pall,颇尔,AcroSep 离子交换层析柱,20050-C001, 20062-C001, 20066-C001, 20067-C001, IEXVP-C001

AcroSep 离子交换层析柱
20050-C001, 20062-C001, 20066-C001, 20067-C001, IEXVP-C001


pall,颇尔,AcroSep 离子交换层析柱,20050-C001, 20062-C001, 20066-C001, 20067-C001, IEXVP-C001
pall,颇尔,AcroSep 离子交换层析柱

AcroSep 离子交换层析柱

Rapid, High Capacity Protein Purification
in a User-Friendly Format

  • Patented Ceramic HyperD® ion exchange chromatography sorbent features “gel-in-a-shell” technology, providing rapid protein purification with high capacity and good resolution.
  • Rapid and efficient.Obtains high speed runs (1 - 4 mL/min) with very little loss in binding capacity and resolution, allowing more samples to be processed per day.
  • Higher resolution for 1 mL columns.Columns provide distinct separation of proteins for better purification.
  • Luer lock inlet and outlet allows convenient use with syringe, pump, or automated chromatography system.
  • User-friendly column design is colorcoded and labeled by chemistry type.层析柱采用六边形轴环,可避免意外滚落实验台。
  • Screen multiple IEX chemistries for use in protein purification
  • Ideal for optimization studies of protein purification schemes using small sample volumes prior to scale-up
  • Efficient and reliable small scale purification of proteins for structural, functional, and yield analysis


  • Column Housing, Cap, Plug, and Adapter:聚丙烯
  • Column Frit:聚乙烯


介质 功能和作用 Color Code Average Particle Size Working pH Ion Exchange Capacity1
CM Ceramic HyperD F Weak cation exchanger 绿色 50 微米 2 - 12 > 60 mg/mL2
DEAE Ceramic HyperD F Weak anion exchanger 橙色 50 微米 2 - 12 > 85 mg/mL3
Q 陶瓷 HyperD F Strong anion exchanger 红色 50 微米 2 - 12 > 85 mg/mL3
S Ceramic HyperD F Strong cation exchanger 天蓝色 50 微米 2 - 12 > 75 mg/mL4


Column Geometry

  • Column Volume:1.04 毫升
  • Bed Height:1.48 cm (0.58 in.)
  • Bed Diameter:0.94 cm (0.37 in.)


Device Dimensions

  • 直径:1.6 cm (0.6 in.)
  • Length (Without Plugs):4.8 cm (1.9 in.)



  • Inlet:Threaded female luer lock
  • Outlet:Rotating male luer locking hub


Recommended Flow Rates

  • 1 - 4 mL/min


Back Pressure

  • Maximum:3 bar (300 kPa, 43.5 psi)



  • 2-30 ºC (36-86 ºF)
  • 2-8 ºC (36-46 ºF) after opening


1Dynamic binding capacity (DBC) determined at 10% breakthrough, 200 cm/hr. with 1.66 mL sorbent packed in a column of 5 mm ID and 100 mm height using the following:
25 mg/mL human IgG in 50 mM sodium acetate buffer, 100 mM NaCl, pH 4.7
35 mg/mL BSA in 50 mM Tris-HCl buffer, pH 8.6
45 mg/mL lysozyme in 50 mM sodium acetate buffer, pH 4.5

Resolution Comparison of AcroSep™ Columns With Q HyperD® F and Competitive Q at Flow Rate of 1 mL/min

AcroSep Chromatography Columns Maintain Good Resolution


Resolution was calculated using default algorithm on AKTA chromatography system.


The chromatogram above is an illustration of resolution between BSA and Conalbumin using three replicates of 颇尔's AcroSep Q column and a competitive Q column.This separation was run at 1 mL/min.Resolution of the AcroSep columns is clearly illustrated in this chromatogram.The competitive column is represented by the green line.


Resolution Comparison of AcroSep Columns With Q HyperD F and Competitive Q at Flow Rate of 4 mL/min

AcroSep Chromatography Columns Provide Better Resolution Than Competitive Columns


The above chromatogram is an illustration of the resolution of the AcroSep Q column and the competitive column when the flow rate is elevated to 4 mL/min.It demonstrates that at 4 mL/min there is little, if any, change in protein separation on the AcroSep column, while the competitor performance degrades significantly with increased flow rate.


1 mL AcroSep Column Average Dynamic Binding Capacity at High Flow Rate (10% Breakthrough)

AcroSep Chromatography Columns Exceed Competition


The above illustrates dynamic binding capacity for each of our four ion exchange chemistries when run at 3.56 mL/min.Data shows higher dynamic binding capacities of 颇尔 AcroSep columns over competitive columns at higher flow rates.Each average is derived from three replicates of > 8 AcroSep columns or three replicates of two competitive columns.The proteins were at a concentration of 5 mg/mL and the choices were BSA for Q and DEAE, Lysozyme for S, and IgG for CM.
Part Number 描述 Pkg Price Qty
AcroSep 离子交换层析柱
20050-C001 CM Ceramic HyperD F, 1 mL, Green 5/pkg Call
20062-C001 S Ceramic HyperD F, 1 mL, Blue 5/pkg Call
20066-C001 Q Ceramic HyperD F, 1 mL, Red 5/pkg Call
20067-C001 DEAE Ceramic HyperD F, 1 mL, Orange 5/pkg Call
IEXVP-C001 (1) each:Q, S, CM, and DEAE Ceramic HyperD F, 1 mL 4/pkg Call


pall,颇尔,AcroSep 离子交换层析柱
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