them compatible with an extremely wide range of fluids.Cartridges are available in a P grade which is optimized for pharmaceutical applications.

注意事项:These filters are also available in Kleenpak Nova capsule format.



Pleated High-area

  • Extraordinarily high dirt-holding capacity
  • Long service life
  • High flow-rates
  • Excellent gel removal capability

Fixed Pore Structure

  • No solids unloading under variations in flow or pressure differential
  • Fibers will not migrate or become dislodged and contaminate process fluid

All-polypropylene Construction

  • Extremely good chemical compatibility with a wide range of fluids
  • Very low extractables
  • No surfactants or binder resins are used during manufacture
  • Continuous construction without side seam
  • Media melt-sealed to solid components to ensure maximum integrity

Quality and Bio-Safety


Biological Tests

  • Meets USP Biological Reactivity, In Vivo, for Class VI-121 °C plastics

Effluent Quality Tests*

  • Meets Cleanliness per USP Particulates in Injectables
  • Non-Fiber-Releasing
  • Non-Pyrogenic per USP Bacterial Endotoxins (< 0.25 EU/mL)
  • Meets Total Organic Carbon and Water Conductivity per USP Purified Water, pH per USP Sterile Purified Water

* Per lot sample soak or rinse-up flush aliquots.




 Filter Medium, Cage, Core, End Caps and Adapters  聚丙烯
 O 型圈  Silicone or Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) as standard


Maximum Operating Differential Pressures and Temperatures in Compatible Liquids1

Maximum Operating  Temperature  50 °C  80 °C
 Maximum Differential Pressure  5.0 bar (72 psi)  3.4 bar (49 psi)
1 Fluids which do not soften, swell or adversely affect the filter or materials of construction.


Steam-sterilizing Temperature (in situ or Autoclave)

 125 °C


Cartridge Style

 AB Code 3 P grade and AB Code 7

Maximum Recommended Cumulative Steam Life at 125 °C

 10 hours

Typical Flow Rates



注意事项:Differential pressures are for liquids with a viscosity of 1 cP.Differential pressures for liquids at other viscosities can be conservatively estimated by multiplying the indicated differential pressure by the viscosity in cP.For cartridges of 20 in. (508 mm), 30 in. (762 mm) and 40 in. (1016 mm) nominal length, divide the differential pressure by 2, 3 and 4 respectively.To obtain the total pressure drop of a complete filter assembly the housing pressure drop must be added.Please refer to the relevant housing literature

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pall,颇尔,Profile Star 过滤器滤芯
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